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July 2006
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Scholars of Renown

Abu Marwan Ibn Zuhr

Ibn Zuhr was the first to use hypodermics for artificial feeding.

Abu Marwan Abd Al-Malik Ibn Zuhr was one of the greatest physicians and clinicians of the Muslim golden era and has been held by some historians of science as the greatest of them. He confined his work to only one field: medicine. Ibn Zuhr was a surname of a family of Muslim scientists who flourished in Andalusia from the beginning of the 10th century to the early years of the 13th century AD.

The most famous of them was Abu Marwan Ibn Zuhr and known to the Europeans as Avenzoar. He was the descendant of a family of physicians. His father, Abu Al-Ala was a skillful doctor in diagnosis and curing and his grand father was a doctor. He was born between 1091-1094 AD (484-487 H). After having studied literature, doctrine and jurisprudence, he learnt medicine under his father. Ibn Zuhr made many innovations like the description of various internal and skin diseases and surgery. He led researches on the ulcers and diseases of the head, ears, nose, lips, teeth, eyes, neck, lungs and heart. Ibn Zuhr based his researches on empiricism and scientific examination. He was able to discover some diseases that were unknown before, such as lung diseases. He operated on trachea and was the first to use hypodermics for artificial feeding.

Among his most famous books is Kitab His At-Taysirfi Al-mudawat wa At-Tadbir (Treatments and Diets). It is a medical encyclopaedia that gives evidence of the medical skillfulness and talent of Ibn Zuhr.

Your Memorable Day is Here!
By Ameen-e-Mudassar is the first Islamic Matrimonial Portal which takes a pledge from all prospective grooms that they will not demand or request for dowry.

Marriage is one of the most memorable events in a Muslim’s life. The question today is how long does it take for a prospective bride / groom to see this memorable day of marriage? A typical answer would be, from a few days to several years.

Life will be much easier now. A Bangalore-based Muslim software company – Trans IT mPower Labs (P) Ltd has launched the first ever true Islamic Matrimonial Portal – for Muslims worldwide on 1st June 2006.

According to its promoters, was developed after seeing the current plight of the Muslims who are deeply involved in searching brides and grooms for years. is the first Islamic Matrimonial Portal which takes a pledge from all prospective grooms that they will:

¨ Not demand or request for dowry.

¨ Will not spend lavishly during marriages.

¨ Will adhere to the guidelines of marriage as per Qur’an and Sunnah.

¨ Strive to eradicate all social evils existent in today’s Muslim marriages.

Some of the unique features of are

¨ Absolutely Free: This portal will be a Free Portal indefinitely for Muslim users Worldwide. No fee or payment for online users. Just register and be a member.

¨ Create and Search Unlimited Profiles: The prospective Muslim brides and grooms can register their profile with all details, search a match, make proposals, communicate through email/phone and find more details before their final selection.

¨ Flexibility: This is the only matrimonial portal in which a single user can create multiple profiles and manage all of them through a single username and password. Eg: A father who has 2 sons and 2 daughters to get married can register all the 4 profiles under 1 username and password.

¨ Privacy: No guest or visitor to can search and view profiles. Only registered users, who own a profile can search and further contact. By this way we ensure 100% privacy for our users unlike others who offer all details and photos for guests and visitors. Also no contact information like email id, phone, mobile and address will be revealed to anyone.

¨ Photo Protection: The photos submitted by brides will never be shown until the bride or the owner of the bride’s profile wants it to be shown after having initial discussions with a suitable match. This ensures strict purdah system advocated by Islam.

¨ Verification of Profiles: All profiles are checked by operators before being approved and listed. This is done to avoid pranksters and spammers.

¨ Offline registration: For those Muslims who are not familiar with internet, printed registration forms are available through which they can register.

To register your profile for FREE, visit today For any help, support & registration, call : 080-41289572 / 0-98455 67687. Address : # 42, Nandidurg Road, Bangalore – 46.