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May 2006
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Workshop Diary

Discover Yourself on Dingei Hill

The city of Shillong has been one of the important tourist destinations in the north-east. The capital of Meghalaya, it lies on the eastern part of the state. It is often referred to as the “ Scotland of the East” due to its striking similarity with the Scottish highlands. The city derives its name from “Leishyllong”—the Superpower or God who is believed to reside on the Shillong peak, overlooking the city. Shillong’s undulating terrain is a constant source of attraction for tourists from both home and abroad. While the Khasi, Jaintia and Garo tribes add colour to this hilly city, the three-day “Discover Yourself” Workshop held here on March 21, 22 and 23, 2006 added a fresh flavour to the lives of the participants. The nearest airport and railhead is Guwahati in Assam. The Guwahati–Shillong Road connects the two cities. Pineapple plantations and pine trees on both sides line the road. The Workshop at Guwahati was held on March 18, 19 and 20, 2006.

Some of the participants share their thoughts here after the Workshop.

Sanam: Through the workshop, I learnt many valuable things. I learnt to live my life purely like it is said in Ben Jonson’s poem, “The Noble Nature”, which says that it is better to have a short life like a lily flower which blooms only for a day, but spreads its fragnance everywhere, rather than live a long life like an oak and fall at last like a leafless and useless log of dry wood. I have learnt to be patient, calm, truthful and trustworthy. I understood the meaning of relationships and the divine law that “sow the seeds without expecting the results”, because patience brings its rewards. I learnt to believe in Allah, to do my duty and jobs sincerely with determination. Above all, I learnt to believe in one God.

Alimullah: From my participation in the workshop, a new “me” has emerged. Like every other human being, I too was over-burdened with past worries and future fears, but in the workshop, the barren rock was chiselled marvelously into a confident and responsible person. I could breathe fresh air of renewed interest in life and an inspired determination to serve people. The workshop and its excellent coach, Mr Sadath, gave me a new direction and view, that the person who can make a difference to my life is me and myself.

Syeda: The “Discover Yourself” Workshop opened my eyes to the true positive spirit of a leader. I learnt that being a good human being means listening to other’s point of view too. I felt committed to work for the welfare of the society at large, apart from the community. The workshop motivated me to work towards a concrete goal in life.

Parveen: I feel like a different person after going through the sessions at the workshop. Forgiving is a very crucial aspect of life. We often forget how important it is to listen to people. But the workshop brought out the virtues of being a good listener. My life seems so simple and light now.

Hazarika: The workshop stimulated the dark and dormant aspects in the brain. It definitely ignited the thought process in the right direction. The workshop brought out the meaning of being good human beings in the real sense of the term.

Makbul Karim: I learnt many new positive aspects in the workshop which I will imbibe in my life. I take responsibility for my life and many changed attitudes will help me modify my life accordingly.

Raunaq: I really discovered myself through the workshop. It has changed my lifestyle for the better. Knowing myself was very important. In the workshop, I was able to look within and reflect and realise that I can help myself and others too in every sphere of life.

Zaheeda: This workshop should be held in every city as people ought to realise and reflect on what they are doing with their lives. It is a sort of a mirror about the self. I do find myself to be a changed person after the workshop.

Benazir: The workshop helped me discover myself. I am a changed person now, feeling like a child, full of innocence and love for everybody. I have discarded all seeds of ego, pride and selfishness. I learnt to let go of the past. I am now a person who listens to other people by getting into their world. I have become much more confident, patient, forgiving and loving. I have realised that life is simple if we follow the simple rules of our great religion-Islam.

Ziauddin: In a nutshell I can say that the workshop transformed me into a loving human being, all set to help others. The art of forgiving others is another important take-away from the workshop. What is the past? -it is gone, so why fret and fume over it. Just be in the present.

Masfia: The workshop is very beneficial for the young and the old. It has cleared my mind of many doubts. Cutting across age bar, the workshop has touched the hearts of all who were part of it.

Fazlee: I changed myself after attending the workshop. I have acquired many positive aspects like being truthful, affectionate and a kind human being. This workshop should he held often for students as they are young and need a direction to their lives.

Najma: The workshop gave me a clear message that “our life is beautiful” and it is up to us to make the best of it. Many positive changes have come into my life and personality.

Sakiya Khan: My experiences in the workshop helped me tackle many day-to day events in a right way. Islam and its application in our daily lives was excellently linked by the coach. The workshop served as a good retreat and reflection into our lives.

Life is a Sculpture Treat it with Care

Pretoria is the Administrative Capital of South Africa., with most of the foreign embassies located here, giving the whole city a dignified presence. Although it is quite close to Johannesburg, it has a totally different feel. Sculptures and monuments attest to the Afrikaner history and great care has been taken to preserve the fine architecture in the city centre such as Church Square. Overlooking the whole of the city from a hilltop are the magnificent Sir Herbert Baker designed Union Buildings, built in golden stone with Italian tiled roofs, a Romanesque amphitheatre and African sculptures. On 17, 18 and 19, February 2006 and 3, 4, and 5 March, 2006, the “Discover Yourself” Workshop camped at Pretoria.

Here the participants explain how the workshop helped them carve a bright new future.

Naziaana: The workshop boosted my self-confidence. To transform others, I need to change myself first. There are too many workshops in the world today that talk about mind power confidence etc, but this was the first workshop which really linked the Quran and the Hadith to our daily lives. This workshop should be a must for school students too and not just the elders.

Nooshin: The workshop had great impact on me and my family. Most of the time we spend time on irrelevant things instead of utilising the precious gifts bestowed on us by Allah. We worry over trivial issues. Thankfully, the workshop helped me see life in a simpler perspective.

Fatima: I had been on the path of self-discovery for the past two years. The workshop helped me get the focus right. The previous knowledge was like threads which was so effortlessly weaved into a beautiful tapestry by the coach in the workshop. I have now absorbed it and cannot wait to practise it and see the results.

Shameema: I found the workshop unique as it was linked to the Islamic way of life. There has been a significant paradigm shift for me in the sense that our teachers always told us that this world is evil so prepare for the hereafter. This conditioning had terrible consequences not only for myself, but many others as well. But thanks to God, at the workshop, I learnt that we have to make the best of the present and not keep talking of the glorious days of the past.

Farida: My aim is to live a peaceful life on this earth and the hereafter. The workshop was very useful as it gave practical tips on living life by pleasing only Allah. Letting go of the burden of the past is very important, if we wish to move forward, and the workshop did succeed in giving me this power to move forward in the future.

Ali: The workshop gave me brand new freedom. I feel light and free like a bird. When we forgive others, we have set aside the past and this relieves us of the burden we keep carrying around.

Riaz: I am a student of the Quran and have been studying it for years. But the workshop was very well structured and put the things in the right focus. All of us are hurt by others sometime or the other, but there is no point in nurturing hatred all along. So forgiving and moving on with life is the ideal solution and I acquired it through the workshop.

Khalid: The workshop was a wake-up call. I imbibed values like being a good listener and stopped criticizing others. I learnt the importance of doing things now, rather than leaving it to the future.

Fahmida: The workshop empowered me and I feel responsible and wonderful. I can take my own decisions. I feel motivated because there is clarity in my mind and that, according to me is the best wealth.

Baheya: To be God-conscious and God-fearing are the two main important values I picked up from the workshop. To be grateful and thankful to the Almighty for his grace is something to be practised each day. The workshop also brought out the importance of communication within the family.

Nabeelah: It is amazing to know that there is someone out there who is able to talk to us from an Islamic point of view. The workshop helped me realise that one has to change one’s view in life if we really want to move forward in life. Positive thoughts generate positive attitudes.

Raeesa: The workshop was an excellent experience for me. Being worried about the past does not help. So just let it go and live for the present. I am lucky that at my young age of 15 years, I was able to acquire valuable tips on leading a God-oriented life at the workshop.

Ruwaida: The workshop was like a new beginning for me. We are all dependant on Allah for his mercy and we should be humble always. The workshop has helped me settle within myself by dropping the old baggage of the past and create a new future.

Yasmin: The workshop was clear in its message that forgiveness gives freedom to one self. All of us must let go of the regrets of the past and hurts of the past. The workshop had a very practical approach to dealing with life.

Salma: “Accept people for who they are…” This was one of the beautiful gifts I carried back home after the workshop. Look at the positive side of life and the people. One’s own individuality is important. For youngsters like me, the workshop was a powerful source of inspiration.

Workshop Dates

3- Day Workshop
“Discover Yourself”
“Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people
until they change what is in themselves.” (13:11)

DATES: MAY 5, 6 & 7th 2006 (Fri, Sat & Sun)


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