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June 2006
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Cover Story
New Poll Says, Most Muslims Reject Terrorism
World's First Auto Wudu Machine
Culture & Heritage
Saving Folk Culture
Art & Architecture
A New Landmark for 21st Century Britain
Institutional Profile
It's the Habit… Not the Person that is Bad!
Street Drugs - The Danger To Our Children
Community Initiative
View from Hazelmere
Landmark Decision
Mature Verdict
Why We Don't Read Books
Bouquets and Brickbats
Using Allah's Name
Every Muslim is a Born Sufi
Transparency in Muslim Organisations
More Pages
Hajj House
Basics of Islam
Finding Solace in Sufism
The Muslim World
Police Seize Long Lost Islamic Treasures
School Exams for Prison Inmates
Indonesians Embrace Polygamy
Dispute over authenticity of Kiswah at London Auction House
Kenyans Believe Tuna Has message from Allah
Stock Market Crash Marriages Cancelled
Mosque in Athens
Muslim Girls Allowed Private Swim Test
“No Pictures of Women Please…” King Abdullah
Qatari Pays $2.75 mln for Mobile Phone Number
Swiss Religions Council Promotes Tolerance
Distinguished Visitors Program
Community Round-Up
Millath Relief Trust Formed
Document Released by Forum
BJP Document terms Muslims as “Ruffians”
British MP advises Indian Muslims
Fresh Survey of Waqf Properties
Career Expo-2006
NGO launches Website
Face To Face
Human Rights Violation is not specific to Muslim Women alone.
UPSC 2005 Results: One Muslim in Top Five
Muslim Villagers left in the Dark
Hashimpura Victims Await Justice
Muslims & Progress
Tele-working for Homemakers
Misguiding Young Muslims
Poll Watch
Bread and Butter took Precedence
AUDF Wins 10 Seats
26 Muslim MLAs in New Kerala Assembly
Six Muslim MLAs in TN Assembly
Debunking Myths
Were Muslim Rulers Brute, Fanatic and Intolerant?
People Track
Dr Mohamed Rela, liver transplant specialist
Workshop Diary
Durban Diary
Discovering Joy in Jacaranda City
Workshop Dates
Quran Speaks to You
A Principle to Govern World Relations
Golden Years of Memorising
The Sustenance
People Who Spoil Social Ties
Made for Muslims!
History & Heritage
Origins of the Word- “Mosque”
Scholars of Renown
Abu Hanifa al-Dinawari
Living Islam
A Good Life
If you lose a limb, you still have others to compensate for it.
Understanding the Reality of this World
Life & Relationships
I Don't Need a Counselor… I Need a Friend
Our Dialogue
The Plight of Divorced Women
Congregational Prayer and Reciting Fatihah
Fighting Against Muslim Armies
The Friday Sermon and Sunnah Prayer
Zakah and Money Lost in Investment
Marriage and a Woman's Consent
Organ Donation in Islam
Facts & Faith
Social Ties with Non-Muslims
Quran and Islamic Jurisprudence – Part 13
Sajdah Sahv (The Corrective Sajdah)
Quran & Science
Heard that Birdsong?
The Power of Du'a
Women in Islam
What About 'Normal' Marriages?
From Darkness to Light
I am a Muslim That's My Identity
Soul Talk
Tomorrow is not Guaranteed
Book Review
Valiant Muslims Who Opposed the British
Effective Media Intervention
The Holy Quraan
Six Tips To Do Dawah During Weddings
5 June is World Environment Day
Health Chart
Curative Properties of Mango
Don't Forget the Dua!
What's New
Arabic and Abstract Art
Research on Red Sea Flora
The Next Thing: Camel Milk
What's on in Campuses
Hasnath College for Women, Bangalore
Abbas Khan College adds PG
Farooqia Group of Institutions, Mysore
Al-Mahmood to start B.Ed
New campus for Anjuman Women's College
Anjuman Nehru College, Hubli
P.A. Engineering College, Mangalore
Anjuman Engineering College, Bhatkal
KBN Engineering College, Gulbarga
KCT College of Engineering, Gulbarga
MRI Scan for KBN Medical College
New campus for Al-Badar Dental College
Secab Bijapur, MBA to be Introduced
Al-Ameen College, Kolar
HMS Groups of Institutions, Tumkur
Measi Academy of Architecture, Chennai
C. A. Hakeem Arts & Science College, Melvisharam
Crescent Engineering College, Chennai
Crescent Teachers Training Institute, Madurai
Aiman College of Women, Trichy
Mohamed Sathak A.J. Engineering College
Syed Hameeda Arts College, Kilakarai
Islamiah College, Vaniyambadi
Mohamed Sathak Engineering College, Kilakarai
Thassim Beevi College, Kilakarai
M.U.College, Ambur
C. A. Hakeem Engineering College, Melvisharam
MSS Wakf Board College, Madurai
Jamal Mohamed College, Trichuripalli
Mohamed Sathak Engineering College, Kilakarai
Muffakham Jah College of Engineering, Hyderabad
Deccan College setting up Dept. Labs and Libraries
Anwarul Uloom College of Engineering, Hyderabad
Greenfort Engineering College, Hyderabad
Syed Hashim College of Engineering, Medak
Farah College offers B.Tech in 5 disciplines
Editor's Note
Children's Corner
The Rain
The Bedouin
The Most Beautiful Names of Allah
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