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July 2006
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Health Chart

Apple and Honey
By Oscar. Prof. Dr. Aman

Regular use of Apple Medicine during the entire period of pregnancy protects the health of both mother and child.

The medicinal secrets of an apple are attributed to various chemicals present in it. For example, Vitamin B, phosphorus, potassium etc., which help the synthesis of a wonderful chemical substance in our body that is known as Glutamic acid. This chemical controls the wear and tear of nerve-cells and recharges them when their bio-currents are negatively discharged due to nervous exertion, malnutrition etc.

From time immemorial, apple with honey is considered as a very effective medicine for the functional disorders of heart that are common in anaemic and neurasthenic persons. Aviceena recommended treating symptoms such as: palpitation, fainting episodes, with fresh apples, honey and rose flowers. When personally I tried them, I found gratifying results in periodical palpitation due 10 intra-abdominal pressure, or due to anaemia particularly during pregnancy and in tuberculosis. I used the, following ingredients in the preparation of apple medicine:

Fresh sweet apples : 1 kg.
Pure honey : 1 kg.
Rose petals (Rosa) : 1 kg.
Rose water (triple distilled) : 4 ounces
Saffron (Kashmiri) : 1g.
Cardamom : 1g.

Method of preparation: Cut apples with stainless sterilised knife after washing them in tap water and wipe dry. Remove the seeds and core and cut into small pieces with skin. Put them in clean sterilised dry transparent glass jar. Pour honey over the apple-bits. Then powder the cardamom and tie in a muslin cloth and boil it in an ounce of water to extract the aroma. Dissolve saffron in rose-water and mix the extract of the cardamom. Mix it in honey and stir the whole ingredients with a clean wooden ladle. After they are sufficiently mixed, add fresh rose petals in the jar and stir the mixture again for about 15 minutes continuously. Cork the jar tightly. Expose the jar to the morning sun, for four hours daily for at least forty days and keep shaking the bottle for ten minutes every day.

After this period, use one to two teaspoonfuls of this preparation every night with milk as a food-medicine in all neuro-circulatory and respiratory disorders caused by malnutrition. This preparation is particularly useful for children to help them grow healthy and strong. Its regular use during the entire period of pregnancy protects the health of both mother and the child.

Care for a Cucumber?
By Oscar. Prof. Dr. Aman

A glassful of cucumber juice mixed with glucose or honey and a teaspoonful of fresh lime juice given twice daily acts as a very effective diuretic in high-blood pressure, toxaemias of pregnancy, scanty urination due to dehydration during severe vomiting and diarrhoea etc. A cupful of juice taken every day mixed with a glassful of butter-milk and a pinch of salt prevents the bad effects of summer heat and keeps one flower fresh during the entire day.

Grated cucumber can be spread over face, eyes, and neck. Relax by lying down for about half an hour. This is found to be a very effective beauty aid. Its regular use prevents pimples, black head, early wrinkling of the skin, dryness of the face etc. It makes one look years younger blooming with radiant beauty.

(Source: Medicinal Secrets of Your Food by Oscar. Prof. Dr. Aman)