Islamic Voice
Rabi-ul-Awwal 1422H
June 2001
Volume 15-06 No:174

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Wanted Bridegroom
Wanted Bride

Wanted Bridegroom

BANGALORE: Alliance invited for Sunni Muslim (Urdu) girl 24/54", smart, fair, MSc Microbiology coming from a good family. Boy should be educated well settled with good family background. Boy working in Middle East preferred. Apply I.V.Box: 2989.

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim religious educated decent family invite alliance for their daughter 27/55", wheatish complexion, good looking, slim, BSc (Microbiology), Dip in Computers/ Diploma in Fashion Designing and trained in Medical Transcription working in MNC company. Boy should be from respectable family well educated professional employed in Bangalore, India. Apply I.V.Box: 2991 OR Email: ,

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their daughter 23 years, tall, fair, slim and home loving. Boy should be a business man or Govt. employee. Email: OR Apply I.V.Box: 2994.

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim parents invite proposal for their daughter aged 25 years 58", fair, good looking Architect (B.Arch) Engineer. Well settled family, religious and cultures, Father Bank Officer. Boy should be Doctor, Engineer, Professional, well settled clean habits from India or abroad. Contact 080-6782414 OR Apply I.V.Box: 2997.

BANGALORE: Alliance invited for Sunni Muslim girl, fair, good looking, 23 years, 49", graduate, doing C.A. Prefer professionals, C.A., MBA, Bank Officers (OR) Boys well placed in India/abroad from decent educated, religious family. Phone: 080-5548168 OR Email: OR Apply I.V.Box: 2998.

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their daughter 22/51"/B.A., fair, good looking, religious, domestically well trained and from religious family. Boy should be well educated/Business from well settled family from India/Abroad. Apply I.V.Box: 3001 OR Email: OR Phone: 5465019.

BANGALORE: Alliance invited for Dentist daughter who is at present working as Lect in Oral Surgery, Dept in highly reputed college in India (SDM College DWD). The family is highly educated and religious. Doctor/Engineers with religious background and interest in work of Dawah should Contact 080-6634518 or 0836-447985.

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their daughter 35/52", fair, post graduate working in Gulf from well educated professionally qualified boys from respectable family. Early marriage. Phone: 5545951 OR Apply I.V.Box: 3012.

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their daughter 27/52", B.A., Typing, religious, wheatish complexion, domestically well trained. Boy should be minimum PUC, Professional or Businessman from India/abroad. Syed/Sheikh/Sheriff. Early marriage within 15 days. Phone: 3339619 OR Apply I.V.Box: 3016.

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim Syed religious educated family invite alliance for their daughter 24/52", BDS graduate. Boy should be a Doctor/Engineer/Lecturer/MBA etc. working in around Mysore/Bangalore. Apply I.V.Box: 3018.

BANGALORE: Alliance invited for Sunni Muslim girl Bangalore based, B.Com, slim, fair, 56", sharp featured blessed by the favour of Haj, Namaz and Imaan from Almighty from a Sunni Muslim boy to be well placed and well qualified. Email: OR Apply I.V.Box: 2920.

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim Syed family seeks alliance for daughter B.A.HomeScience, Dip in Comp Science, doing her MA (Postal) Sociology, age 27/53", beautiful, slim, well behaved from Boy Engineer in Computer Science/Electronics/Mechanical/Civil/CA/Dr either from abroad or Karnataka. Phone: 8462604 OR Apply I.V.Box: 2930.

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim (Sheikh) smart, good looking girl, 24/54", religious and homely, convent educated, BDS, parents having own residence and business in Bangalore are looking for a suitable alliance. Professionals MS/MD/MDS other PGS/own business preferred. Genuinely interested persons apply to I.V.Box: 2969.

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim Syed family parents seeks alliance for their daughter 23 years/57", fair looking, slim, graduate, religious (Khula within a Month). Boy from well settled and decent family within 30 years. Contact Mr. Wajid on 91-80-6582197 OR Apply I.V.Box: 2983.

MYSORE: Alliance invited for Sunni Muslim Girl, age 27 yrs, B,Sc., B.Ed., height 5'4", fair, good looking. Working Professionals or well settled businessmen may apply to I.V.Box: 3020 OR Email:

TUMKUR: Muslim parents invite alliance for their daughter SSLC pass 20 yrs/57", fair and beautiful, slim, very religious, homely pleasing character and domestically well trained from religious decent family well settled educated boy, business/professional or employed in India or Abroad. Contact 0816-254784, 080-6573420 OR Email: OR Apply I.V.Box: 2992.

MANGALORE: Sunni Muslim Malayalam speaking parents seek alliance for their daughter 22/53", studying M.A. Final (Pol. Sci). Groom should be religious, graduate or post graduate upto 28 years employed either in India or Abroad, simple marriage. Contact Iddinabba Mohammed Bollai, P.O. Box: 2853, Ajman (UAE). Phone: 08255-40239 OR Apply I.V.Box: 2996.

KUDREMUKH: Sunni Muslim Urdu speaking parents (native of Vaniyambadi) T.N. father Engineer in KIOCL, Karnataka invite alliance for their daughter 22/53", B.Sc presently doing diploma by correspondence. Boy should be a well educated Professional employed from a religious respectable and educated family. Write to J. Rasheed Ahmed, D-21, Sector-2, Kudremukh-577142. Phone: 08263-55064.

PUNE: Sunni Muslim parents seek alliance for their daughter BSc. DCM, 24/53", homely, fair, domestically well trained. Apply I.V.Box: 3006 OR Email:

NAGPUR: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their daughter 26/55", MSc also having holding Dip in computer, fair, smart religious, domestically well trained and also performed Haj. Girl widow having 4 year old small daughter. Boy should be well educated professional business and from a well settled respectable family around 29 to 33 years not more. Phone: 0712-583975 OR Apply I.V.Box: 3010.

NEW YORK: Sunni Muslim mother settled in US (origin from Bangalore, India) seeks alliance for her daughter, US Citizen, 21/BSc from an educated and religious family with a degree in Engineering or Computer Science, height 6' settled in US or plans to settle in US. Email: OR Phone: (718) 853-8796. OR Apply I.V.Box: 2984.


Wanted Bride

BANGALORE: Urdu Speaking Sunni Muslim family, mother invites alliance for her son 32 years/57", Central Govt Group B Officer. Girl should be below 27 years from respected family and employed preferred. Apply I.V.Box: 2987 or Phone: 3531212.

BANGALORE: Syed, Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their son, double graduate (BSc, BA) and PG in Marketing working in MNC at Bangalore. Age 31 years/57", good personality, well cultured moderate Muslim from girl of good educated family, should be beautiful, well versed in English. Contact Phone: 8462604 OR Apply I.V.Box: 2990.

BANGALORE: Sunni Syed Muslim, extremely handsome, fair, tall, 30 yrs, namazi, haji, educated independent with high financial status well settled from a decent and reputed family due to genuine reason going for 2nd marriage, equal status assured for second wife. Girl should be very fair, beautiful, young and namazi. No Demands etc. Contact Mobile: 9844077111 between 11am to 3pm only OR Email: OR Apply I.V.Box: 3002.

BANGALORE: Professional graduate handsome, tall in forties, teetotaller, broadminded, affectionate Sunni Muslim alone can settle anywhere also interested in Ghar damadi. Invited alliance from settled good looking, educated, broadminded, affectionate, affluent independent decision taking Muslim ladies widows, divorcees, issues, age, nationality caste no bar. Preferred Doctors, Nurses, US citizen. Apply I.V.Box: 3003 OR Email:

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their son 30/56"/BCom graduate working in reputed Co. Seeks alliance from decent, good looking, religious and educated family with good family background. Apply I.V.Box: 3004.

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim parents, well placed seek alliance for their son 27/510" very fair, working in US as a Software Engineer from parents of a very fair, well qualified, slim, tall girl, for an early marriage. Contact Phone: 6709775.

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim (Sheikh) BSc (LLB) with dip electrical engineering 30/510" very fair, govt licensed electrical class I contractor and partner of poultry farm having site requires educated unemployed beautiful girl of matchable height/age from respectable family for early marriage. Apply I.V.Box: 3015.

BANGALORE: Alliance invited for graduate, divorcee, 48/53", clean habits, govt employee, own house from suitable responsible ladies, independent widow, divorcee, No bar, No dowry. Apply I.V.Box: 3017.

MYSORE: Muslim, 33/59" divorced, issueless MBBS own clinic, family business, religious background seeks girl +- 25 years/55", fair, God fearing any nationality. Doctor by any course MBBS, UNANI etc. preferred. Contact Dr. Imran, NO: 1435/1, 8th cross, Irivin Road, Mysore-570001. Phone: 0821-441361 OR Email:

BELLARY: Brother seeks alliance for his brother (Second marriage) employed having wife, children, 40/55"/fair. Girl should be from respectable family/ educated widow/ spinster/divorcee. Apply I.V.Box: 3011.

CHENNAI: Educated, well to do, cultured, Urdu speaking Sunni Muslim parents seek alliance for their son 32/57", BCom, F-Tech (Italy) with a well settled business. Girl should be educated, smart and broadminded. Apply I.V.Box: 3000.

CHENNAI: Tamil Muslim boy hailing from Tirunelveli graduate, 33/172 cms, fair, handsome, religious and independent in private service invites alliance from Tamil Muslim family, educated and religious girl. Contact Mrs. Zahira, No: 163, M.M.D.A. Colony, Arumbakkam, Chennai-600106. Phone: 4758916 OR Email:

SALEM: Urdu Sunni Muslim seeks alliance for son Doctor in USA, American MD in Medicine, ready for Green card 32, very fair, from pretty MBBS/BE/Computer graduates. Apply I.V.Box: 2993 OR Email:

PUNE: Sunni Muslim parents of educated and cultured family invite alliance for their handsome Son 26/59", BE Mech. (Distinction) working in Saudi as Maintenance Engineer with family status with handsome salary. Father gazetted officer. Girls should be fair, smart, tall, good looking qualified MBBS/Software Engineer/Professor/Post Graduate teacher with strong family values. Girls merit only consideration. Apply I.V.Box: 2995 OR Email:

PUNE: Sunni Muslim Poona based educated family invite alliance for son BE Mechanical Engineer fair, 30/59" working in MNC, 20000/pm. Apply I.V.Box: 3007 OR Email:

KOLHAPUR: Sunni Muslim parents seek alliance for their son 28/58", fair, sharp features, smart, MBBS, working in Mumbai from fair, beautiful, slim, tall, professional degree holders. Religious background necessary. Write to Dr. S.H. Momin, 515 B Ward, Bara Imam, Kolhapur-416002. Phone: 538680.

KOLHAPUR: Urdu speaking Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their son 27/6', good looking, BE Electronics working in USA, systems Engineer studying MBA. Father senior govt officer. From girls fair, beautiful, strong family values height minimum 53" age 20 to 22 years graduate/studying, convent/English medium, religious educated well cultured family. Apply I.V.Box: 2937.

GOA: Goa based Sunni Muslim graduate businessman divorcee 55yrs, 58", monthly income Rs. 25,000/-, Namazi, teetotaller, jolly, caring invite alliance from widow, divorcee, namazi educated lady with/without children. Phone: 0832-265284 OR Apply 2977.

KASARGOD: Malayalam speaking Muslim family invites alliance for their son 29/57", MBA working as lecturer. Bride should be educated, religious, good looking from good family background and should speak malayalam. Apply I.V.Box: 3014.


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