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March 2007
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Soul Talk

Our True Friend and Our Sworn Enemy
By Dr. Syed Liaqath Peeran

When our True Moula and Friend proclaimed of our creation, to the angels, our sworn enemy felt the pangs of jealousy.

Now, we are all living during disjointed times, when globalisaton’s effect is felt by all of us. The doors of communication have been opened wide and we are bombarded with a new evolution of ideas through media, T.V. advertisements, films and through other ways. It has become incumbent on us to discover as to what is good and beneficial and what is evil, bad and harmful for us. It is extremely necessary to discover and realise, who is our “Sworn Enemy,” and to expose his activity. His inimical tendencies are so apparent that unless we are shortsighted and won over by him by his tricks and fancies, we will deliberately ignore him, like an overindulgent mother, who overlooks the nonsensical whimsicalities of her pampered child.

Who is an enemy and who is a friend is a primary question to be asked? Even a child discovers who a friend is and who is not? A friend is discovered by his open compassionate nature. The nature is all embracing, overlooking all the inherent weaknesses both apparent and inherent. Always smiling, charming, over-flowing with sympathy, kindness and always ready to help in all our adverse and good circumstances. A friend sacrifices his time, money and energy for us and is always and at all moments a true well wisher. As goes the saying “a friend in need is a friend in deed.” A friend is a gentleman to the core, never hurting and causing ill-feeling, not bearing any malice, prejudice, hatred and jealousy. A friend gives his helping hand unasked, showers with gifts and is more closer than a blood relative. He is prepared to share his dime, time and is open-hearted, willing to share our woes, pains and goes out of way to help us in all our circumstances. “Birds of the same feather flock together.” So also, a friend is has the same healthy airs and combinations which makes two persons to be indulgent and be always happy at all times.

Now let us look at who is an open enemy? An enemy is deadly, who wishes to place all sorts of discomforts, misleads, lays traps and thinks always of our destruction. An enemy adopts all means to destroy our existence. He chooses different stratagem, tricks and is always full of deceptive means to cause our living a misery. An enemy wishes to lead us to mire and abyss of fire. An enemy always and at all times carries ill feelings, and is looking for a slightest error to belittle us and cause deep irreparable damage. Our very existence is an enigma to our enemy. He is unwilling to spare us and give us a moment of happiness. Anyone trying to trust such a sworn and open enemy is nothing short of being called a fool.

Our Creator calls Himself as a ‘Moula’ and a Friend. Ever Compassionate and Merciful, ever Indulgent and Forgiving, over looking all our shortcomings, mistakes and showering every moment and second with His unlimited bounties. We can never thank Him for all the good happening all the time. His concern, is our well being and He knows every thought passing through our mind. He is closer than our jugular vein. If we remember Him in our heart, He remembers us in His heart. It we remember Him in open Company, He remembers us in better Company. If we take one step towards Him, He puts ten steps forward towards us. He has created seven heavens, the nature, Sun, Moon and Stars and made them subservient to us. He has made us his Vicegerent (Khalifa) on this earth in His own nature and commands us to walk on this earth with humility and be ever thankful and grateful to Him for the never diminishing bounties showered on us. He expects us to be in ever true submission to him with all our humility in total surrender as a slave to the master so that He can increase His bounties both in this world and in the world hereafter. He wants us to look into ourselves deeply and discover our true nature totally in tune with His Compassion and Mercy and place our brow on the glimmering threshold of His Tremendous Power at every changing moment of the day and night

Our Friend is ever Gracious, so He expects us to be so with one and all especially with our kith and kin, parents, brothers, sisters neighbours, wife and children, relatives, poor and indigent with travellers and way farers, to those who ask for help and to the needy.

Now, our Friend has disclosed to us who our sworn enemy is? Our enemy who came into existence even before our creation, who having discovered our nature, of all our weaknesses and good points, has taken permission from our Friend to lay trap for us with strategies, stratagem, deception and tricks, frauds, and by cheating to destroy us and lead us to the eternal abyss (Hell, a place of fire for wrong doers),

Our enemy is embedded right in our heart; Our Friend, Our Rub, Our Malik, our Elahi calls upon us to seek His refuge by shunning the company of our sworn enemy….the Devil, the Iblis; by revealing to us the last surah in the Quran (Surah An-Nas).

1) Say, I seek refuge in the Lord of Mankind

2) The king of mankind,

3) The God of Mankind,

4) From the evil of the sneaking whisperer,

5) Who whispereth in the hearts of mankind

6) Of the Jinn and of Mankind

When our True Moula (Master) and Friend (Naseer) proclaimed of our creation, to the angels, our sworn enemy felt the pangs of jealousy and hatred for us. Please note that it is the feeling of jealousy which is the ‘FIRST SIN’, in the presence of our Lord. It is the root of all evils. Beware of it and be ever prepared to discover it in our heart and purify it with all our Herculean efforts. Now our enemy could not see the Light of our Friend in our being. He just could not bear us. He refused to bow before us at our Master’s command and prepared himself to be thrown out of His presence for ever. Our sworn enemy took permission from our Lord to remain our ever sworn enemy. At the same time our enemy has declared openly at the outset, that he will not ever be able to come near those who are in ever true submission to our Lord:

Now, who are those who are in the submission of our Lord, our Friend and our Guide. Those are the people who are always humble and seek His refuge, His Mercy, His forgiveness, who are repentant of wrongs committed and accept our Lord’s lordship over us by accepting His commands implicitly like an ever obedient slave, performing all our duties cheerfully with deep devotion and love. Love and Love alone should encompass our being. Love for our Rub, our Malik, our King, our Creator, Allah, to His Last Prophet, Muhammad (Pbuh) and all His true companions.

Let us look into the dangers, tricks, stratagems that our open enemy who is embedded in our heart and flows in our veins has promised to ruin us, from which, our Lord has promised to protect us, if we surrender truthfully and be ever in His submission as a totally surrendered person, submitting our will and seek peace in HIM.

Our sworn enemy is always giving false promises, as against True promise of our friend, takes advantage of our desires and increases it and our attachments for it, increases the greed by creating glamour and glitter before our eyes by all means (T.V. media, radio, music, dance etc), makes us also one like him. He increases our ego, makes us arrogant and puffed up with pride. He makes us to promise to our brothers and break it. Our sworn enemy by allowing us to do this makes us liars. Thus, we are trapped in his tricks.

Our sworn enemy robs us of our peace of mind and tranquility by creating discord between our brothers, sisters, parents, friends, neighbours, wife and children. Our family Courts get filled with divorce petitions and maintenance claims. Our juvenile courts are flooded with delinquent children from broken homes, our hospitals are full of hypertension and diabetic cases, our mental hospitals are filled with insanity cases. He takes us to the world of fantasy and fun and miles away from reality and Truth. Our enemy takes us to alcohol and drug.

Be ever cautious of our sworn enemy…. The Iblis, the Satan, the Shaitan!

(The writer is Editor, Sufi World based in Bangalore)