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March 2007
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Muslim Heritage

The Kuala Dulang Mosque

Established in Jelebu in the early stages of Islam in the 16th century, the Kuala Dulang Mosque has its own myth.

Situated at Kampung Peninjau, about 5 km from Kuala Klawang town, the Kuala Dulang Mosque is the oldest in Jelebu, one of the largest districts in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. The mosque is believed to have been founded by Dato Nika and Mudim Khatib Raja, two Muslim missionaries from Minangkabau, who came to spread Islam to Jelebu. The existence of Kampung Peninjau itself is also attributed to these two scholars. Kuala Dulang Mosque was originally a small hut where they sought shelter before it became the centre of their activities. Established in Jelebu in the early stages of Islam in the 16th century, this old mosque has its own myth.

As the story goes, there was once the appearance of a tray of food at the mosque. The origin of this tray was unknown, but to everyone’s amazement, the supply of food on the tray never depleted. No matter how many people ate from it, no matter how large the congregation, there was always enough food to go around. This went on for a few years, until the tray just disappeared into thin air. The mystery still remai-ns and it is from this that Kuala Dulang Mosque acquired its name - ‘dulang’ meaning tray.

Today this mosque is still very much operational. Although several renovations have been done, the simplicity of the original structure can still be seen. Time and space will cease to matter, while walking into this old mosque being enveloped by the sense of history that is common in old buildings and bowing down in prayer to the Creator.