Islamic Voice
Rabi-ul-Akhir 1422H
July 2001
Volume 15-07 No:175

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Wanted Bridegroom
Wanted Bride

Wanted Bridegroom

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their daughter 23/5'1"/MSc, good looking, slim, religious and convent educated. Early marriage. Email: OR Apply I.V.Box: 3032.

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim girl 34/5'4"/B.Com, slim, whitish complexion, teaching, owning one bedroom flat seeking a boy from educated family engaged in business or well settled professional. Apply I.V.Box: 3033.

BANGALORE: A pious and highly religious Sunni Muslim family is looking for an similar alliance for their extremely beautiful daughter who is a Arts graduate, around 29 yrs, height 5'5", and adheres strictly to Som-o-Salat, only those very highly qualified professionals like Doctors, S/W Engineer preferably NRIs with a fear of Allah and should strictly be a true Muslim to give a living example to the world of Islam. This add calls for a wider choice, and brokers please excuse, send in your entire Bio Box No: 3035. OR Contact Tel.: 080-3539162.

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim parents from well educated and well to do family invite alliance for their daughter, smart, convent educated BDS, 24/5'4", from well settled Doctors, Engineers, Professional from Bangalore. Apply I.V.Box: 3038.

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim parents seek alliance for their daughter LL.B, 5'3"/25 years, fair and slim from well educated and well employed boys from respectable family. Reply with particulars to I.V.Box: 3042. OR Ring up 98441-63095 (after 6.30pm preferably).

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their daughter 27/5'5"/B.E. Electronics, wheatish complexion, from well settled religious Syed family. Boy should be professional /MBA/MCA/MSc well settled, clean habits from Bangalore Or abroad. He should be from Syed/Sheikh/Shraiff families. Contact Phone: 6633039 OR Email:

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim parents invite proposal for their daughter aged 25 years 5'3", fair, good looking Architect (B.Arch) Engineer. Well settled family, religious and cultured, Father Bank Officer. Boy should be Doctor, Engineer, Professional, well settled clean habits from India or abroad. Contact 080-6782414 OR Apply I.V.Box: 2997.

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim Syed family seeks alliance for daughter B.A.HomeScience, Dip in Comp Science, doing her MA (Postal) Sociology, age 29/5'3", beautiful, slim, well behaved from Boy Engineer in Computer Science/Electronics/Mechanical/Civil/BSc/Dr either from abroad or Karnataka. Phone: 8462604 OR Apply I.V.Box: 2930.

BANGALORE: Educated well to do and religious minded Urdu speaking Sunni Muslim parents seek alliance for their daughter 23/5'5"/MSc well versed in cosmetic designs and costumes. Father engineer, brother Doctor. Boy should be well educated Professional/Business from well settled family in Bangalore. Apply I.V.Box: 2940 OR Phone: 91-80-5354768 OR Email:

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim parents invite suitable alliance for their daughter 35/5'5" appeared for final BA, fashion designer, domestically well trained. Boy should be well settled and from good family background. Phone: 3438204 OR Apply I.V.Box: 3046.

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their Doctor (BUMS) daughter 25 years, 5'5". Fair, beautiful, good looking, religious, working in a private nursing home. From well settled boys from decent family back ground. Preferably from Bangalore. Apply I.V.Box: 2900.

MYSORE: Alliance invited for Sunni Muslim girl age 27/5'4", B.Sc, B.Ed., fair, good looking. Working professionals or well settled businessman may apply to OR I.V.Box: 3020.

MYSORE: Alliance invited for an educated, homely, Sunni Muslim girl 26/5'2", fiar, religious, beautiful, well cultured and domestically well trained from parents/guardians of suitable boys from respectable family background. Apply I.V.Box: 3039.

MANGALORE: Sunni BEARY, cultured, educated religious parents invite alliance proposals for their daughter graduate working as teacher, fair, 5'1". Write to Ibney Ali, Sysha Complex, Kotekar, Mangalore OR Fax to 0824-466707.

BELGAUM: Well educated Sunni Muslim parents invites alliance for their daughter 25/5'4", beautiful, homely, extremely good by nature, employed in one of the top most IT companies in Mumbai from well settled graduate IT Professionals. Contact Dr. A.K. Maniyar 08354-22107 (9.00-10.30pm) OR Email:

CHENNAI: Sunni Muslim, Urdu speaking parents seek alliance for their daughter 28/158, very fair, graduate and Diploma holder, religious minded, employed in Shrajah (UAE) drawing decent salary from cultured family grooms employed. Professional/Graduates from India/Abroad. Apply I.V.Box: 3024 OR Email:

COIMBATORE: Sunni Muslim Urdu speaking graduate 30/155cm, fair, seeks suitable alliance. Phone: 0422-210743 OR Apply I.V.Box: 3031.

HYDERABAD: Urgent alliance required for a Sunni Muslim beautiful girl, Electronic engineering graduate, B.E. (E.C.E), age 26/5'2", fair, Working as a Software Engineer in a reputed multinational company in Hyderabad. From Muslim professionalgraduate or post graduate. Phone: 040-4072351 OR Email:

HYDERABAD: Alliance invited for Sunni Muslim religious girl 24/5'5"/B.E. wheatish complexion, good looking Central Government Grade B cadre in Delhi. Boy from respectable religious family settled abroad/India. No dowry. Apply I.V.Box: 3030.


Wanted Bride

BANGALORE: Alliance invited for Sunni Muslim Doctor (Surgeon) U.K. MBBS, FRCS 35/5’11" from Doctor girls height above 5’3". Contact Phone: 2865583 OR Apply I.V. Box: 3022.

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their son 26/5’9"/B.E. (CSE) ‘First Class’ working software engineer in MNC from beautiful girl, religious, educated family. Alliance from USA, U.K. will also be considered. Apply I.V.Box: 3029 OR Phone: 91-80-6705166 (Resi) P.P.

BANGALORE: A highly religious follows Islamic rituals, and fears Allah alone, boy aged 27 yrs, 5’10" ht, fair/handsome and a qualified Graduate owns his family business, is looking for a girl around 20 to 22 yrs, only Sunni Muslims who belongs from very well to do and similar religious bakground. Please reply with complete details to I.V.Box: 3036 OR Contact Tel: 080-3539162.

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim (Khadri Family) invite alliance for their son Al-Haj 26/6', BSc, handsome, namazi. Girl should be 21 to 25 years old minimum height 5’5"to 5’8", fair, slim, religious respectable family. Apply with biodata for immediate marriage to I.V.Box: 3037.

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim parents seek alliance for their son LLB, MBL, 30 years/5’6", fair, working as Manager-Legal, seeks alliance from fair, educated girls and respectable family. Reply with particulars to I.V.Box: 3043 OR Ring up 98441-63095 (After 6.30pm) preferably.

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim parents of Doctor M.D. 31 yrs/5’5", wheatish in karnataka Govt service needs alliance from parents of girls MBBS/MD. For further particulars contact 8461694.

BANGALORE: Syed, Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their son, double graduate (BSc, BA) and PG in Marketing working in MNC at Bangalore. Age 31 years/5’7", good personality, well cultured moderate Muslim from girl of good educated family, should be beautiful, well versed in English. Contact Phone: 8462604 OR Apply I.V.Box: 2990.

MYSORE: Alliance is invited for Sunni Muslim boy working as Manager in Gulf, Age 32/5’5", fair, and handsome with pleasing manners having family status. Girl should be eductaed, good looking, religious and good natured. Please write in to I.V.Box: 3040.

GULBARGA: Mother invited alliance for her son 6’1", software engineer in a multinational company with five digit salary. Girl should be religious, beautiful and from a respectable family. Email:

CHENNAI: Urdu speaking Sunni Muslim Doctor parents invite alliance for their Doctor son 25/168 doing M.S. (ophthal) from beautiful medico girl with religious and affluent background. Apply I.V.Box: 3026 OR EmaiL:

CHENNAI: Wanted suitable match for Sunni Muslim Engineer settled in Canada age 50 years, divorcee without encumberances. Contact immediately Phone: 044-6262172 Chennai.

A.P.: Sunni Muslim parents of religious and cultured family invite alliance for their handsome son 29/5’9", MBBS working as Medical Officer Ministry of Interior Riyadh, KSA. with family status. Girl should be beautiful, height, minimum 5’3" qualified MBBS. Please contact 08561-61049 OR I.V.Box: 3025.

AKOLA: Sunni Muslim B.E. (Comp) Software Engineer at Pune proposed marital allaince with a suitably equally qualified girl not more than 25 years from a respectable Urdu knowing family. Apply I.V.Box: 3027.


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