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January 2005
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People Track

Siasat Excellence Awards
Seema Saleem
Siasat Excellence Awards were introduced under the banner of Abid Ali Khan Educational Trust in 2002 to encourage Muslim students whose academic performance was meritorious. On 28th November, at Andhra Saraswati Parishad Hall, Hyderabad, Central Minister for Food Processing,Subodh Kanth Sahay presented 86 gold medals and 152 silver medals to those bright Muslim students who excelled in IIT, AIEEE, BITS, DIET CET, E-CET, K-CET, EAMCET (engg.) EAMCET(medical) Intermediate, SSC, ICSC, CBSC, MA, MSc., LP CET, and MBBS exams. The majority of students who received the awards were from the poor section of society. Most of the students who received an award revealed that they do not have a television in their homes and those who have one, said their parents do not watch TV when they are at home so that their attention is not diverted from studies. .Under the guidance of Zahid Ali Khan, Siasat is running 18 such programmes for the upliftment of Muslims.
Let's See Eye to Eye
Dr. F. M. Moinuddin Ahmed after completing his Mbbs from Bangalore Medical College, specialised in Ophthalmology (Eye) as he was more interested in the mechanism of Sight and sees it as “Noor of Allah.” After completing his Doms from Monto Eye hospital, Bangalore, he joined Asia’s best Eye Centre-Arvind Eye Hospital, Madurai and went through the “Intra Ocular Micro Surgical Training” To fulfill his dream of doing something big in the field of Ophthalmology, he started the F.M.Eye Clinic and Surgical Centre at Frazer Town three years ago and this centre has become one of the leading eye centres in Bangalore- catering to the needs of patients from all castes and creed. Recently, a new sophisticated and state-of-the-art Operation Theatre’ was inaugurated in its premises with TopCon-800 Microscope, Japan, which is the first of its kind in any private clinic.
Dr Moinuddin Ahmed offers world-class treatment at a very reasonable price.
Noted Aquatic Biologist, Dr.Abdul Azeez, 57, has taken charge as the Vice-Chancellor of Cochin University of Science and Technology. He has been a Professor in the Aquatic Biology and Fisheries Dept, at the Kerala University till now, apart from being a Visiting Professor at Saudi Arabia’s King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals .Dr.Azeez has also been working with the Kerala government as the consultant Ecologist.
Shafi Rahman of the New Indian Express has been awarded the K.Madhavan Kutty Award and V.Krishnamoorthy Award, 2004, for the best English News Feature and News Story respectively. He had published a feature on the Dawoodi Bohra Community of Alappuzha in March 2003, and a report on the increasing death toll of Elephants in Trichur, in December, the same year.
Dentist with a Humane Touch
Dr Zubeda
It is the first dental clinic in Bangalore with an all-women staff! Set up by the dynamic Dr Zubeda Begum, B.D.S, M.D.S, assistant professor at the government dental college, Bangalore, the clinic aptly called “Smile Care” offers multi-speciality services in dental care. Realising the fact that women feel comfortable when a woman doctor attends to them, Dr Zubeda came up with this idea for her clinic. While Dr Zubeda is a Prosthodontist and Implantologist, Crown and Bridge Specialist, she has contributed immensely by helping many patients who come to the government dental college from the poorer sections of the society. Supported by her engineer husband, Syed Abdul Khader, Dr Zubeda has added the humanitarian touch to the medical profession.

For further details, contact Dr Zubeda at Smile Care, No 17, Lakshmi Towers, R.V.Road, South End Circle, Bangalore-560004, Ph:26710512, Mobile:9845230390
Silence in Siddalghatta
By A Staff Writer
The sects who claim to be the flag-bearers of Islam have oppressed an innocent member of their own community.

Everybody talks about unity of the Ummah . But when it comes to practical application, somewhere along the line, the community falters and fumbles.

The Prophet (Pbuh) has advised the community to follow the straight path and not get into quarrels over sects and divisions. But today the community is divided over many issues and worse of all has been fighting over religious issues.

Siddalghatta is a quiet village, 70 kms from Bangalore. People here make their living through manufacturing silk. But the peace here was disturbed when recently a squabble between three different sects within the Muslim community took an ugly turn.

The media remained a passive onlooker as the entire village wanted to hush up this incident.
The story goes back to a young girl who reverted to Islam seven years ago and married a Muslim- a taxi driver in this village. They lived a happy life with the girl getting totally oriented into Islamic culture and also began imparting Islamic knowledge to children in a school in the village.

Then came the trouble of ego clashes as two sects in the village claimed that the Islam she was teaching was innovated! The two sects went to the extent of preventing the children from going to the school, but it did not work. The girl and her husband’s family stood by their principles as the Islamic books taught to the children were perfect and adhering to the Quran and the Sunnah. The members of the two sects held their grudges and finally one day forced themselves into the home of the girl and threw away her household articles forcing her to evacuate the house and the village.

It was surprising that parents and relatives of children who had been going to the school refused to extend their support to the girl fearing the consequences later.

The girl and her husband had to leave the village and migrate to Hoskote.

Here, this is a case of two sects claiming their “Islam” to be right. Eyewitnesses to this incident have raised the question that as long as one follows and teaches Islam as it exists in the Quran and Sunnah, no group or sect has the right to degrade others.

In the name of religion, the sects who claim to be the flag-bearers of Islam have oppressed an innocent member of their own community who was only doing her duty by imparting Islamic lessons to children.