Islamic Voice
Rabi-ul-Akhir 1422H
July 2001
Volume 15-07 No:175

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Miracles in the Eye

Miracles in the Eye

The eye, with all its features, is a perfect proof evidencing that man is created. The organelles that constitute the eye must be examined closely to witness how desolated is the evolution theory about the formation of the eye and the evidences of creation.

Harun Yahya

07eye.jpgHow did the sense organs, vital for human beings come into existence? How did abilities like “seeing” and “smelling” emerge out of nothing? How did a man, with his five senses, brain, inner organs working in harmony with each other, hands, feet and with his whole body and spirit come into being?

The evolutionists claim that everything has come into existence as a result of coincidences. However there is only one answer to all those questions: All living things including the humans have been created in their perfect and superior form by a creator; Allah, Who is the sole owner of eternal wisdom, knowledge and power. This truth will clearly be confirmed by examining the above mentioned abilities.

All systems in living creatures constitute an insurmountable obstacle for the claim of evolution. The questions like; ‘how could the complex systems like respiratory system, digestive system, circulatory system, systems of seeing and hearing come about’, ‘what would happen if any of those systems were not formed at the very same time’, have always remained unanswered by the evolutionists.

According to the basic assumption of the evolution theory, life generated as a result of coincidences. However it is impossible to explain the existence of a complex system by coincidences. Therefore such an assumption cannot be accepted to be reasonable. To claim that a liver, an ear, a leg or an eye could be formed by coincidences is just as illogical as it is to claim that the some unrelated parts formed by coincidences came together coincidentally to form a refrigerator.

In this sense, eyes are a good example to begin with: the eyes are very extraordinary organs and it is impossible to explain their formation by “coincidences”. The reason for this is that the eye; let’s say the human eye; consists more than 30 different organelles; the retina layer, the focus, straight muscles, tear glands, the nerves, and etc. It is a must for all those 30 different particles to be present and function properly at the very same time.

Now let us think about the possibility of the coincidental formation of an eye, which is one of the most complex organs of the body. According to the evolutionary thought, before the evolution of the eye the living beings were naturally blind and they did not have eyes. Is it possible to suppose that a living being without eyes be aware of the existence of eyes? Of course this is impossible. If we are to give another example: Let us think about a sixth sense that we presently do not possess, can we define such a sixth sense and then imagine an organ that can perceive this sense? Of course imagining and desiring this sixth organ is not enough to possess. So what about the story of acquiring eyes for the first time? Would it be possible to somehow form that organ and would it be possible for that organ to be perfect, to function completely? Of course it won’t be possible for any of us to imagine a sixth organ, which we do not know anything about it at all, and then to add that organ to our body.

Consider the description of “coincidence” suggested by the evolutionists: How come eyes coincidentally are formed in a living being that previously did not have an eye?
- Could the two eye-sockets appropriate to fit the eye, be formed in the skull coincidentally?
- Could two light-transferring spheres full of liquid be formed in those eye sockets “coincidentally”?
- Could two lenses that provide the fraction of light and focus the light at the back wall of the eye be formed coincidentally?
- Could the eye muscles that provide the movements of the eyes be formed on their own?
- Could the retina layer that would perceive the light at the back wall of the eye be coincidentally formed?
- Could the nerves that would connect the eyes to the brain be formed all of a sudden on their own?
- And after all these, could the tear glands that prevent dryness of the eyes be formed by coincidences?
- And could the two eyelids and the eyelashes that protect the eyes from dust and similar foreign materials be formed coincidentally?

The common answer to all these questions is absolutely: “No!” Even Darwin himself confessed this reality:
“...To recur to the eye. I really think it would have been dishonest, not to have faced the difficulty; and worse... it would have been impolitic I think, for it would have been thrown in my teeth, as H. Holland threw the bones of the ear, till Huxley shut him up by showing what a fine gradation occurred amongst living creatures.” (The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin, Vols. 1 and 2, edited by his son, Francis Darwin, Darwin to Charles Lyell Feb. 23, 1860)

It is evident that none of those could have been formed coincidentally. All examples we have seen up to now indicate that “eyes” have been formed as a result of complex design that can by no means be explained by coincidences. The first eye that has ever existed is found out to be in its perfect and complete form; this means it was created all at once by Allah. The eye, with all its features, is a perfect proof evidencing that man is created. The organelles that constitute the eye must be examined closely to witness how desolated is the evolution theory about the formation of the eye and the evidences of creation.

[Harun Yahya is a well known writer from Istanbul who has written numerous books and articles on Islam, which includes the marvels of Allah’s creation, the evolution theory, and politics. His articles have been published, not only in Turkey, but in other countries as well. His study aims to convey the message of the Qur’an, and to encourage people to think on issues such as the existence and the unity of God, and the Hereafter.]


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