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Safar 1422H
May 2001
Volume 15-05 No:173

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Women's Seminar: Board to Hold Sharia Workshops
Hyderabad Muslim NRIs: Land Scams Waiting to Happen
Saga of MOEMIN: Zafar Era Ends, Raza In
Urdu Board of Studies in Osmania Uniy.
Foundation Laid for Fakhr-e-Millat Hostel

Women's Seminar

Board to Hold Sharia Workshops

New Delhi: The All India Muslim Personal Law Board has decided to expedite the setting up Islami Darul Qaza and hold workshops at local levels to create awareness about the rights and duties of Muslim spouses and awareness of the shariat laws ensuring participation of the ulema, imams, women and important personalities of the area.

This is contained in a declaration adopted at the end of the seminar on “ Genuine Problems of Muslim Women and their Remedy” held here on April 7-8 at the Jamia Engineering College building. The declaration called for restraint in the use of instrument of Talaq and considered measures such as recommending the exercise of the instrument only at the panchayath of ulema or with due consultation with imams of the mosques. It said: “Frequent and irresponsible exercise of the rights of divorce seriously undermines the objectives of the shariat” and “brings distress to wives, children and other relatives. We are of the opinion that the distressing problems that

Muslim women are facing are themselves due to the lack of faithful observance of the provisions of the principles of shariat.”

It took serious note of the growing curse of dowry and the role of women in demand and extraction of dowry. It also called for due recognition of women’s rights such as ‘Mehr’, maintenance within marriage, sanctions against irresponsible polygyny, desertion of wives and absence of fairness while treating wives.

The Board Seminar called upon the Union Government to recognize the Darul Qaza as the family courts and set up sharia bench within the existing family courts. The Seminar drew the attention of the Government towards laws that deny women their due share in zamindari lands and urged the government to enact legislation for exempting Muslim women from its purview.

The participants included Dr. Haseena Hashia (convener), Maimunah, Shabana, Syeda Saiyidain Hameed, Safia Iqbal, Satwat Fatimah (Delhi), Farrukh Khaiser, Sajidah Begum and Prof. Hasnat Mansur (Bangalore), Sufia Khan (Ahmedabad), Begum Naseem Iqtedar Ali(Lucknow), Fathima Kutty and V. P. Suhara (Calicut), Dr. Anjum (Pune), Prof Anjum, Prof. Shaista (Aligarh), Naseema Bano (Kolkata), Ayesha Khatoon (Bagdogra-West Bengal), Nargis Bano, Nilofer Sayed, Khatoon Shaikh and Haseena (Mumbai) and Noorjehan Siddiqui, Asma and Dr. Asma (Hyderabad).


Hyderabad Muslim NRIs

Land Scams Waiting to Happen

Muslim NRIs from Hyderabad are being taken for a ride by realtors who are selling land on the road to the proposed international airport.

M. A. Mujeeb in Hyderabad


A new international airport may be a boon for the hi-tech Hyderabad but the way the unsuspecting NRIs are being enticed to buy land on the road to the hi-tech City’s proposed airport, a slew of land scams are just waiting to happen.

It was not even two years ago that thousands of Muslim NRIs were duped by the fly-by-night operators in the name of interest-free investment companies. Instead of disbursing Halal dividends, these smart operators made a fast buck and disappeared with the deposits worth millions of rupees of the NRIs who had nothing but their hard-earned money to fall back upon on returning homes.

Ever since Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has announced the new international airport near Shamshabad, 20 kms from the city, band of land sharks have descended upon the city’s real estate scene and parcelling out agricultural land enroute to the airport to the innocent expatriate workers from the Old City. Not only the credentials of these real estate companies are dubious but also the status of the land being offered is doubtful.

These companies select vast open agricultural land and enter into an agreement of sale with the pattedars (original owners) of the land. Once this is done, attractive brochures are prepared promising individual plots of land measuring 200, 500 and 1000 sq. yards on out right sale or instalment basis. Advertisements are placed in the local Urdu dailies as well as in dailies in the Gulf. It is pertinent to mention here that neither the companies are obtaining permission to convert the agricultural land into non-agricultural nor the layouts of the respective ventures are approved by the concerned authorities. The real estate companies are minting money under the grab of Airport and their primary target is NRIs who prefer to purchase the properties now that the gold has lost its glitter, stocks are down to dust and businesses are facing recession.

The Majority of the NRIs who are tempted to buy the said plots are the Muslims working in the US, Canada, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman and other Gulf countries who are always eager to invest their hard-earned money back home.

After the disappearance of many so called non-interest, profit sharing financial investment companies from Hyderabad, the Hyderabadis have turned their priorities towards the real estate. The ‘interest-free’ companies such as Alfalah, Azanzubi, Fransan and Suji groups disappeared from Hyderabad taking with them nearly Rs. 15 crore worth of deposits in 1999.

But how far the myth created by the hi-tech environ will stand to the litmus test of confidence, the time only can resolve.

Says Saleem, an NRI employed in Dubai: “I don’t want to keep money in bank, because there will always be temptation to spend the money unnecessarily. The purchase of land seems to be a good alternative. Some persons approached me to purchase the plots on Shamshabad Road. I purchased 4 plots but when I went to see my plots after returning from Dubai it was disgusting to note that I could not identify my plots and there was no development as promised by the real estate company.” To his chagrin, the promised layout was about 25 km away from the proposed International Airport.

Saleem’s is not a unique case. There are hundreds of people like him who have been taken for a ride by the land sharks.

But going by the unconcern of the authorities to the loot of the NRIs by the unscrupulous realtors, it seems the administration will awaken only after some land scam comes to the surface. Even more surprisingly, the top brass of Hyderabad Urban Development Authority, a supervisory body of the overall development of the City, was seen distributing awards in a function organised by Green City Avenues Pvt. Ltd., the promoter of similar ventures on Shamashabad Road. When the Chairman K. Subba Raju was contacted to ascertain about the status of the land he failed to give satisfactory replies. But he has admitted categorically that the majority of his customers are Muslims.

This hobnobbing of the HUDA top brass with the land sharks seems to be a deliberate gameplan to hoodwink the NRIs who are chasing the mirage of riches. In their haste for the deal, the NRIs fail to ascertain whether the land can be registered in their name, if it has been converted from revenue to non-agricultural land, if it conforms to land ceiling and if the layout has been approved. With their legal knowledge next to nil and no legal counselling at hand, sooner or the later the buyers of the lands on the Shamshabad road would realise that their investment is no more safe.


Saga of MOEMIN

Zafar Era Ends, Raza In

By A Staff Writer

New Delhi: Mr. Moosa Raza, a retired bureaucrat and the chairman of the India Islamic Cultural Centre based in New Delhi has though assumed the chairmanship of the MOEMIN (Movement for Empowerment of Muslim Indians), the dust raised by the outgoing chairman Zafar Saifullah’s procrastinating tactics has left the organization in clouds. Mr. Raza, an IAS officer of Tamil Nadu origin who had served in Gujarat cadre and held several positions in Delhi, should have, in normal course, assumed the charge of MOEMIN’s leadership in May 2000 itself. He and his predecessor, i.e., Zafar Saifullah had been elected the chairman and co-chairman on July 24, 1999 itself with the resolution specifying that Raza would be succeeding Saifullah on completion of one year in office. But Saifullah, former cabinet secretary under Narasimha Rao government, avoided calling the steering committee meeting and the meeting of the founder members for full six and half month. Though executive met several times in between, he managed to delay his departure through evasive replies. Even though the draft constitution of MOEMIN had been approved by the Executive Committee and was to be circulated among the founder members, Saifullah called a meeting of his close friends and followers in Bangalore around middle of January and prepared a parallel draft which was circulated in steering committee meeting on January 28 at New Delhi. Several members protested over the presentation of the parallel draft. To manipulate things in his favour, he even called some non-members, mostly his friends, to the meeting of the steering committee on the forenoon of January 28.

The decisions taken by the meeting of “steering committee” were then briefed by him to the meeting of the founder members. This set the matters astir within MOEMIN. This made at least 13 founder members to write letters of protest to office bearers such as secretary Navaid Hamid and co-chairman Moosa Raza that the MOEMIN affairs were not transparent. Meanwhile, there were rumours that Saifullah did hectic lobbying, though unsuccessfully, for a membership of Rajya Sabha with the Congress(I). Finally, the Executive Committee which met on March 16 at New Delhi, attended by eight of the 11 members bring into operation the original resolution and appoint Mr. Moosa Raza as the Chairman for a period of one year. Saifullah agreed to comply by the resolution of July 16, 2001 and retire, though with intense heartburn.

MOEMIN, mostly a club of retired Muslim bureaucrats, was launched with much fanfare in Delhi around 1994 on the premise of doing something substantial for the Muslim community. Unfortunately, superegos and clashes of ambitions has kept it from realizing the potential of these former bureaucrats who could have otherwise been boon to the community.


Urdu Board of Studies in Osmania Uniy.

Hyderabad: The Osmania University will set up a separate board of studies for Urdu medium graduation and post-graduation courses. The board will prepare Urdu curriculum, set examination papers and formulate rules for the evaluation. A sum of Rs. 4 lakh has been set apart for this purpose. This was done following the introduction of MA Economics course in Urdu medium in Indira Priyadarshini Government Girls College, Nampally. The course had been approved by the Commissioner of Collegiate Education last year. But the affiliating Osmania University had not granted permission for the same. Representation made by Mohammed Jaleel Pasha, Chairman, College Development Committee, Nampally, led to the setting up of the Urdu Board of Studies.

Dr. Syed Ali has been appointed as the coordinator for the Priyadarshini College for Urdu MA Economics courses. The college was set up in 1981 and the foundation stone for this building was laid in 1995.

It may be recalled that Osmania University was set up in 1921 by the former rulers of Hyderabad, the Nizams as an Urdu medium University upto the highest level. Following Hyderabad’s accession to India in 1948, the medium was changed to English by the Congress government. A mysterious fire in Urdu Translation Bureau destroyed thousand of rare books and copies of textbooks in the aftermath of accession.


Foundation Laid for

Fakhr-e-Millat Hostel

Fakhr-e-Millat Hostel

Hyderabad: The foundation stone for the Fakhr-e-Millat Hostel was laid at the campus of Deccan College of Medical Sciences at Kunchan Bagh here on April 11 by Sultan Salahuddin Owaisi, member of Parliament from Hyderabad. On completion the hostel will be a five-storied building with a floor space area of 60,000 square feet. The cost of the project is estimated at around Rs. 3.5 crore. The hostel would be a part of Darussalam Educational Trust. Speaking on the occasion, the managing director of the Deccan College of Medical Sciences and MLA Mr. Akbaruddin Owaisi presented a comprehensive plan for the expansion of medical college at an estimated cost of Rs. 14 crore. He also stated that Rs. 2 crore would be spent on improving the facilities at the hospital. The hostel is named after the title of Abdul Wahid Owaisi, father of Sultan Salahuddin Owaisi.



Yousaf Ali, Abu Dhabi-based businessman has been named ‘The Outstanding Global Non-Resident Indian’ by, an Internet portal for global Indians. MD of the EMKE Group, Ali was conferred the title in recognition of his pioneering efforts in giving a new dimension to shopping in the UAE with his state-of-the-art retail outlets. The EMKE Group has progressively grown to become one of the most diversified consumer businesses in the Gulf with a chain of supermarkets and departmental stores under the umbrella, besides flourishing business interests in imported foodstuff, garments, IT and shipping.

Elected: Mohammad Abdur Raheem Qureshy has been elected the President of the All India Majlis e Tameer e Millat at the meeting of Majlis’ consultative council on April 13. Qureshi, an advocate, is also one of the secretaries of the Muslim Personal Law Board.

Honoured: Nagoor E. M. Haneefa, popular singer of Islamic songs in Tamil and musician has been conferred the honour of Tamil Savant by the Madurai Kamaraj University in Tamil Nadu. Close friend of Tamil Nadu chief minister Karunanidhi, Haneefa has recorded hundreds of elegies of Prophet Muhammad in Tamil.


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