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January 2009
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Cover Page
Terrorism is not Jihad and not the Road to Jannah
A Special night ! Jupiter, Venus and Moon in one place
Mayhem in Mumbai
Terror in the Name of God
Lies of the Lashkar
Pakistanis, You left us in 1947, Now leave us Alone!
No Place to Hide
Muslims have lost their Wisdom
Theories going Around
The spirit of India is stronger than the arms of terror
CCIM condemns Terror Attacks
Terrorism in India has many Faces
The Muslim World
European Media Islamic Network Launched
Islam does not Support Terrorism
Imams, Rabbis in Joint Anti-Terror Pledge
Faith Presbyterian in Franklin doubles as Islamic Prayer Center
Community Round Up
Poor are getting Poorer
Hari Masjid Police Firing: Victim files PIL Informative Indian Muslim Website
Kerala Muslim Marriage Bill: Positive Reactions
Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar Awards 2008
Muslims to play a leading role in war on Terror
Taawun Trust to distribute blankets in flood affected states
Taawun MIM launches campaign for Elections
Mumbai's first eco-friendly Mosque
First Quran in Nepali adds cheer to Bakrid
Colony shuts out non-Hindus
Tackling Terrorism: A Call to Hindu and Muslim Religious Leaders
Denial of Burial
Misguiding Muslims
Why is Antulay being Pilloried?
Research Project
Another Ship has Sunk
Qur'an Speaks to You
Killing One Life or Killing Humanity
Always a Prayer for something Good
Our Dialogue
Extremists: Between Motivations and Justifications
Soul Talk
Extremists Friend in Need is a Friend in Deed
Discover Yourself Workshops
Shut Out the Satan
Muslim & Economy
Redefining Poverty
Nellie: India's Forgotten Massacre
Jaipur Public Tribunal on Terror
Rights & Wrongs
The Rights of Women as Casualties of War
Book Review
Discourse on Discrimination
New Muslim Magazines
New Development in Islamic Studies in India
Children's Corner
The Story of a Sad Camel

Three Day Workshop "Discover Yourself"

Al-Nasr Exports