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August 2009
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Cover Page
Call for a Second Freedom Struggle
Caged Thoughts set free in Cape Town
Possessing Values or a Vault?
Iran Elections
The French and the Hijab
Practically apply the Quran
Dubious Leaders
Please help
West's animosity towards Iran
Do your writers represent Islam?
Thought for the Month Health and Happiness through Fasting
The Muslim World
Shoura passes bill on domestic helps' Rights
Charity Society saves broken Marriages
Sufi base in South Africa to aid Youth
US Imams, Rabbis teach Ecumenism
Britons seek justice in Shari`ah Courts
US Bingo Mogul funds Jewish Settlements
Adulterous Saudi princess gets asylum in UK
Muslim woman leads World Science Journalists
Egypt's mosques fight sexual Harassment
Israel removes Nakba from school Books
Russian schools get Religion
Iranians barred from Swedish Universities
Court rules on Abyei
Community Round Up
Gujarat government's new communal agenda
Tayeb Ali died during interrogation
First woman MPSC of Malegaon
A door opens for Muslim girls
Haj passports without police verification
Scrap Haj delegation: Owaisi
Book on Muslim culture in Hindi cinema
70,000 drug addicts in Kashmir
Syed Abdullah Bukhari: The legend of Jama Masjid
Round Table on Muslim Development Agenda
“Terrorists may have been Muslims. But all Muslims are not terrorists”: Mumbai High Court
Conflict & Crisis
Uighurs in Urumqi
A Tale of Two Encounters: Dehradun and Batla House
Horrors inflicted in the name of Islam
Ban Racism and not the Burqa
Globe Talk
Threatening Iran
Ramadan Rights and Wrongs
Life & Relationships
Workshop Schedule
Caged Thoughts set free in Cape Town
Dropping Past Burdens in Hyderabad
Qur'an Speaks to You
Fasting is an Education and Training
Timing between Suhoor and Fajr Prayers [The Prophet's (Pbuh) Guidance]
Our Dialogue
Fasting, to be a better person
Eating a pre-dawn Meal
Using miswak and bathing to cool down
Lying and abusive talk while fasting
Extravagance in Iftar
Sickness and Fasting
Helth Guidelines
Health Guidelines for Ramadan Fasting
Learning Self-Discipline during Ramadan
Women's Voice
My hijab made me Happy
Peace, Violence and Islam
Living Islam
The Battle against one's Baser Self
Islamic Voice Debate
Should Muslims organise and attend Iftar parties for political or fund raising objectives?
Muslim Perspective
Invite Deepak, Gita and Amit for Iftar
Soul Talk
Simplicity is Divinity Profound
Open Space
Islam in the Contemporary World
Adventure in Aceh
Book Review
Wanted—Equality and Justice in the Muslim Family
Children's Corner
The Queen of Roses
Zagros Mountains
Late Lateef
An Urgent Appeal from Rampur
Journal of Islamic Perspective Inviting writers and authors to submit Papers
An Appeal

Three Day Workshop "Discover Yourself"

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