Islamic Voice
Rabi-ul-Akhir 1422H
July 2001
Volume 15-07 No:175

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Dangerous Liaisons

Dangerous Liaisons

The Allahabad High Court judgement holding live-in relationship between an adult male and female legal is bound to have far reaching implications in the current Indian society and polity driven by the Western liberalism and liberalization. It legitimizes another aspect of permissive culture that is all likely to attract frowns of disapproval. The ruling has the long term effect of striking at the roots of family, which is the primary building block in raising a healthy society. It negates the sanctity of the family arising out of a marriage, considered to be the only instrument for conferring social legitimacy to conjugal relationship between two adults from the opposite sex. One wonders as to how a society with such diluted definition of a family would be able to withstand the onrushing flood of immorality from the so-called liberal West.

Marriage is not merely coming together of two souls for satisfaction of biological urges and psychological need for companionship. It is a sanctuary for safeguarding social prestige, bridling passions and lust, channelising sex creatively for love and harmony, fixing chain of dependencies, providing for healthy nurturing of humanity and building a firm bulwark for the societal edifice. Live-in relationships by their nature ignore much of these social needs and are borne out of the totally hedonistic ethos of the permissive West. As is evident from the sight of teenage mothers tugging at prams in the tube stations all across the much “matured” West, live-ins are nothing more than a contract of convenience between two individuals who agree to keep out legal responsibilities that come with marriage. This is how the West oppresses its women even more. The only difference is that it is being peddled under the garb of sexual liberty. Not sanctified by law, children of live-in couples are bound to be responsibility of mothers in cases where irresponsible fathers decide to walk out of such biological unions. The neighbourhoods in the West are already studded with single-parent homes, if any proof is needed. And in 80 per cent of the cases where these homes have kids, it is the mother who parents them. Does the West care to look at its backyard strewn with such women who are victims of free sex and live-in ties. Surveys reveal that 70 per cent of child-criminals in the US come from single-parent homes. 1994 figures reveal that there has been 200 per cent increase in the single-parent homes since 1970 from four million to eight million homes. No wonder then, the increase in school massacres witnessed in the US must be a manifestation of the phenomenon. Social time bomb is just ticking away beneath the Western society.

Situation is not very different even in India. Studies of Baby Adoption Centres reveal that in 99 per cent cases it is women who come and surrender the offspring born out of the illegitimate sex. Not the fathers, who are naturally endowed with capacity to evade the stigma successfully.

There is much more horrendous news from the West. Expansion of permissiveness has also led to new trends such as ‘polyamoralism’- several persons in love of each other, regardless of their being males and females and homo or hetero in sexual predilections - coming to live like a family. Imagine the medical, social and biological consequences of such perversities.

While the expanding permissiveness constitutes a sign of moral collapse of the West, the Allahabad High Court judgement threatens to flung the doors open for advance of this permissive culture in Indian families too. At least the Indian homes and families are in no hurry to invite such frank verdicts and franker rules of social conduct. Hold of social and family ethos is much firm in India to allow live-in relationship to thrive. None perhaps outside the top 10 metropolitan cities in the country is really in need of such rulings. And even in those soulless cities, actually very microscopic sections need such liberal interpretation of the law. Undoubtedly, the Hon’ble Court has stepped into a legally grey area which one would have wished remained grey for far longer time in future. And where was the urgency to do that where too many social practices survive merely by social legitimacy, not the legal kind.


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