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July 2006
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Community Initiative

Building Bonds Brick by Brick
By A Staff Writer

Bazm-e-Niswan’s Basera –II opened recently, promises to be a “home sweet home” for old couples and women, deprived of support, and who are struggling to put together the threads of their lives.

Bazm-e-Niswan Charitable Trust is a dynamic organisation of women, based in Bangalore and set up to meet the challenges faced by the under-privileged and the destitutes. It has made a foray in the past 35 years into many of the problems faced by women. Registered in 1971 as a society by a group of women with vision and foresight, Bazm has emerged as a premier women’s organisation in Karnataka. It has been striving for the educational and socio-economic upliftment of women in general and under-privileged women in particular,apart from acting as a social agency in providing emergency relief to the victims of physical abuse and economic deprivation. It is creating a healthy atmosphere for battered women in the community to enable them to lead a normal life, by providing opportunities and training for self-help and income generation programmes. Under its Scholarship Scheme, Bazm provides scholarships for meritorious, but economically weak students to pursue higher education. Since 1974, more than 10,000 girls have benefited from the scheme. Under its Assistance for the Marriage of Girls Scheme, the Fathima Shadi Committee established in 1981 provides a package of basic requirements for a bride. So far, Bazm has supported more than 5000 marriages. The Sahara Self-Help Programme is aimed at empowering women for economic self-reliance. In 1991, 199 destitute women were indentified and sewing machines were provided to them at subsidised rates and interest-free installments. This programme was aided by the Central Social Welfare Advisory Board. Bazm Women Co-operative Society will provide services to market the products produced by women through Micro Credit Schemes and Cottage Industries, through Micro Credit Schemes from Bazm and other agencies.

Care for the Elderly is a major programme of Bazm in co-operation with Helpage India. It has helped senior citizens with humane care, monthly allowance and other essential needs. A new dimension to Bazm activities was added in 1992 by providing financial assistance to patients undergoing treatment for serious diseases. Hundreds of patients have benefited by this scheme and the project has been expanded in co-ordination with Pain Relief and You (PRAY) at Bangalore. A reference library on scientific subjects and Islam has been established at the office of Bazm-e-Niswan to help poor students studying in professional courses. The government school adoption programme, career guidance and counseling, relief and rehabilitation support during calamities, coaching classes to prepare girls students for SSLC and PUC examinations are also part of the activities of Bazm. Lectures on Islam and courses on reading the Quran are also being offered at Sahara premises.

The Basera Project is one of the many major achievements of Bazm. A relief and rehabilitation home—Basera-I for the old women was set up in Bangalore at the initiative of Bazm and contribution from few generous donors. Grannies staying at Basera-I are very well looked after. The boarding , lodging and medical care provided to them is of the highest standards and most modern. A hostel for working women who find it difficult to find a safe haven in Bangalore is operational at Basera.

Last month, Bazm created history of sorts by inaugurating Basera- II in close proximity to Basera- I. This is a posh new building amidst quiet and pleasant surroundings, with the chirping of birds, adding to the beauty. This will be home for deserving elderly couples and older women too. Each of the 17 rooms here is equipped with state-of-the –art facilties with lodging and boarding. “We encountered a very sad case of an old man who was sick, probably he had children who could not take care of him, he was in a helpless state. It struck us that where do such people really go? That was when we decided to dedicate Basera II to such really deserving individuals. We wanted the place to be a home for them, where they would feel the warmth of kindness and care. Life is strange-sometimes we may encounter even couples in their sunset years –children are abroad and there is no one to look after them. We have kept our minds open to take them, though such cases could be rare,” says Mrs Husna Ziaulla Sheriff, President of Bazm-e-Niswan Charitable Trust.

The Bazm Trust headed by Mrs Husna Ziaulla Sheriff comprises a dedicated, selfless and committed team of women who strongly believe in the power of women to bring about path-breaking changes that will make lives of people better. The inauguration of Basera-II was spiritually inclined with the Quran recitation and Dua completely done by one of the woman scholars.

For further details and enquiries, contact: Bazm-e-Niswan Charitable Trust
No. 37, Muniswamy Road, Tasker Town, Bangalore-51.
Ph: 22860023. Fax: 22266973.
Email: /
Website:www. bazm-e-niswan. org