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March 2007
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Children's Corner

Use Knowledge for Good Work
Compiled by Khusthar Jamal

Once upon a time, there lived in Egypt a King who had two sons. He wished that his sons got a good education for themselves, and sent them to the best teachers of renown in Egypt for training. As luck would have it, one of the sons took to the study of science and its related subjects with great enthusiasm, and over a period of time gained such mastery over the subject that there was not a single person in that generation who could match him in knowledge. His fame as a wise teacher, spread far and wide, and people began sending their young sons to learn from him.

The other son was fortunate to be taught under a teacher, who knew all about statecraft and the ways of administering his kingdom. He proved to be a good pupil and within a short passage of time, he knew everything about running the affairs of the kingdom, so much so, that not a single event that took place within his kingdom and outside, passed by him without his knowledge, and his subjects marvelled at the intelligence he displayed in running the affairs of the kingdom, and his father believing him to be his rightful heir, entrusted the kingdom under his care and retired to a house, where he could spend his life in meditation and worship of Allah.

Then, one day, he happened to meet his brother, who had by now built a college from the donations of his well- wishers and thousands of students studying under his care. His brother who was by now king, looked at his other brother and said in a scornful voice:” I have now become the sovereign of this country; whereas, your condition has not changed since I last met you.

His brother replied” O brother of mine! I must be grateful to our Lord and Creator, Most High, for helping me to find a source of study which I have found in the course, the inheritance of the prophets, while you have obtained the inheritance of the Pharaohs, unless you rule your subjects with justice and kindness, and judge them with the standards of the Qur’an. If you stray from this path, and choose for yourself indulgence of the pleasures of wine and flesh, then take care, for you will most surely meet an ignoble end!

Pardoning an Insult

It is recorded that one of the sons of Caliph Harun-al-Rashid, came rushing to his father complaining in a rage that the son of a certain officer had spoken disrespectfully of his mother. Haroon asked one of his ministers what was the jest punishment for such an offence. The Minister replied that the person who had done this offence should be immediately, arrested, charged, brought to trial and if found guilty should be punished by death. Another minister who was standing nearby piped in that his tongue should be cut out, and another was of the opinion that he should be levied a heavy fine, and banished from the kingdom.

However, the caliph listened to all their advices, and thought for a long time and said: “My son, charity requires that you should pardon him, for Allah will reward you out of the bounties in the Hereafter, if you ignore the insult that has been done to you; but if do not posses the character and the strength of mind to do this, then you may abuse his mother in return, but not as much as to exceed the hounds of vengeance, for then the injury would be in the excess from your side.”

The Caliph continued: “In the opinion of the wise men, he is not a brave man who combats a furious elephant, but he is a man indeed, who, even in wrath, does not utter idle words. A man of bad disposition abused another who took it patiently and called his abuser an hopeful youth for, I am far more worse than what you say of me, for I know now my own defects better than all that you have discovered of them, and I will try my best to overcome them one by one, whereas, you should look into your defects with the same enthusiasm as you have done it for me, and in the process, change yourself, then be assured that it will be for your own good, for such an exercise may perhaps, bring you more closer to Allah.”

The Green Valley National School

The Green Valley National School with an ICSE syllabus is a residential school poised to take on fresh challenges.

Green Valley National School (GVNS) was established in 2001. It is a school with a difference poised to take on fresh challenges, leading the way to a better future and setting new standards in the field of education. The school is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (ICSE) Board, New Delhi. At present the school has classes from LKG to VIII standard.

This institution is owned and managed by Shiroor Welfare Trust(Charitable Organisation). It is located in a scenic ambience, surrounded by hills on the picturesque Karavalli Coast of the Arabian Sea, situated in the beautiful valley at Shiroor, Karnataka.

GVNS is a vast, scenic expanse of ten acres, away from the din and pollution of the cities and town. The clean air and the humid coastal breeze serves to keep students healthy. Amidst this natural setting is an elegant, aesthetically designed structure surrounded by garden and playground.

An exciting all round education is the first step in transforming potentiality into reality. The individual personality of each and every student in this school is honed and polished to achieve a socially beneficial life. Since students come from residential and non-residential families, a thorough grounding in traditional academic disciplines, teamwork, problem solving and risk-taking is the essential to the build-up of knowledge with a global perspective.

• GVNS is fortunate to offer the students resourceful, well trained, qualified, highly motivated and dedicated teaching faculty.

• A beautiful campus with well ventilated classrooms. Well equipped library.

• Extensive playground for cricket, football, hockey, volleyball, basketball, kho-kho, shuttle badminton, lawn tennis and athletics.

• Hi- tech well equipped audio-visual department with DLP projector, Art Education Room.

• Well equipped Laboratories for physics, chemistry, biology and computer science.

• Clinic with facilities to meet immediate demands with a trained nurse and a visiting doctor.

• Kitchen with cooking facility and attached dining hall.

• Internet browsing facility for students and staff.

• Prayer hall with Imam inside the campus for Muslim students to offer namaz on time.

• Special religious education for interested children by expert teachers. • Travel desk for ticketing services.

Teaching Methodology

• To establish, run and manage solely for educational purpose and not for profits. To devise means for disseminating education and to promote the study of all languages, culture and heritage, to propagate literary and cultural arts, modern technology and offer a wide range of specializations.

• To encourage students to excel by recognising and valuing their individual needs and talents and encouraging their confidence and self-esteem.

• To develop the personal qualities in students, of courtesy, good manners and honesty.

• To award scholarships and prizes to students on the basis of academic and curriculum excellence.

• The school inculcates the awareness towards the needy and helps serve humanity with a touch of Indian culture and tradition.

• To have a positive, holistic approach in their dealings and above all to be honest and straight in their dealings.

The school considers co-curricular and extra-curricular activities as a major part of school education. Facilities are provided to learn oil and fabric painting, charcoal sketches, clay model making, wooden carving, origami. Sports activities, quiz, debate, elocution, Karate form the day-to-day activities. The positive mindset created by the academic curriculum and sports gets an added boost with fun filled hobby classes. They include Nature club, Wildlife club, Science Clubs, Sports Club, Space Club, Arts and Crafts club and Maths club.

For more information, contact: The Principal, Green Valley National School, NH 17 Shiroor - 576 228, Kundapur Taluk, Udupi Dist. Karnataka State, Ph: 08254- 273333, 253999, email : valleyvalleygreen