Islamic Voice
Rabi-ul-Awwal 1422H
June 2001
Volume 15-06 No:174

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Chewed like Substance

Chewed like Substance

Qur’anic description of embryonic stage bears startling resemblance

Niyaz Ahmed

It is quite revealing that the Holy Quran’s description of development of a human foetus is exactly in accordance with the modern day knowledge based on the study of even minute details of foetus’ shape and structure insides the womb. Even till early last century, so much was not known to the man about his origin, growth and existence.

The Quran categorises the growth of the foetus in the following stages 1- Nutfah 2- Alakh 3- Mudghah.

Nutfah: Literally meaning a drop of fluid

Alakh: Literally meaning “something that adheres” to the womb, viz, describing the implantation stage.

Mudghah: Mudghah means “chewed like substance.”

This third stage can be graphically verified by comparing the picture of foetus with a piece of flesh or food that has been chewed.

If one were to take a piece of gum and chew it in his mouth, and then compare it with the foetus in mudghah stage, a startling likeness can be seen in the two. At this stage, somites would have developed at the back of the embryo that somewhat resemble the teethmarks in a chewed substance.


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