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March 2008
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Wanted Bridegroom

Bangalore: SM girl BE, MBA 31yrs, 55, wheatish, working as systems analyst in Software of American MNC at Bangalore. Salary Rs. Fifty Eight Thousand per month. Phone: (080) 23620312 / 23620418

Bangalore: Parents seek groom for Indian born Sunni Muslim bride Australian citizen, 23yrs, 52 very beautiful, very fair, working, completing Masters (Law), only child of Australian University PhD Coordinator/Examiner from Doctor MS or MD willing to settle in Australia or settled in Australia/English countries. Email: payaam2008@yahoo. com Phone: 080-23157616, Mobile: 9886133643 (Bangalore-India)

Bangalore: SM parents seek alliance for daughter beautiful, fair, religious, 32yrs, 53 working in Bangalore. Boy should be working professional or business from religious well educated family. Contact: 9844095293/25806029 Email: moosakazin_vr@rediffmail. com

Bangalore / Riyadh: Sunni Muslim Khan parents seek alliance for their daughter B.Com. 21 yrs (studying M.Com.) 54 fair complexion. Holding Saudi Iqama. Boy should be from Bangalore and surroundings (Shimoga / Mysore / Davangere / Tumkur). Engineer / professional well educated religious family background working aboard or Middle East or in India (No businessman). Contact: 966505 236389 / 94824 74005 (Brother). Email: safiriyadh

Bangalore: SM parents seek alliance for their daughter, MCA S/W Engineer, fair, 29 / 53. Mail to atifa_kheel Ph.: 9845623777

Bangalore: Parents seek alliance for daughter 25 yrs 55 graduate in Home Science, Psychology and Sociology. Diploma in Computer Multimedia. Presently working in Islamic Social Organisation. Obtained Qhula having 3 yr. daughter. Groom should be graduate and well settled from a decent educated family. Email: baseem_farah@india

Bangalore: Educated Sheikh/Syed parents invite alliance for daughter 27yrs, BDS, slim, very fair, beautiful, 54, ambitious, religious. Father Class I Officer. Boy should be well educated, well settled, Bangalore based, fair, 510 or more, religious, working Bangalore/Abroad, Engineers/MBAs/Doctors/others, highly placed preferred. Contact: 09439262232.

Bangalore: Kutchi Memon NRI (Doctor/Professional) parents seek Kutchi/Sunni Muslim professionally qualified boy from India or abroad between 25 to 29yrs for daughter 23yrs, 52 fair, beautiful, moderately religious, NRI status, B.Tech Software Engineer leading MNC Bangalore. Contact: Email

Bangalore: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for daughter architect (B.Arch) 26yrs, 52 working as architect in Bangalore. Boy should be professionally qualified from decent family background. Early marriage preferred. Contact: 9480068577 / 9448001937

Bangalore: Sunni Muslim mother invites alliance for daughter 22yrs, 54, beautiful, PUC pass, Diploma Computer Science. Boy should be from good business family or working in any reputed company with good family background. Early marriage preferred. Contact: 9880113364 / 9902832950

Bangalore: Kutchi Memon parents invite alliance for daughter Jan 82, 51, B.Sc. (Computer Science) DIT working in MNC as Technical writer in Bangalore. Boy should be professional/Businessman. Contact: 9886970024 Email:

Bangalore: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for daughter, fair, religious, B.E. (Electronics & Communication), 29yrs, 54. Boy should be working professional, religious and from decent family. Email: seeking_alliance@yahoo. com

Bangalore: Syed parents invite alliance for daughter 29yrs MBBS, DOMS (Opthal) just completed Fellowship. Groom should be MBBS with MD/MS well settled in India/Abroad. Contact: 9886752451 / 080-65626133 Email:

Bangalore: SM parents invite alliance for daughters (1) Elder 29yrs 56 slim wheatish, religious, KAS Class I Officer (2) Younger 27yrs 54 slim, wheatish, religious, M.Sc. working as Chemistry lecturer. Boys should be religious, professionally qualified, decent family background 30-35yrs from Bangalore/Mysore and around. Insha Allah early marriage. Contact: 990835695

Bangalore: 38yrs, M.Sc., 56, divorcee (Qhulla) issueless from educated cultured family seeks Widower/Divorcee in forties age group, professional/businessman, financially sound, religious, broad minded. Contact: 26683281, 9886257668, 25306301

Bhubaneswar: Alliance invited for practicing Muslim girl from Orissa, 1 less than 5 Feet, good looking, slim, fair, PG in Computer Science, working in MNC, Chennai. Groom should be practicing Muslim. Atleast BE, BTech or MBBS, smart, handsome, working in reputed organization in India or aboard. Should not expect any dowry in any form. Please send biodata immediately to Marriage to be solemnized at the earliest.

Mysore: Sunni Muslim Parents invite alliance for daughter, good looking, 27yrs, 55, B.E working in MNC Bangalore. Boy should be professionally qualified well settled in India or abroad. Contact: 9845988775 Email:

Mysore: SM parents invite alliance for daughter B.E. working in Bangalore, 25yrs, 54. Boy should be B.E./M.E./MBA/MCA/M.Tech working professional, religious. Brokers excuse. Contact: 9242406308 Email: zain_jas@

Mysore: SM parents invite alliance for daughters (1) MBA (HR) working in Bangalore 26yrs, 54 (2) Final MA (Economics) 24yrs, 55. Boy should be working professional/business, religious. Brokers excuse. Contact: 9343853706 / (0821)2451146 Email: kaleemkhan

Mysore: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for daughter 33yrs, 56, fair, good looking in Government service (clerk) in Bangalore. Qhula obtained. Groom should be well settled. Contact: 0821 2496546 / 9242227446 Email:

Shimoga: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for daughter M.Sc. (Information Technology) working at Bangalore, 26yrs, 54, fair. Boy should be working professional from educated family. Contact: 09448401669

Wanted Bride

Bangalore: SM Parents invite alliance for son 26yrs, 56 B.E. software engineer, very fair, having own company in UAE, living in Sharjah. Girl should be fair, beautiful, atleast graduate, minimum 52, moderately religious, educated, decent family. Contact: 080-26680127/9986234269 Email:

Bangalore: Sunni Syed parents invite alliance for only son, 26yrs, 5,8, fair, Diploma Electronics & Communication, working in MNC Bangalore. Girl should be beautiful, fair, slim, graduate/post graduate from respectable family. Contact: 26746563 / 9972544397

Bangalore: Sunni Muslim Parents invite alliance for son 28yrs, B.E. S/W Engineer, working in MNC from B.E./MCA/MBA, S/W Engineer/MBBS girl. Height above 53. Contact: 9900496748 / 9986506505

Bangalore: SM parents seek alliance for son B.E. 29yrs. 59 slim, working as Manager in MNC Bangalore. Girl should be graduate from decent religious educated family. Contact: 9916795349, Email:

Bangalore: Sunni Muslim boy 29yrs, 59 Engineer, Ph.D Computer Science, working in Washington, invites alliance from educated beautiful girl from educated and cultured family. Contact: 9900261244

Bangalore: Alliance invited for SM boy 31yrs, 59, B.E., MBA, MS(Maths), MS(Mech), working in MNC at Bangalore. Girl should be B.E., employed, from educated family. Brokers please excuse. Contact: 9342233128 Email:

Chennai: SM parent seeks educated, UG/PG, religious, fair bride below 27yrs from respectable family, for son 32yrs 58 MCA employed in USA (preferably from in/around Chennai). Contact: Email

Mangalore: Unmarried engineer 30yrs 55 handsome, settled at KSA with family status invites alliance from decent, good looking, religious and graduate widow, married in the last five years time. Email:nawazmunawwar@rediffmail. com

Mysore: Wanted Bride Professionally qualified from decent Muslim family employed for Sunni Muslim Khan, 29yrs, working for MNC at Bangalore. Rupees five lacs annually, simple marriage. Contact: (0821) 4263781 / 9980613580 Email: kauser_noor@

Mysore: Sunni Muslim family seeks alliance for their two sons. (1) Elder son B.E. (Mech) working in Saudi Arabia 29yrs, 58 (2) Younger son B.E. (E&C) working in Infosys Mysore 27yrs 510. Girl should be fair, 23-26yrs B.E./MBBS/Graduate from decent religious family. Contact: with photograph Email:, mob: 9886565039

Mudhol (Bagalkot-Karnataka): SM family requires beautiful wheatish girl 19/22, 54 SSLC/B.A. from pious urdu middle/upper class family for boy (Convent) pious handsome, wheatish healthy no habits 25yrs 56 (got medical seat but left due to finance) now own business 25/20 thousand monthly income. No demands/dowry. Contact: 9341455559, Email: msmomin34@ or Master Traders, Mudhol 587343

Tirunelveli: Tamil Sunni Muslim, 26.173 Mech Engr., medium built, employed in reputed firm in India, seeks well educated religious and broad minded girl, 22-24. Marriage in 6 months. Contact the father: jam_abdulkhader@

U.S.A: Sunni Muslim Parents seek alliance for son 31yrs, medical doctor, born citizen U.S.A. mother doctor, father businessman, two brothers doctor, one brother lawyer. Seeking girl 20-25yrs, highly educated about Islam, practicing Muslim, very fair, slim, fluent English. Contact:

Wanted Bride & Bridegroom

Tumkur: SM parents invite alliance for (1) Network Engineer son working in Dammam having family visa 28yrs, 56, fair handsome. Girl should be beautiful above 52 (2) Daughter B.Sc. (Comp. Science) 21yrs, 55 fair, slim, beautiful. Boy either Government employee or S/W engineer in MNC above 56 from decent family. Contact: 9343253462 Email: brdgrm@gmail. com