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February 2009
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Cover Page
Exercise Caution in Issuing Fatwas: Scholars appeal to Muftis
Marvel in Marble
The Muslim World
Divorce rate jumps
Swiss to consider hosting Guantanamo inmates
Call to expel Israeli diplomats
Netherlands prosecutes Anti-Islam MP
Moroccan-born Muslim appointed Mayor of Rotterdam
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's letter to Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, urging him to take a clear stance on the unfolding crisis in Gaza:
Saudi Arabia spanks smokers
Muslim women 'should be fined for hijab'
Australian PM demands apology from Muslim cleric on marital rape
Globe Talk
Muslims are the new “Coolies”
Gujarat- Reality Today
Central Madrasa Board A Bitter or Better Pill?
Foot in Mouth
Brilliant Piece
Excellent Manual for Harmony
A Real Holocaust
Bizarre Logic
Government Schemes for NGOs
Community Round Up
Leaders call for liberating Wakf Properties
Urdu educational programmes on AIR
New houses for Tsunami victims
Darul Uloom Deoband tightens admission rules
UGC study confirms Muslims most backward educationally
UGC to set up Maulana Azad Benches. IGNOU to start Persian course
Higher incidence of diphtheria among Muslims in Hyderabad
Bricks of Harmony
Associating Islam with terrorism wrong: Dalai Lama
Centre revives plan to establish Madrasa Board
Acquitted youth unite for justice
Two Muslim women are winners for West Bengal Assembly
Railways examination in Urdu
New schemes for minorities
Darul Qaza solves 350 cases
Minorities Welfare Department A Complete Flop Show
Minorities lose out on government jobs
Hindus outnumber Muslims in some West Bengal Madrasas
Muslim Colosseum prayers fuel row
Muslim perspectives
Struggling to Survive: Muslims in Slums
Clippings from Urdu Media
“Communalism and terrorism are inextricably interlinked” …Maulana Abdul Khaliq Madrasi
Muslims & Education
Training Centre for Madrasa Teachers
“Muslims must get out of this sense of victimization…” Ajit Sahi
The Israeli Holocaust against Palestinians puts Hitler to Shame
Discover Yourself
Voices from the Valley
Carrying the Message of Love and Peace to Karachi
Qur'an Speaks to You
Playing Games with Divine Judgement
Good Manners and Gentle Character
Our Dialogue
Ruling on Yoga
Adopted Child and Property Matters
Using Salat al-Istikharah
Shares in Property
A Verse a Day keeps Satan Away
Power Generation through Sea Water
Soul Talk
A Kind Word is better than Alms Giving
Towards Light
In the Ring of Islam
Coaching with a Difference
Helpline for Karnataka Muslims
Muslim Heritage
Classic Collections in Gloomy Corridors
Oh Muslims!
Royal Palm Residency
Service Apartments

Three Day Workshop "Discover Yourself"

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