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March 2007
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Discover Yourself - Workshop

Workshop Dates
3 - Day Workshop for Personal Excellence


“Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.” (13:11)


In Pretori.a 2nd, 3rd & 4th March 2007
Venue: Halima Hall, Erasmia

In Petersburg 9th, 10th & 11th March 2007
Venue: Nirvana Civic Centre

In Lenasia 16th, 17th & 18th March 2007
Venue: BAITUL NOOR Islamic Centre

In Durban 23rd, 24th & 25th March 2007
Venue: D’aintree, Asherville, Durban

For Details Contact: Mr. Kurta.K - Ph.: 725881231.
AWS Khan, Mob: 082 815 6767
National Co-ordinator: Channel Islam - Sumaya
Tel: 011-2132700, E-mail:


Dates: March 30th, 31st & 1st April 2007

For Details Contact: Majid Mukkram
Mob: 00971 506536921. Email:


Dates: 13, 14 & 15th April 2007

1. DIST SRINAGAR:Dr. Wasim A. Burza - Mob: 09906792396
2. DIST BARAMULA:Dr. Javid A. Butt - Mob: 09419596996
3. DIST ISLAMABAD:Dr. Ejaz Qadir - Mob: 09906776159


Dates: 21, 22 & 23rd April 2007

Organised by: “ISMAT”
Islander Social Movement for Awareness & Training

Contact For Details
Mrs. Mahvesh Jadwet: 03192 23013 Mrs. Ayesha: 03192 230560
Mrs. Shenaz: 03192 233184 Mrs. Sayeeda: 03192 255771

Workshop for Womens

Dates: 22, 23 & 24th April 2007
Contact: Dr. Ayesha
Mob: 9444265223. Email:

Dates: 9, 10 & 11th June 2007
Contact: Ayesha
Mob: 09388870201, 09846260201, 9341358181

International Foundation
Committed to make a difference

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Banking On Peace

Happiness and contentment is now their Amanath.

They work round-the clock to keep people’s money safe. They advise you on savings with a smile on their faces. Walk into their offices even at coffee -break, they will greet you happily and offer you a hot cup of coffee. They tell you what your balance in your account is, while many times they are themselves balancing their lives between work and home. They have a heart, a home, their dreams and desires. They need a break too! They are the glorious team consisting of the Management and Staff of the Amanath Co-operative Bank. Over 300 members from all the Bangalore branches of the Bank gathered together under one roof to participate in the “Discover Yourself Workshop” conducted by A.W. Sadathullah Khan on 17, 18 and 19th February 2007. The participants felt a major positive transformation in their lives and they went home feeling absolutely recharged and enthusiastic about their professional and personal lives. Some of the participants share their responses here.

SUNDER: I am a human being and I used to get short tempered some times. Now I realised how it damages my self-respect. I have taken control over my anger and I am peaceful. I also started thinking good of others irrespective of caste, creed and religion; after all we are all human beings and children of God. We are born once and we die once, this workshop has made me a responsible person and a useful human being to the humanity.

RAM: The workshop was really very good especially for people who are under stress. I was under stress and tensed, but now I am feeling relaxed. I learnt that all human beings are one. I will keep out of all bad habits. I am confident of a better future because of the workshop.

GANAPATHY: Before the workshop, I felt it is again a waste of time, but after attending all three days I felt three days are not enough. I am thankful for getting an excellent coach to discover our life. Please inform me again when and where you are conducting the next workshop. Please publish the books about the programme.

HEMA: This workshop is excellent. It helps us to get in order and have our batteries recharged. I declare that I am going to be my word no matter what may come and keep up my word. I am committed to making a difference to mankind, being always helpful, loving, kind and forgiving.

SEEMA: Before attending this workshop, my life was very routine. It was like a burden doing work at home and in the bank and so on. I was not enjoying the work before. But now I learnt to enjoy during the working hours. Also now, I am looking at things positively. Now I am able to find peace everywhere. Now I have learnt to live in the present and not get frustrated on small things. This was the first time that a workshop like this was conducted in our bank, which is very helpful in changing our attitude towards life.

AKHTER: I feel that I have got back my patience, which I had lost after marriage. I have learnt how to live a good life with my parents, wife, children and friends. Thank you very much and may Allah take more service from you to serve the community.

HAMID: After the workshop, my Iman has become deep. Tawakkal to Allah has increased. Now I myself take the challenge to be a true Muslim following the steps of the Prophet (Pbuh) being helpful to the needy, truthful, and honest to my organisation.

RAHMAN: First I thank Allah for giving me this opportunity to attend this workshop. I can compare this workshop with the Khankaqs (Peer- o- Murshid teachings) to some extent. This type of workshop is really needed for institutions as I see among the colleagues jealousy, hatred, ego, groupism, divisions etc. that destroys the institution. This workshop is beyond satisfactory. The efforts of the coach are excellent to make us see what Islam wants from us and to others. A new feeling has come in our institution and let Allah make it a reality and help us serve the coming generations.

AMJAD: I am very much thankful to our administrator for organising this type of workshop. This was the first workshop in my carrier of 23 years in motivating us in the right way. I was very much short-tempered, now I have learnt to control myself and also learnt to listen to others and take decisions in a good way. I have removed my fear to speak the truth. I will work for the better future of the bank and for the community. I pray all Muslims get benefit from this workshop.

ANJUM: I attended the workshop by force, as it was said that it is compulsory. I thank Allah for making it compulsory. It was an awakening from a long sleep, like a vacuum cleaner, which cleaned the dust of our mind and soul. I wish such workshops were held in our institution to correct ourselves. This workshop helped making the conditions at home and office favourable. I shall stop complaining and making excuses.

NAWAZ: I am a strict and short tempered man. After the workshop, I became cool and fit. My high BP and low BP are gone. Now I am a real man, before the workshop I did not know who I was. This workshop is 100% good. I thank every one for organising this workshop.

FATHIMA: I was confused and cursing Allah for whatever I got in life. Now I have learnt in this workshop to accept the reality and create things, which will make my life happier. I am committed that I will give up thinking that I am unlucky.

HAFIZ: I feel I am a changed man. I have developed confidence to face life positively. I am sure my behaviour will be different, totally changed in all spheres of life wherever I go whatever I do. I am confident of having a successful and prosperous future from my present living. I hope to be successful in this world and in the hereafter. Jazakallah! You have done a wonderful job in reforming our lives. May Allah reward you for this.

(Names of participants have been changed)

Hyderabad Discovers Itself!
By MoinDeen Khalid

It happened, perhaps for the first time, in India that over a 100 Madrasa girl students from five different Madrasas gathered to discover themselves and amidst them were also professionals from TATA group and software giant Wipro too. The three-day “Discover Yourself Workshop” was conducted by A.W. Sadathullah Khan in Hyderabad. “I have attended many workshops, but what I got from here is just priceless and an eye opener.” said Tasneem of Wipro.

“I knew all the basics of Islam, but I learnt how to apply Islam practically to every day affairs only through this workshop”, quipped another Aalima student from Jamiatul Banaath.

Today, the girls in Amberpet of Hyderabad have started conducting their own workshops taking inspiration from Sadathullah Khan.

This can only be called a mesmerizing effect. The Madrasa students, say future community leaders and social activists, have not only discovered them selves, but are now determined to make the whole new generation aware of the positional responsibilities that has come their way. All are motivated by the mesmerizing experience in the Workshop.

This started with a 3- day workshop- “Discover Yourself” organised by Mashwara Hyderabad Group, on 10, 11 and 12, February 2007 in the conference hall of Munsif Daily.

In the last session, Latif Khan (patron of Madrasa Jamia Makaarimul Akhlaque) and Dr. Rafat Seema (principal, Jamiatul Banat and convenor Mashwara Hyderabad Group) presented certificates to all 125 participants.

150 Top Professional Youngsters
Discover Themselves!

It is not that nobody knows about himself or herself, but it is the drag of so many encounters in the past, that one starts sticking to stigma and stops progressing.

The Three-day “Discover Yourself Workshop” was conducted by A.W. Sadathullah Khan  for the Foundation for Economic and Educational Development in Hyderabad on 26, 27 and 28 January, 2007.

Putting small pieces of advices to the participants in a charged atmosphere, away from the daily chores of life, the coach, Sadathullah Khan made the participants think and discover themselves. Over 150 top professional youngsters immensely benefited from the Workshop.