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July 2006
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Bouquets and Brickbats

Empowerment of Women
V.M. Khaleelur Rahman

The interview of Sharifa Khanam, Director, Steps, Pudukottai by Maqbool Ahmed Siraj, published under the title, “Human Rights Violation is not specific to Muslim Women alone” in the June 2006 issue of Islamic Voice was interesting. It is good that Islamic Voice highlights people like her who are doing noble work. Sharifa is really doing good things to improve the status of Muslim women. If the Muslim women come forward to redress their grievances on their own, it has to be  appreciated and supported. Islamic history is replete with instances of Muslim women taking part in many important fields of activity. There is no bar on women starting an organisation and doing social work. A poor Muslim woman is fine till she has a bread winner either father, husband or son. A rich Muslim woman does not have any problem. But a poor widow or divorcee with small children suffers a lot. So there is need for the Muslim community to think of empowering Muslim women within the framework of Islamic laws by giving them proper education and training for some useful occupation from which they can earn their livelihood and lead a dignified life without being a burden to anybody. The community has to change its mindset and march forward.  

Train Muslim Youngsters
Dr Amir Hussain

In our community, it is common to see the older generation taking up the responsibility and key positions in any organisation or Trust -be it educational, social or religious. It is sad that young Muslims are not trained to come forward and take up the responsibilities. They are not given an opportunity to express their talents. Because of this, as soon as the older leaders retire, the institution suffers and fails. Sometimes, it is seen that an old devoted worker works for a cause till he collapses because he is so taxed and his health fails. Look around and see how the Muslim youngsters are wasting their time away in frivolous pursuits. The role of the youth cannot be under-estimated. Behind every revolution, be it in India, Algeria, Libya, Indonesia or Iran, it is the youth who play a decisive role. So leaders of our community should pick up talented youngsters, especially from the poor families, educate, train them and prepare them to face the challenges of the future.

Dawah-the Formal Way
Nazir Ahmed

This is with reference to the article “ six tips to do dawah during weddings” in Islamic Voice, June 2006. In my opinion, weddings are not the right place and occasion for Dawah. Instead, those organisations which arrange Meelad procession and functions on a grand scale spending lakhs of rupees, should arrange a Meelad gathering specially for our non-Muslim brothers and sisters. In this, religious leaders of other faiths, non-Muslim journalists, writers, intellectuals, judges, lawyers, government and police officials should be invited as guests of honour. Muslims should also be present and they should explain that Islam is a religion of peace. The life of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh), the essence of the Quran and Islamic traditions in English and other languages should be conveyed through lectures and pamphlets. This is one of the best forms of Dawah.

Give the Reference
A.Aboobaker Sait

This is with reference to the letter by G.M.Irshad-Ul-Haque, captioned ‘Using Allah’s Name’ in the June 2006 issue of Islamic Voice, wherein he claims that (I quote): ‘there is a verse from the holy Quran “Don’t take Allah’s name in vain”.’  While appreciating the freedom of the reader to express his personal  views and ideas, I request the publishers to provide the evidence such as Ayat number and Surah of the Qur’an in support of the above claim.


Taking Risks in Business
Zafar Ahmed

I liked the article-“Made for Muslims” by M. Hanif Lakdawala in the June 2006 issue of Islamic Voice. Halal food products are available abroad. Even the new mobile Islamic phones are available in countries like Dubai and Singapore. The residents in the Gulf and the USA can make best use of these products because these are funded and manufactured by Muslims based abroad. But these products become inaccessible to Indian Muslims. No Indian Muslim Company has taken the initiative to venture into this business. They are not ready to take risks, I suppose.

Don't Forget Hyderabad
Abdul Hameed Khan

The “Discover Yourself” Workshop conducted by A. W. Sadathullah Khan is wonderful. It has been conducted in different cities in India. But what about Hyderabad and Secunderabad? Hope Hyderabadis will be remembered too and soon the Workshop should be conducted here.

Who's Blacking Out QTV?
Ameenah Sheikh

It has been noticed that the Q-TV channel is not available in most parts in Bangalore. Is it some sort of conspiracy to prevent a good Islamic channel from being seen by Muslims? India is a democracy. Everybody has the right to preach and practise their respective faiths. So why has this discrimination being made against an Islamic channel, As Muslims, we should take action against this by filing a legal complaint with the relevant authorities.