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Safar 1422H - May 2001
Volume 15-05 No:173

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Living by the Holy Qur'an
A Useful Guide
How to Understand God?
Kashmir Directory

Living by the Holy Qur'an

Dos and Doníts in the Quran
Farid Book Depot
422, Matia Mahal, Jama Masjid,New Delhi
Pages 225, Price Rs. 150

Dr. Iqbal Ahmed Khanís recent book Qurani Awamir Wanawahi, a three-language work with English Sub title Dos and Doníts in the Quran is the only one of its kind in its subject matter and contents.

Dr. Khan, a retired professor of Urdu from Amravati has explored a new field of commentaries of the holy scriptures. The book compiles the teachings of the Holy Quran that recommend certain acts regarding day to day life of a believer. Amr (commandment) and Nahi (forbidden acts) are two singular root-words from Arabic language which taken in plural form the title and theme of the book. Dr. Khan has compiled with extreme care all the dos and doníts in the Holy Quran, covering a spectrum of topics like faith and beliefs, worship, social behaviour, social transactions, etiquette, good characters, and preaching in Islam.

Dos and Doníts having vital bearing on a believerís life constitute a significant part of the Quran. Khanís book is an easy guide to these commandments that have a definitive impact. Urdu and English translation in a classified form are arranged topic-wise. He has relied upon Urdu translations of Moulana Mahmood-ul-Hasan and Moulana Fateh Muhammed Jalandhari and Dr. Taqiuddin-Dr. Mushin Khan for that of English. This lends a rare authenticity to the book.

Ornate get-up and aesthestic lay out enhances its shelf value. Moulana Abdul Karim Parek has penned the introduction.

Reviewed By Manzer Khan


A Useful Guide

Murgi Palan ( Udru)
(Poultry Farming)
By Dr. M. A. Hussain
12 Khazi Street, Basavanagudi,
Bangalore-560004. (Ph. 6572317)
Price: 180, Pages 21

An individual should consume at least a kilogram of chicken and 100 eggs a year. But current per capita consumption figures by the Indian Council of Medical Research indicate that an average Indian gets to eat merely 400 grams of chicken and 40 eggs a year. This compares very poorly with per capita consumption of 14 kgs of chicken and 290 eggs. These figures only highlight the scope for expansion of poultry farming in India. Of late India has seen leaping progress in the field which accounts for a turnover of Rs. 7500 million providing employment to 18 lakh persons. India has emerged as the fifth largest producer of eggs while occupies 29th slot in production of chicken meat. A sizeable section of poultry farmers are from among the Urdu- knowing folk, especially in two southern state of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Murgi Palan (Poultry Farming) is a comprehensive guide for people engaged in poultry farming. It is the outcome of the labour of love by veterinarian Dr. Mir Ahmed Hussain, a former teacher at University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore. The book will serve as a sensible guide for people in the occupation. Dr. Hussain has very rightly avoided translating commonly understood English terms into Urdu and has used the English numerals and figures together with a large number of charts, diagrams and photographs. Information on agencies providing finances, technical know-how and practical training too has been provided. All these make the book a highly readable and useable compendium in Urdu. It has been published in collaboration with Bureau for Promotion of Urdu.


How to Understand God?

Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali
Tr. By Iqbal Ahmed Shariff
94/1 Tank Garden, Someshwar Nagar
Price Rs. 30, pages 42

This booklet is an English translation of the first chapter of Imam Ghazaliís celebrated Persian work, Kimiya-e-Saadath and discusses ways to develop an understanding of God. But it is not directly from Persian. Earlier it had been translated from Persian to Urdu. Analogies have been drawn from human body and the skies and the earth around. It brings home certain universal truths about presence of God, His being indivisible, omnipresent and omnipotent. Logic built up to explain the all-pervasive nature of divinity is both forceful and convincing.

Subtle nuances have been employed from the human experience to explain the concept such as love of God and reasons for non-belief in God, disobedience, disbelief in the life hereafter etc. Ghazaliís work transcends ages in its appeal and argumentative style. His understanding of the human follies is simply breathtaking.

The translation is simple and fluent. There are proof mistakes galore. The Alghazali Instituteís effort in bringing out chapterwise translation of Kimiya-e-Saadat and Ihya-ul-Uloom is commendable for Ghazaliís relevance remains undiminished.


Kashmir Directory

Directory of Social Work Organisations in Kashmir
By Dr. Yoginder Sikand
Himayat, 4304 Oakwood Apts,
8th Main, Ist Cross, Koramangala-III

Journalist and writer Dr. Yoginder Sikand has brought out the Directory of Social Work Organisations in Kashmir. It compiles a list of 34 NGOs working in the field of care for orphans, marriage of poor girls, vocational training, education, afforestation, environment protection, human rights, blood banking etc. It provides a short introduction of their aims, work, background, and provides addresses with telephone numbers. Most of the organizations have been set up during 90s and seem to have sprung up as an aftermath of turmoil in the Valley which led to human misery. The booklet can be had from the above address at a price Rs. 5.


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