Islamic Voice
Rabi-ul-Awwal 1422H
June 2001
Volume 15-06 No:174

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Teaming up with Super Terrorist State

Teaming up with Super Terrorist State

In Palestine, Israel is duplicating the role the US played in Iraq

Hasan Mansur

06Palestian Kid“This is not a foreign policy, it is sanctioned mass murder that is nearing holocaust proportions. If we remain silent, we are condoning a genocide that is being perpetrated in the name of peace in the Middle East, a mass slaughter that is being perpetrated in our name. We are past the point where silence is passive consent.

“When a crime reached these proportions, silence is complicity”. This was a comment on the U.S. policy towards Iraq by Naom Chomsky, an American Jew and most famous linguist who led the campaign against the unjust American war in Vietnam and Edward Said, the celebrated Palestinian Christian scholar, teaching in American universities. The savage bombing of Iraq and the death of thousands of children there, denied life-saving drugs owing to sanctions, come to mind. Now the US surrogate, Israel, is duplicating the role of its mentor in Palestine.

Palestine was conceived by its founders as the home of all Palestinians whether they were Muslim, Christian or Jew, a secular democratic state whereas Israel planted by the political West is a theocratic racist state, totally opposed to democratic ethos. Palestinians make a clear distinction between Israel, Zionist in ideology and the Jews who do not profess this.

The US has taken upon itself to play the role of “supernational moral authority” with its “messianic vision” of “market democracy’” and in truth democracy is not its objective but symbolic use of it. It seeks to impose its version of democracy, human rights and free market and those who resist this become candidates for ‘rogue’ nation status, a risk to global community. Accordingly nations are classified as functioning democracies, evolving democracies, rogue states and failed states.

It is in this context, one recalls the infamous thesis of the American scholar, Samuel Huntington called “The clash of civilizations” where he initiated a debate whether Islam or Confucianism would symbolize the new evil in the place of the ‘evil empire’, Communism which had ceased. He envisaged the coming scenario as a clash between the market-seeking, armed to the teeth, political West, threatened by Islam and China and the West’s ally is the Hindu race !!! No wonder, the RSS hailed this theory and embraced it as its own.

The sole objective of the NMD of the United States of America is to establish as the sole domineering and deeply threatening world power. India has become its drum-beater by teaming up with it.

There are many reasons for the antipathy displayed by the western media towards Islam; some date back to history and some are contemporary. The atavistic memory of the Crusades is not erased yet and the oil crisis for which the Muslims are blamed is also fresh. Besides regions like Palestine, Bosnia, Chechnya and Kashmir feel a great sense of injustice. And injustice fuels anger and Muslim youth are in no state of mind to respond to tenets of tolerance. When they resort to violence, the media’s stereotype of Muslim militancy gets dubbed as ‘terrorism’.

President Bush has announced his plans for a National Missile Defence (NMD) and India of Manuvadis has become the lone drum-beater in the whole world. This plan has the sole objective of establishing the US as a domineering, deeply threatening military power, the sole superpower of the world. Jaswant Singh in his book, Defending India views Pakistan and China as ‘looming too large on the horizon’ and loathes Afghanistan. He recognizes the US as the only power to team up with to battle ‘Islamic terror’ since, to quote him, “India is a Hindu nation”.

The US has found a surrogate in Manuvadi India to be its gendarme in the East as it has Israel in the Middle East. No wonder, Advani and the Indian army leaders have visited Israel. The ruling classes of the Arab world with same exceptions have proved themselves shameless vassals of the US, impotent in the face of the terrorism unleashed against Iraq and Palestine. Naom Chomsky in his latest book brands the US as the super terrorist state, out to impose its will on the rest of the world.

Jawaharlal Nehru symbolised the conscience of the Indian people when he went to Spain to express the solidarity of his people with the people battling Falangist Franco who was assisted by Fascist Hitler. The conscience of all those marginalised, the poor and exploited like the Dalits, the minorities, the most backward classes, and the tribals must be roused to battle the Manuvadis and its predatorial protector, the US, proclaim solidarity with the besieged peoples of Iraq and Palestine and defeat the joint conspiracies of Manuvadis and their mentor to impose the will through globalisation and decisively end their hegemony and usher in “olives of endless age” of peace and prosperity for all toiling people to mark this new millennium.


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