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April 2009
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Community Round Up

NI Engg. College is now Noorul Islam University
The Noorul Islam College of Engineering, Kumarakovil in Kanyakumari district of Tamil nadu has been conferred the deemed university status. The College was established in 1989 as an engine-ering college by Dr. A. P. Majeed Khan under the aegis of Noorul Islam Educational Trust. The Unive-rsity can now offer all the courses appr-oved by the University Grants Commission and the All India Council for Technical Education. Dr. S. Siva Subramaniam is the first vice chancellor of the University. The University offers BE courses in 13 disciplines including bio-medical engineering, marine engineering, computer software and hardware, aeronautical, petroleum and offshore engineering, Naval architecture, and M.Sc programmes in software engineering, computer technology and information technology. It will also offer Ph.D programme in all disciplines of science, technology and humanities.

Dr. Majeed Khan told Islamic Voice over phone that the college turned university has currently 4,000 students in 10 different faculties and nearly 200 faculty members. More courses will be introduced in the coming acad-emic session.

The Noorul Islam Educational Trust was established in 1984 for high excellence education in modern disciplines of engineering, technology, management and health. It has also set up a 320-bed hospital on road leading to Trivandrum and will soon be starting a medical college. It has several other colleges imparting courses in dental science, pharmacy, technical trades, arts, science and nursing.

Silicon City Public School
By the grace of all mighty ALLAH a group of like minded people founded a Trust in the name and style of Sal Sabeel Educational Trust Registered in the Year 2000 with a meager amount of Rs. 18 Lakhs to run a school in the name and style of Silicon City Public School in the Masjid-e-Ummul Hasnain complex. The only aim is to provide quality education along with Arabic and Islamic to the Socio-economic and educationally backward classes of the Community. The School was started in the year 2000 with a strength of only 8 students. Alhamdulillah today we have classes upto 10 standard and the strength has gone upto 528 students. We provide high quality education for our students so that they should not be left behind in today’s requirements. There is no co-education from 8 std onwards, we have separate classes for girls and boys from 8 std to 10 std. Looking at the need we have started a branch at Rizwaniamasjid in Annasandra Palya in the year 2004, where we have classes from Nursery to II Std. The fee structure is so designed so that the backward classes of the society are benefited. The Tuition Fee is Rs. 250/- to Rs. 400/- and at branch in Ismalpura is Rs. 150/-. Only 40% of the students pay full Fee, for the rest, the Financial Assistance to a tune of Rs. 50/- to Rs. 200/- per student is arranged through charitable fund, Hazart Abu Ubaida (RH) Baithul Maal Trust and Hazart Attar Hussain Trust.

We are providing free education to 25 most needed students by providing uniforms and books and stationeries. We have non-Muslim students also with us and same tune of Financial Assistance is extended to them also. We are very thankful to the Management of Muslim Orphanage, Bangalore, for having selected Silicon City Public School to admit nearly 95 students in different classes from 5 std to 10 std, after inspecting many schools in & around. These boys have come from other school and special attention is given to them to improve their standards and see that these students are given a better future. Since the standards of these students does not match with the students of our regular students, special coaching classes were arranged along with corrective coaching in the evening and an experienced teacher was also appointed for spoken English. So we are happy that these boys are able to talk in English. The deeniyath syllabus of Hazrath Ali Miyan Nadvi (RA) Academy Bhatkal is being followed in this school and Annual Examinations are being held under their supervision. Our students have won 18 Gold medals.

In the Interschool Competitions they are runners-up in Cricket and Volley Ball and have won long jump, running race and relay race conducted by Bangalore Police Public, Koramagala. Our boys have won 6 events out of 8 events conducted by Jextix Annual League and have been placed 1st in the face painting competition.

We are thankful for the co-operation so far received from the parents, staff and Institution and by one & all.

Since the admissions have been started we expect a good number of admissions and request your co-operation and co-ordination to fulfill our goals.

Response Future
Muslim leaders meet Vice President on Muslim reservation
By Mumtaz Alam Falahi
New Delhi:
To give impetus to the Muslim reservation movement, a delegation of Muslim leaders met Vice- President Muhammad Hamid Ansari and urged him to use his good offices for the implementation of the Ranganath Mishra Commission report.

The delegation headed by former MP and diplomat Syed Shahabuddin, who is also convenor of the Joint Committee of Muslim Organizations for Empowerment (JCMOE), stressed on tabling in the current session of Parliament of the Ranganath Mishra Commission report that has recommended 10% reservation to Muslims. They demanded implementation of the report. JCMOE had held a national convention on Muslim reservation on February1.

In the convention, JCMOE had demanded that Muslims should be recognized as a Backward Class and should be given reservation along with SCs, STs, and OBCs. The group comprising all big Muslim organisations was formed last year for the sole purpose of Muslim reservation. In the convention, the group had demanded formal recognition of the Muslim community as a Backward Class in the light of the findings and recommendations of the Sachar Committee and Ranganath Mishra Commission.

US role in Destabilising India's Neighbourhood
The US gameplan is to create anarchy in India’s neighborhood by encouraging radical Islamists, says M. Nazrul Bari.

Thanks to the agrarian reforms soon after Independence, the caste divided peasantry and the rural population in India felt greatly relieved. The poor folk had now some hard assets to call their own and could hope for some justice and social equity. They were freed from the oppressive yoke of the jagirdars and zamindars. They could breath freely and aspire to have status and role in the society. It minimized the colossal gulf between haves and have-nots, between rich and the poor. But, unfortunately such reforms never happened in Afghanistan and Pakistan, where wodeyars, jagirdars, and feudal lords still rule the roost. While all these makes us salute our visionary leaders who stewarded the nation in the early years, we pity Pakistan and Afghanistan who did not see any such initiatives.

Despite so much of land reforms in India, a sizeable population, not happy with the socio-economic policies of the government, is actively involved in Naxalite movement and has taken up arms against the mighty government establishments. In Pakistan and Afghanistan, the same dissatisfied lot takes the cover of religion—Islam, in this context—and are waging a war against the states. So Taliban of Afghanistan are a social variant of the Naxalites of India.

Unlike India, the major tragedy with these two countries is the unshakable, influential, privileged and super rich upper middle class. And because of the rampant corruption and moral depravity, the ruling elite absolutely failed to deliver justice and ensure social and economic equity to the larger part of the population. These oppressed sections were lured by the slogan of ‘Islam is the panacea’ by fanatic Talibans.These fanatics is now trying to decimate the same ruling elite who created them to fight communist Russia in Afghanistan. Whole Afghanistan, barring capital Kabul, is controlled by Taliban. They now try to impose Sharia rule in Pakistan’s troubled Swat valley and North West Frontier Province, bordering Afghanistan. They are luring people by promise of delivering quick justice. To boot, they promise ‘justice within a month’ for homicide cases and several such promises with regards to others.

In the words of William Dalrymple, an eminent historian and writer of famed book the Last Mughal, the Taliban control more than 70 per cent of the rugged land of Afghanistan territory, up from just 50 per cent in November 2007. Within their territory, they collect taxes, enforce sharia and dispense justice. They also succeeded, to some extent, in containing the waves of crime and corruption that characterizes Hamid Karzai’s US-backed rule in some of the cities. This has become one of the reasons for the popularity of Taliban.

Now question arises as to why the US is so much interested in this region of South Asia? After the decline of the mighty Soviet Union in early 90s, emergence of China and India as economic and military power has challenged the US supremacy in this unipolar world. So to keep these two giants of Asia at bay, US wants to create anarchy in the region and destabilise Pakistan and Afghanistan which could have direct impact on its neighbours- particularly India and China. This is possible only when American drones and fighter planes, in the name of fighting terrorism, kill scores of innocent civilians, including women and children, in Afghanistan and Pakistan and thus spawn more terrorists and terrorism. These new and young terrorists (Taliban) can easily penetrate into the neighbouring countries- communist China, arch enemy India and Shia Iran- an open enemy of the US hegemony.
Look how the former US President Bill Clinton granted $36 million to Mullah Umar, Head of Taliban government in Afghanistan in 1998 to stop the cultivation of opium, although US never recognised Taliban government.

A similar game is on in the Swat Valley. Pakistan government, at the behest of the US, has given $ 6 million to Taliban in return of peace in the disturbed region. The US administration even after realising that more than 70 per cent of Afghanistan is under the control of Taliban and now some part of Pakistan, is providing, $ 533.7 million to Pakistan and its incompetent and unpopular government to improve its capabilities to fight the so called ‘war on terror’.

Taliban now control the Khyber Pass, the key land route between Afghanistan and Pakistan. More than 70 per cent of supplies for the US troops in Afghanistan pass through the NWFP to Peshawar and hence up the Khyber Pass without any hindrance. A recent report by the CID of the Sindh Government confirms the same story. According to this report, Taliban has not only reached Islamabad and Rawalpindi but are also in a position to strike the financial and military hubs of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. The ghastly attack on the Sri Lankan cricketers is the latest and glaring example.

Thus, it seems, very soon Taliban may be in a position to take over Pakistan as it happened in Afghanistan. Therefore India has to be very vigilant and must formulate all moves that counter the take over of Pakistan by fanatic elements and encourage civil society to build institutions and establish convention of governance in that troubled land. I wish I could be wrong.
The author teaches history at Poona College, Pune. He could be reached at
Jamaat sets up chain of SHAMA clinics
Bangalore :
A chain of medical clinics set up by the Society for Humanitarian and Medical Assistance (SHAMA) under the aegis of the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind have begun administering medical treatment at minimal charges in various locations of the city here. The clinics are open between 9 am and 6 pm on all days of the week and charge only Rs. 15.

According to a press note by the SHAMA said, the clinics work under Dr. Saad Belgami (mobile: 9844065137) as the overall incharge for the administration. The SHAMA clinics are currently working at 1-

Jamia Masjid Compound, Yeshwantpur, (contact person: Suhail Ahmad, Ph: 9916437349), 2-Chamundi Nagar Main Road, Kausar Nagar (Bandagi Khan, Ph: 9343748979), 3- No. 12, IInd Main, LBS Nagar, Islampur (HAL), (Faruq Khan, ph: 9845773833), 4- Valmiki Nagar, IInd Main Road, Mysore Road, (Ali Koya, Ph: 9449674672), 5-Masjid-e-Muhammadi, Muminpura, Mysore Road, (Faruq Khan, 9845773833), 6- Fatima Layout, Opp. Masjid-al-Kareem, Rashad Nagar, (Suraghuddin Ph: 9902526966), 7-Yaseen Nagar, 8th Cross, 1st Stage, IInd Block, HBR Layout, (Prof. Zaheer Ahmad. Ph: 9980876675), 8-Masjid-e-Umar-Faruq Compound, M S Palya, (Makhdoom Ph: 9242072227). The Jamaat has appealed the members of the public to benefit from the services of the SHAMA clinics.
Aligarh Declaration on Muslim Education
By A Staff Writer
A 2-day national seminar held at the Aligarh Muslim University on March 7 and 8 has called for constitution of a National Group consisting of prominent Muslims working in the field of education in India. The seminar on ‘Minority Education: Issues in access, inclusion and equity’ urged that a detailed survey of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Assam and Rajasthan be taken up on the Karnataka pattern which will give the impetus for the professional approach towards the problems faced by the Muslims. It called for Muslims to be encouraged to create NGOs for the educational and economic development at the local Masjid level. It said, the existing NGOs be sensitized regarding the avenues available under numerous government programmes at the State and Central Level. A network of NGOs also be created, it appealed.

The Declaration said the Aligarh Muslim University has been empowered under Section 5 (2)(c) of AMU (Amendment) Act 1981, to take all necessary steps for the Promotion of Educational and Cultural Advancement of Muslims of India. The Aligarh Muslim University envisages a national role for promoting the educational aspirations of the minorities, more especially the Muslims of India. Being a Central University of international repute, AMU intends to establish a strong bond and an enduring academic linkage with minority managed educational institutions and create a networking environment so that the synergy created could be of immense benefit to the Educational Institutions in India. It noted that in view of the spirit of section 5(2)(c), the AMU had created the Centre for Promotion of Educational and Cultural Advancement of Muslims (CEPECAMI) in 1988 which had been taking up the national issues pertaining to Muslim education and cultural advancement.

The Declaration noted that the substantial progress in education by Muslims in South India states was due to the pro-active role played by the State governments as well by the community. It also called for conducting a survey on the pattern of Karnataka Minority commission survey which enabled the Karnataka Government to reserve 4 per cent seats in government jobs and educational institutions. It however, observed that the southern states did not suffer from depletion of leadership due to unfortunate Partition of the 1947.

The Declaration called for full use of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, midday meals schemes and other welfare schemes and linking them up with the Maktabs in villages. It also urged the community to admit girls into Kasturba Gandhi balika Vidyalayas set up by the Central Government for quality education. It also called for promoting awareness about the literacy schemes under National Literacy Mission (NLM), Bachelor Preparatory Programme (BPP) of IGNOU, National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) and linking the Madarssas through EDUSAT wherein no additional infrastructure is required as the present facilities will be treated as the virtual classes. It called for setting up ITI at taluka level and initiatives to be taken up to encourage Muslim students to take up para-medical courses.

The Declaration formulated a ‘Mission Statement’ for the community which reads as follows:
This Seminar calls upon the Muslim Community to focus their energy to convert itself into a totally literate and skilled community with a sizeable portion pursuing higher and professional education to launch itself into the leadership position. The Community should raise itself as a population brimming with self-confidence, character and value-orientation and should be endowed with a vision of National Welfare and development in order to integrate itself with the National Mainstream.
The Seminar called for enacting a National Legislation on the meaning and implications of Article 30(i) of the Constitution. Such an act should specify the meaning of the terms “minority”, “establishment”, “administra-tion” etc. and provide specific clarification on “minority status”, “the right to appoint Principal and Teachers”, “Admission of Students”, “Institutions of their Choice” etc. This will remove the present need for frequent litigation on every issue related to minority rights.
Waiver sought for Haj on International Passport
India has sought one year waiver on requirement of International Passport for pilgrims going from India. The request was made by Mr. E. Ahamed, the Union Minister of State for Foreign Affairs who met Saudi Deputy Haj Minister Hatem Qadi on March 14 in Jeddah.

The government of India has requested the Saudi Haj Ministry to allow Indian pilgrims into the Kingdom on usual ‘Pilgrim passes’ in the forthcoming Haj season as it would be impossible to issue international passports to nearly one lakh persons who intend to perform the pilgrimage this year as most of them come from the rural areas.

It may be recalled that the Saudi government has made it mandatory for all overseas pilgrims to enter the Kingdom only on international passports in order to ensure security.
Appointed: Prof. Abdul Jaleel Khan M. Pathan, current vice chancellor of Maulana Azad National Urdu University has been appointed the first vice chancellor of the Central University to come up in Gulbarga. Prof. Pathan was previously vice chancellor of Karnatak University, Dharwad. He was also registrar of Bangalore University.

First Muslim Home Minister: Mohammed Arif Naseem Khan has been made the first Muslim Home Minister in Maharashtra. However, the portfolio is limited to home affairs in urban areas only. Khan came into limelight following riots in Mumbai in 1992-93 when he set up the first peace committee in Ghatkopar area of the city. He has been given the additional charge of food and drug administration besides home. He said his priority would be to provide security to Mumbai citizens in the wake of 26/11 happennings.