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July 2006
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Quran and Islamic Jurisprudence – Part 14
By Dr. Maher Hathout

Be patient and constant for Allah’s cause. Seek help from Allah if one does not want to be disappointed.

2. Call for Action

Surah Muzzammil and Surah Muddaththir were revealed closely. While Surah Muzzammil concentrated on spirituality, Surah Muddaththir focuses on practicality, a call for action.

O thou wrapped up (in the mantle)! Arise and deliver thy warning! And thy Lord do thou magnify! And thy garments keep free from stain! And all abomination shun! Nor expect, in giving, any increase (for thyself)! But, for thy Lord’s (Cause), be patient and constant! Finally, when the Trumpet is sounded. (Quran 74:1-8)

In Surah Muzzammil, the Quran said “Muhammad, Stand up” but here Qum means stand up to pray, here Qum again is stand up and warn them, A call for job to do with the Prophet (Pbuh) himself and second one is a marching order to do with others. Quran telling him again “O you wrapped up”.

Interestingly, after this verse was revealed to the Prophet, his life was never the same. When Khadijah (may Allah be pleased with her) asked Prophet (Pbuh) to take rest, the Prophet’s reply was “The time for sleeping is over”.

I want every one of us to think himself/herself, did I feel that I received an order to march. Those who internalise that will not have any hesitation. Those who are reading it as a piece of news, then it would remain as piece of news. If one is going to this job, the most important thing is to put God in the right place in one’s mind.

Keep one’s clothes clean. This is a superficial meaning but valid also. If one is going to face that world, one should be clean otherwise no one will respect that person because of two things, one is the person is not respecting himself and secondly that person is not respecting the other.

But definitely in Arabic language, philology, attahhir al thawb, means “he is imma-culate” which means in pure and clean character inside out.

Do not speak in a bad language to people; not just talks, but all acts that are shameful, abandon them, alrrujza means “depart from them”. Do not give anything expecting a return; Allah is telling the Messenger who is going to face the world upfront that it is wrong to expect anything in return or even think about it. The moment a person says, one is expecting a return, there is a problem. Seek help from Allah if one does not want to be disappointed.

Be patient and constant for Allah’s cause. Because the mission needs lot of patience, a very durable and thick skin to be able to deal with what is expected.

In summary, Allah is telling the Prophet to go and make his Lord always feel that He is supreme, purify himself inside out, use good language and good approach, don’t give expecting a return, then to be patient and after that the surah talks about al-akhira in a timely way.

That will be- that Day - a Day of Distress,- Far from easy for those without Faith. Leave Me alone, (to deal) with the (creature) whom I created (bare and) alone!- To whom I granted resources in abundance, And sons to be by his side!- To whom I made (life) smooth and comfortable! (Quran 74:9-14).

Yet is he greedy-that I should add (yet more);- By no means! For to Our Signs he has been refractory! Soon will I visit him with a mount of calamities! For he thought and he plotted;- And woe to him! How he plotted!- Yea, Woe to him; How he plotted!- Then he looked round; (Quran 74:15-21).

Then he frowned and he scowled; Then he turned back and was haughty; Then said he: “This is nothing but magic, derived from of old; “This is nothing but the word of a mortal!” Soon will I cast him into Hell-Fire! (Quran 74:22-26).

Most of the resistance will come from elite and the aristocrats, the ones who feel quite established and secure. Those are the elements in the society that will be most resistant to you.

And it just happened that or it thought this verse was revealed talking about a certain person who was very rich, very well established and had so many sons, which was the power in tribal Arabia at that time, life was going very easy for him and he is the one who was opposing the Prophet and was trying to find a way to stop the message.

What the Quran is eluding here is the conspiracy, that when people deal with you to stop you, they will sit down, especially those people who are powerful will sit down and say how can we get them. In that case that was the way they thought that they can get the Prophet, but it did not work.

But in any case there is power in the society that is quite established, quite comfortable that loves the status quo, will not sit down and say: Wow! Muslims are here and they are bad people, and their prophet is this and that, they are terrorists. No, there is a group that will go beyond that to deliberately think how can we stop this and will come out with the plan.

This brings the conclusion of a part of this series that primarily discussed on the theme of the necessity of the team, the characteristics of the team and the characteristics of the individual.

(The writer is Sr. Advisor, Muslim Public Affairs Council-MPAC)