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May 2006
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Bouquets and Brickbats

Dynamic Change
Elsayed Khallaf

This is with reference to Dr Fathi Osman’s opinion piece--Is Islam Compatible with Modern Civilisation, in Islamic Voice, April 2006. The title needs modification, when we say “Islam,” we mean religion, but the opinion talks about Muslims’ understanding or history. This may be acceptable from a non-Muslim, but Dr Osman’s original title of ‘Dynamic Change’ would be better. In this present time, Muslims are widely diverse in perception of the World and “The Others”, depending on deterioration for long ages of oppression by own rulers or Western oppression and occupation. The problem is in the hands of Muslims themselves on how to deal with matters and how to clear the picture of the real religion. This is a long time effort that will be always moderated by surrounding circumstances, be it national or international ones.

Minority Appeasement
Usman Gani

In a multi-religious and multi-cultural country like India, the government is responsible for the welfare of all sections or groups of people. The UPA government is perfectly within its limits if it is analysing the social standards of Muslims with the intention of improving their lot, and bring them on par with other groups. In the words of L.K. Advani, “secularism means justice, equality and fair play.” Having given an eloquent definition of secularism, one fails to understand as to why Advani has wasted his efforts to coin the false slogan of “minority appeasement,” just as he has coined the failed slogans like “feel good factor” and “ India shining.” He may be good at creating catchy slogans, but today people are matured enough to distinguish between right and wrong.

Trustworthy Team
Haroon Wahhab

I congratulate the Jumma Masjid Trust team (Happy Swing of Fortunes, Islamic Voice April 2006) for having achieved concrete results that will benefit the community. The news comes as a refreshing break because in every State, many Muslim Trusts and organisations break apart because of lack of unity among the members of the Committee or Trust. They all talk, but when it comes to action, its a perfect zero. It is good that Islamic Voice published this article and highlighted the work the Trust is doing.

Dozing through the Sermon

The article’ Sermon for the Soul’ in Islamic Voice, April 2006 by M.Hanif Lakdawala was timely and apt. The Friday sermon which gives a golden opportunity to deliver riveting Islamic virtues should be taken very seriously by the Imams. At many places, I have seen the topics perambulates on vague issues irrelevant to Islamic topics like local political issues, which should not be dealt with. This is often done by vested individuals.

Not just this fact, I have witnessed many come early to the mosque and choose a pillar to lean upon and doze while the Imam is giving the sermon! If the topic is very vital and intriguing, even such elements who doze will also sit and listen keenly! One more thing is that the Imam often keeps shouting loud into the microphone despite it being connected to speakers via amplifiers. There should be no room for any political agenda in the Friday sermon and it should not deal with topics that hurt other religions.


More Book Reviews Please
Dr. Adil Faheem

Here is a request. Please give more space to book reviews and books. In this age of the internet, the Muslim youngsters are keeping themselves away from books and getting hooked to the Net. It is baffling to see youngsters spending hours on the Net uploading and downloading . I wonder what they keep doing. The Net may comprise useful information, but getting addicted to it is intellectually harmful. Reading a book brings focus, concentration and is intellectually stimulating. Young Muslims should be encouraged to spend more time in libraries and book shops than in cyber cafes or in front of their computers at home. Islamic Voice should publish more book reviews and information about new books every month.

Pleasing Allah Alone
A. K. Khusro

The article, “Muslim Spirituality and Corporate India” by M. Hanif Lakdawala in Islamic Voice, February 2006, gives some useful information about the need to turn to spirituality through insightful knowledge from the Quran, and use it in business.

The idea should not be to use spirituality for the ‘ultimate competitive advantage,’ but to please Allah alone.

Friday Sermons
Shoiab Sajid

“ Sermon for the Soul” by M. Hanif Lakdawala in Islamic Voice, April 2006 was a truly enlightening article. I completely agree with the fact that Friday sermons in our mosques ought to play a positive role in initiating change in the society. Adding to what the writer has said, I would like to say that the tone in which the sermon is delivered by the Imams makes a lot of difference. My opinion is that the speaker should convey his thoughts firmly, but in a soft and soothing voice. Each word should be heard clearly by all. Here in Mumbai in some mosques, the Imam races through his sermon and most of the time too loudly. A slow, steady and soft sermon will surely touch the soul.

Enemies of Islam
Obaidur Rahman Nadwi

Opposition parties accuse the UPA government that it strives to cultivate the Muslim vote bank in the guise of secularism. Strangely, similar allegation was made by the Congress party when it was in opposition, on the BJP for promotion of Hindutva. Now the BJP is holding the Congress-led UPA government responsible for the encouragement of terrorism in the country. It is unfortunate that the largest minority in the nation, the Muslims are suspected because of the misdeeds of a few Muslims. Such Muslims should be taken to task and dealt with severely as per the law of the land. Those who kill innocent people, attack religious places and cause disorder in the society are enemies of Islam and disloyal to their own community

Five-Star Valima
M. Khader Ali

I fail to understand the logic and reason behind some of the ritualistic behaviour of Muslims today. In the earlier days, marriages were a simple affair. The Nikah was performed in the mosque and there was no evil of dowry. Now, few Muslims perform the Nikah in the mosque in a simple way. But again they organise the Valima in a five-star hotel or luxurious marriage halls followed by an elaborate banquet. This cancels out the virtue of performing a simple Nikah in the mosque. If one wants to be simple, it is nice to follow it in all matters. Just being simple to show the people, is not the right way to promote the principles of Islam.