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January 2008
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Cover Story
Saudis to Set up Centre for Cultural Dialogue
GCC Snubs US
New Life for Delhi's Shalimar Bagh
Middle East
Warm People, Smitten by Modernity
Community Round-Up
First unit of 'Apna Gaon' Commissioned
JTI to Start Media, Management Course on Jan. 5.
Formulaic Science Will Not Help: Dr. Qazi Siraj
Human brain has Unlimited Potential
Science Fair Project Adjudged Best
'Minority Ministry' in Maharashtra
The Muslim World
50,000 Britons attend the Peace Conference in London
No Bar on Women in Iran's Aviation Industry
LA Scraps Muslim Mapping Plan
Pope Invites Muslim Scholars to Vatican
Christian Leaders ask for Muslim Forgiveness
CBS Spotlights Mainstream Muslims
Brooking Fellowship on US-Islamic world Relations
Turkey Moots Branding Halal Food
Australian Exhibition Honours Muslim Explorers
It Was a Wi-Fi Compatible Hajj this Time
Bangladesh President Highlights Humanistic Appeal of Islam
GCC hails Ahmadinejad's Regional Peace Initiative
Uranium Mines Discovered in Iran
Gelatin to be Extracted from Slaughtered Animals
24 Nobel laureates to teach at Saudi University
Surat Muslims Discuss Sachar Report
News in Brief
4 Muslims Elected to Danish Parliament
Five more Muslim Schools to Open in Ireland
Swedish Post Refuses to Carry Scurrilous Newspaper
Sacrifice or Gastronomical Bonanza
Bouquets and Brickbats
Think Anew
Double Standard
Elite Neglect the Masses
Some Correction Needed
Very Useful Magazine
Modi's Victory
Concept of Waqf
Sacrifice Ego, Avarice
Culture & Heritage
Ancient Site to be Developed as Boutique Town
London Court Rules in Iran's favour on Historical Artifacts
Tehran to Host 1st Islamic World Photo Biennial
Peace Activism
A Rendezvous with Israeli Peace Activists
UAE and Qatar May Adjust Peg to Dollar in Six Months
Islamic Finance
Call to Leverage from Malaysia's Islamic Finance
$10 bn. Economic Zone by Gulf Co. Near Mumbai
Best Islamic Bank Award
IDB Allocates $5bn for Poverty Alleviation
Islam & Science
Will Science Ever Return to the Muslim World?
Mumbai Blast Case
Most Convicts do not Afford Appeal Cost
Sistani Urges Shiites to Protect Sunni Brothers
Muslim & Education
Challenging Task Ahead for A.M.U.
Two New Courses in AMU
Indo-Iran Ties
Plea for 'Look-East' and Peace Pipeline
Community Initiative
A One-Man Mission
Muslim Economy
Muslim Commerce is a Niche, not an Obstacle
Arabia Plans World's Largest SWF
Muslim Perspective
Reviving a Tradition-Muslim Women as Religious Authorities
Customizing the Living Space
Science and Spirituality: How are your Heart and Brain Connected to God?
Quran Speaks
Types of Meat Forbidden to Eat
The Special Position of Early Muslim Generations
Jews and Muslims See the US as a Place to Make Peace
Our Dialogue
Birth, Life and Death - Feeling of Helplessness
Death and the Spirit
Marriageable Age for Girls
Debts and Charity
Qur'an and Islamic Jurisprudence - 28
Sajdah Sahu
Excellence of Assemblies of Zikr
From Ismail to Husain
The Month of Muharram
Lunar Calendar - A Study
Womenin Islam
Helping Women in a Decent Manner
Menstruating Women and Writing the Qur'an
Childrens Corner
DUA (Supplication)
Sublime Character
Pride and Vanity
Keep Shaytaan Away
What Does Not Let Us Come Close to Allah?
The Most Difficult of Deeds
Better Than I
The Question
Parents' Responsibilities
The Mufti is Like a Doctor
Life Law: You Create your Experience
Qualities of a True Believer
Isaal-I-Sawaab for the Dead
Law of Three
The Tall Envoy
Wonder Fruit from the Mediterranean
Ancient Cities of Islamic World
Jewels of Guidance
World's Largest Mosque......................... Pakistan
From Darknessto Light
A South African's Journey to Islam
How to Get Americans Dig up Your Garden?
Book Review
Marvels of Islamic Architecture
Aimlessly Adrift
New Arrival
Female Smokers on the Rise in Saudi Arabia
Around the Country in January, 2008
Irfan Habib Designated Professor Emeritus
Only 5 Muslims Elected for Gujarat Assembly
Erden Kok is New Director General of IINA
Free of Cost Heart Related Surgeries
Kabul Remembers Maulana Azad
The Order to Marry
Wanted Bridegroom
Wanted Bride
Wonder Fruit from Deserts
King Shah Abbas and the Pirate
Discover Yourself
3- Day Workshop - “Discover Yourself”
Workshop has Really Changed our Lives
Transformation from Falsehood to Reality
Health Chart
Cold Water after Food is Harmful

Three Day Workshop "Discover Yourself"

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