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July 2006
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Living Islam

Controlling One's Emotions
By Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni

Unbridled emotions can greatly wear a person out, causing pain and loss of sleep.

Emotions flare up for two reasons: either for joy or for inner pain. In a Hadith, the Prophet (Pbuh) said: “ Verily, I have been prohibited from emitting two foolish and wicked sounds, one that is emitted when something favourable happens and the other that is expressed when calamity strikes.”

“In order that you may not be sad over matters that you fail to get, nor rejoice because of that which has been given to you”. (Quran 57:23).

So when one controls emotions, upon both the joyful and the calamitous occasion, he is likely to achieve peace and tranquillity, happiness and comfort and the taste of triumph over his own self. Allah described man as being exultant and boastful, irritable, discontented when evil touches him, and niggardly when good touches him. The exceptions, Allah informed us are those who remain constant in prayer. For they are on a middle path in times of both joy and sorrow. They are thankful during times of ease and are patient during times of hardship.

Unbridled emotions can greatly wear a person out causing pain and loss of sleep. When such a person becomes angry, he flares up, threatens others, loses all self-control and surpasses the boundaries of justice and balance. Meanwhile, if he becomes happy, he is in a state of rapture. In his intoxication of joy, he forgets himself and surpasses the bounds of modesty. When he renounces and relinquishes the company of others, he disparages them, forgetting their virtues while stamping out their good qualities. On the other hand, if he loves others, then he spares no pains in according them all forms of veneration and honour, portraying them as being the pinnacles of perfection. The Prophet (Pbuh) said: “Love the one who is beloved to you in due moderation for perhaps the day will come when you will abhor him. And hate the one whom you detest in due moderation, for perhaps the day will arrive when you will come to love him.” And in another Hadith, the Prophet (Pbuh) said: “And I ask you O Allah to make me just, both while being in a state of anger and while being in a state of joy.”

So when a person curbs his emotions, when he controls his mind and when to each matter, he gives according to the weight of its importance, he will have taken a step towards wisdom and true understanding.

(Source: Dont Be Sad)