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July 2006
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Career Guidance

How to Prepare for Group Discussion ?
By Team MSWT

Almost all graduates and post-graduates from all fields and particularly Engineering, MCA, Science (BSc, MSc), seeking employment in MNC’s are tested on several grounds before being offered their dream job. One such is the Group Discussion which is neither an easy or tough task, but always bound to be exciting.

We present below some of the most important things (practically tested by our team of MSWT) to be done to be successful in Group discussions.

What are Group Discussions (GD’s) ? - Usually the GDs are a short duration process for a period of 15 to 30 minutes. There are 3 basic types of GDs, namely:

Formal Group Discussions: Here the group coordinator gives an equal chance to everybody in the group to speak. This group will have a moderator, who is the person who initiates and concludes the discussion.

Coordinated Group Discussions: Here the group coordinator will throw a question and will ask the group who is for, against or neutral towards the topic, and it is up to the group coordinator to decide to whom to ask the question.

Informal / Unruly Group Discussions: In this type of GD there are no rules. The group coordinator will throw a question to the group and the members of the group have to fight it out. This group also should have a moderator, who is responsible to initiate the discussion, give a chance to all the members of the group to speak and to conclude.

The judges of the group discussions always look for these points in you when you are taking part in a discussion,

1 Knowledge of the topic

2 Initiation and Conclusion

3 Communication abilities

4 Flow of thoughts

5 Co operation and Confi-dence

6 Body Language

Points to keep in mind while attending a GD

* Carry a pen and a paper so that you can write a few points before the discussion starts. Before a GD starts, you will be given a couple of minutes to write down a few points. Try to write 5 to 7 points.

* Try to start first, you will get extra points. But if you could not get the chance to do so, don’t worry you can still perform better.

* If you start first then make it a point that you are involved in the discussion till the end of the discussion and also that you conclude.

* If you are not familiar with the topic given, then don’t take the initiative to start the discussion ,wait for few views from other members and then add your comments to it.

* If you are not getting a chance in the discussion to speak, then slightly raise your voice but, DON’T SCREAM.

* Be focused on the topic and not to drift away from it.

* Be careful of grammatical mistakes.

* Be friendly with the group members, make statements like “ as my friend said….”

* Don’t start to argue with any group member.

* Try to give some points which are slightly different, but related to the topic.

* If the topic is of current affairs try to give some facts, it shows your knowledge about the topic.

* While concluding, try to give a balanced view on the topic which includes the views of the majority of the group members.

* If you feel that the group has an equal number of “for” and “against” views about the topic then while concluding, use phrases like “since the topic is such that we cannot come to a conclusion, but the views presented are such that………..”

* Even if you have very good knowledge about the topic, don’t try to dominate and don’t try to be over smart.

* Don’t ever contradict your own points.

Team MSWT – Abdul Jabbar : Lucent Technologies ( ), Ibrahim Khaleelullah Khan : Oracle India technologies (ibrahim.kk ), Rahmath Shariff : Tejas networks (rahamath_81 ).

For more details contact: Momin’ Students Welfare Trust # 214, United School Building, Ilyasnagar, Bangalore – 560078.

The Vision and Mission of Indira Hospital

One of the distinguished Muslim hospitals in the field of Orthopaedics and Arthroscopy known for its modern medical facilities and humanitarian service and situated in the heart of Mangalore city is Indira Hospital. Since its inception in the year 1999, the hospital has been serving patients of Mangalore and Kerala. This modern multi-speciality 250 bedded edifice is under the able management of Dr. Syed Nizamuddin, an Orthopaedic and Arthroscopic surgeon and Dr. P.K.Usman, a senior Orthopaedic surgeon along with Mr. Syed Alimuddin, an entrepreneur and philanthropis, as Director.

Orthopaedic surgery as a field has advanced tremendously over the past decade. However, along with this scientific advancement, the cost has also increased. This added, with the ever growing incidence of motor vehicle accidents and the demand for early recovery, has made the best treatment available out of reach for the poor. In order to bestow this benefit of modern specialised Orthopaedic treatment and ease the financial burden on such patients, the management of Indira Hospital in association with Indira Education Trust is offering free professional Orthopaedic services for in-patients admitted in Indira Hospital. This offer is only for the patients admitted under general ward category and the patient has to bear only medical expenses and hospital charges and does not have to pay any Orthopaedic professional charges towards the Orthopaedic treatment.

There has been an ever growing demand for qualified para-medical staff both in India and abroad. To meet this demand of health care providers , the founders of Indira Hospital thought of initiating paramedical institutions and the Indira Education Trust was set up in 2003.

The Trust has been successfully running the following Courses – a) B.Sc (N) (Basic) 4 years, affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. b) General Nursing & Mid-wifery (GNM) 3 ˝ years. c) Operation Technology & X-Ray Technology 2/ 3 years Paramedical courses. The courses are recognized by INC, KNC and Government of Karnataka.

The main highlights: - a) Muslim girls & boys who are just SSLC pass also can now pursue a career in the Paramedical field. b) Scholarship is provided to meritorious students from economic backward sections. c) The Trust has is attached to government and private hospitals in addition to the parent hospital – Indira Hospital for the clinical exposure for its students.

For enquiries regarding the Orthopaedic treatment, contact: Dr. Syed Nizamuddin at Indira Hospital, Falnir, Mangalore -575 002; Ph: 0824 2431222/ 333/ 444.

Admissions for the year 2006-07 are in progress. Contact: Indira Education Trust ®, Indira Hospital Annexe, Falnir, Mangalore -575 002. Ph: 0824 2431222/ 333/ 444, Email:

MBBS from China

Wenzhou Medical College, in Wenzhou City, China has appointed Environs, a Bangalore based education consultant as their partner in Karnataka. Environs will provide counseling and information and screening for students interested in doing their MBBS in Wenzhou Medical College (WMC). The curriculum offered is the same as the one offered by the Indian Medical Colleges. The MMBS degree from Wenzhou is recognised world over. The cost of a 5.5 year MBBS course (including one year internship) amounts to Rs 12 lakhs. The first batch starts in April and the second starts from September every year. For more information, visit

CCPS Training Programme

Confederation of Construction Products and Services (CCPS), New Delhi, a non-profit organisation committed to the sustainable growth of construction sector by working collectively with its members and others to improve quality and efficiency in construction is organising a programme to train architects, builders, contractors, facility managers and others on Selection of Appropriate Glass in Modern Buildings, with the support of AIS Glass Solutions Limited. on Saturday, 8th July, 2006, 9.30 am – 6.00pm at Hotel Infantry Court, 66, Infantry Road, Bangalore – 560001.For more details, contact, Ms. Ankita Bhattacharya, Confederation of Construction Products and Services, G-4, Raj Tower II, third floor, Alaknanda Shopping Complex, New Delhi – 110019, phone 011-26445615, fax 011-26216709 & mobile (+91)9891595069. E-mail:

Kokan Directory

The Royal Educational Society’s Kokan Directory is in its final stages of compilation. Organisations working for the Kokani community and stalwarts of Kokan can send their profiles, biodata and relevant information to: No 37 Waroda Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai-400050. Ph: 022-26513157. Fax: 26410722. Email: Website:

Career Booklet

MESCO, a registered public Trust has published a booklet of 152 pages ‘CAREER CHOICES’ on various Careers after HSC and SSC. It is giving away the same at a nominal charge. For details, contact MESCO at Maklai Park, Ground Floor, ‘B’ Wing, Bazaar Road, next to Anjuman Islam Girls School, Bandra (W), Mumbai – 400 050. Ph: 2640 5008 / 2640 5012 / 5607 1164.

Quds & Palestine Appeal
Dr Zafarul-islam Khan
Chairman-Charity Alliance

Conditions of our Palestinian brothers and sisters were never satisfactory since the occupation of most of their lands by the Zionists with active western help. Help your Palestinian Brothers and sisters in their hour of need. We plan to send purely humanitarian aid like medicines, textbooks and other similar supplies on a regular basis to charitable organisations in Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza Strip to alleviate the suffering of our Palestinian brothers and sisters.

Please make your cheques/drafts to
“Charity Alliance-Quds Appeal” and send it to Charity Alliance
D-84, Abul Fazal Enclave-l,
Jamia Nagar, New Delhi- 110 025.

(where a list of required medicines is found). If you wish to make donation in kind, please inform us and send it only after receiving prior message from us.