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July 2006
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Faith and Development
By Dr. Abdul-Karim M.Naik

Allah gives so many blessings, but are we grateful? Its high time we shun materialism.

I am a psychiatrist by profession and I wanted to become a surgeon after M.B.B.S and I had even filled my form for the term of surgeon. But during my general practice, I learnt that most of the diseases are psycho-somatic and concerned with the mind, and personality depends on the attitude of the mind and heart. So I took up psychiatry to know the problems of the community and help the community and the country.

Before talking about the title, let me give you few facts on the personality which is composed of thinking, feeling and action. No two individuals are identical and therefore every person differs. Thoughts differ from person to person, so no two individuals can have the same personality. This is the unique truth and one should try to know his unique personality. “Know Thyself”.

As far as thoughts are concerned, it can be conscious, unconscious and sub-conscious. Only l/10th of our mind is conscious and 9/10th of our mind is unconscious. Each one has a different nature, like a child, like a normal adult, like a father- parental.

The genetics, the geography and developments in the childhood play an important part. Mother is the most important teacher in the child’s life. Similarly, the surrounding atmosphere, friends and traditions play an important part in one’s life.

In this fast moving world, all these electronic gizmos have taken over our lives. The main objective of man is to be happy and in good health.

Everybody knows what is right and what is wrong. The holy Quran says that Allah gives so many blessings, but do we care or are we grateful? Do we take breathing exercises or drink boiled water? Why every child is interested only in cricket. Why most of the people like to have Coca-Cola and not the simple lemon juice? Why youngsters follow the fashions of actors?

When it comes to faith, one should realise that full faith in God and nature is the only solution. One cannot go against nature and when man goes against nature, then nature also teaches us lessons through earthquakes and floods. One may say that God is kind. God is more merciful, but when somebody goes against nature, God can show His power and we must take lessons and shun materialism.

More and more scientific research studies are supporting the faith in God and in prayers. God has shown us two ways, right and wrong. God has given powers to Satan and he can tempt human beings and temptations are more appealing, enjoyable, but they are short-lived. To follow a righteous way of life needs full faith in good intentions, will power, simple living, patience and prayers.

We must pray to God to keep us away from Satan and materialistic outlook of life. Prayers are very important and in India we can see that poor families and middle-class families are more happy because they believe in God and they pray to God. Some rituals and ways of prayers are wrong and that is what we must correct.

I can only say that full faith in God through sincere prayers will bring better transformation of the mind and heart and peace to the whole world. “Know Thyself” is very important. If you know yourself, you can know God.

(The writer is senior-consultant psychiatrist, based in Mumbai)