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April 2007
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New Arrivals

Muslims in India
Contemporary Social and Political Discourses
By Yoginder Sikand
Published by: Hope India Publications
85, Sector 23, Gurgoan-122017
Ph: (0124) 2367308
Price: Rs 595

Muslims in India Since 1947
Islamic perspectives on inter-faith relations
By Yoginder Sikand

Published by: Routledge Curzon
11 New Fetter Lane, London EC 4P 4 EE

Hazreth Al-Ameen (Trustworthy)

Al Sadiq (Truthful) Peace be upon him
Messenger of Peace for the Humanity
Compiled by: Muhammad Anwar Haroon Qadri
Published by: International Sufi Centre
3/28, 1st. Cross, V.R. Puram
Palace Guttahalli, Bangalore-560003
Karnataka State
Ph: 23444594

Shariati Series- I
Religion V/S Religion
By Dr. Ali Shariati

Translated from Persian by: Laleh Bakhtiar
Published by: Other Books, I Floor, New Way Building, Railway Link Road, Kozhikode, Kerala-673002. Email:
Ph: 495-2306808
Price: Rs 70

Islamic Education, Diversity and National Identity
Dini Madaris in India Post 9/11

Editors: Jan-Peter Hartung, Helmut Reifeld
Published by: Sage Publications India. Pvt Ltd
B-42, Panchsheel Enclave
New Delhi 110017
Price: Rs 650

Islam and Its Message
By Shaikh Abdul Khader. G. Tadkod (Ex. Principal, F.D.E.S, Mumbai)

No 145, Pragathi Nagar, Near Dr. A.S. Rao-Nagar
Andhra Pradesh
Ph: 040-27141459
Price: Rs 40

Mystic Mist
Defining the purpose of life, the submission
By Abu Ilham

Published by: Other Books, I Floor, New Way Building, Railway Link Road
Kozhikode, Kerala-673002. Email: Ph: 495-2306808
Price: Rs 250

Golwalkar's We or Our Nationhood Defined: A Critique
By Shamsul Islam

Published by: Pharos Media and Published Pvt. Ltd, P.O. Box 9701, D-84 Abul Fazl Enclave-I, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi-110025. Email:
New Delhi
Price: Rs 120

A Handbook for Fundamentalist Muslims
By Mohammad Kamran

Published by: Islam for All
F- 10/16, Jogabai Extn,
New Delhi -110025
Price: Rs 30

Bijli's Book Released
By A Staff Writer

A Book titled ‘Myths and Realities of a Parallel System-Islam’ by B.F.Habeebur Rahman Bijli was released at a function here on March 20 at Kesari hall. Marxist ideologue K. Govindapillai who released the book said Islam appealed to him most as a secular religion as it did away with priesthood. Mr. Pillai said US was terrorizing the whole world under the pretext of a war on terror. He predicted that the US would be defeated by the brave people of Iraq. He said the US would invade every land where it would sniff oil. He said the US had turned into a ‘rogue state’ and needs to be countered by all means by peace loving people.

Mr. Maqbool Ahmed Siraj, journalist from Bangalore who received the first copy of the book said the United States had turned into the biggest threat to peace and justice and environment. He said the over-consumption of resources by the 20 per cent of the power elite of the world had become a threat to the global ecology. The poor of the world were being terrorized by the economic exploitation. The US doublespeak was evident from the jubilation of the demolition of Berlin wall, but construction of Apartheid Wall by its stooge Israel in Palestine.

Mr. Siraj highlighted the salient features of the book and said it debunks several myths about Islam and Muslims. He however said the Muslim world was suffering from value deficit with dictators, monarchs and army general ruling the Muslim countries. The clergy has a vice- like grip over the community’s mind and no scientific inventions and social science theories could be propounded in the Muslims largely because all new things are invariably dubbed illegitimate (haram) by the ulema. He said the Muslims would not recover their glory unless they liberated the spirit of enquiry and came out of the stranglehold of conservative leadership.

The book comprises essays and lectures of Mr. Bijli, a retired engineer and environmentalist. Written in extraordinarily simple language, the 200-page book analyses a wide spectrum of religions and ideologies and focuses on liberative aspects of Islam.

Noted journalist, B. R. P. Bhasker, former general manager of the United News of India, said the global media was highly monopolised. He cited several instances where US media men were provided official support to establish media hegemony. He said, prior to independence, it was British supported media that had a monopoly. Now the control had moved into the hands of the US. He described President Bush belonging to the lunatic fringe of the Christian community and said every religion had extremists. He said Islam was a liberative force in the beginning, but got ‘establishmentalised’ later.

Prof. N. A. Karim, former vice chancellor of Kerala University, writer Kodikkal Sheikh Abdullah from Nagercoil, I.S.A.K. Nizar from Chennai also spoke. Mr. Kayamkulam Yoonus moderated the meeting. Mr. Bijli welcomed the gathering. Ms. Khyrunnissa, Professor of English, All Saints College, Trivandrum proposed a vote of thanks.