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May 2012
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Dargah Committee Scraps Sitting Fee
A Staff Writer
The Dargah Hameedshah and Muhibshah Management Committee  has stopped the payment of sitting fee of Rs. 1,000 to its members, according to a resolution it passed following criticism of the decision in a report in November 2011 issue of Islamic Voice which hit the stand on November 1, 2011. In a reply given to an RTI query to Mr. Moinuddin Chishty, an advocate, the Secretary said that the Committee in its meeting held on January 21, 2012, resolved to stop payment of Rs. 1,000 to its sitting members for each meeting. However, it added, conveyance allowance of Rs. 300 will continue to be paid for each meeting attended by the members.
The Islamic Voice piece titled “Hazrat Hameedsha Dargah Committee Making Hay While Sun Shines’ had reported that the Management Committee members were paid Rs. 1.76 lakh to the members towards sitting fee and conveyance during the eight months in 2011.
Acting quickly to the criticism, the Committee also disbursed Rs. 10,14,000 towards scholarship on November 19, 2011. The report in our monthly had stated that only Rs 3 lakh had been disbursed till October 2011 towards scholarship. But the RTI reply says that Rs. 8.32 had been disbursed at one go on August 20. But in a rejoinder to this paper, the secretary of the Committee Fayaz Qureshi had stated that Rs. 32 lakh has been disbursed by that date. The reply to the RTI query makes it abundantly clear that what Mr. Qureshy claimed was untrue and the Committee hurriedly disbursed Rs. 10,14,000 on November 19, 2011, after it became a butt of criticism in the Islamic Voice report. Mind it that the newspaper had reported the matter on November 1, 2011. So effectively, the Committee had disbursed only Rs. 19,80,000 by January 21, 2012 as against its claim of Rs. 32 lakh going for scholarship.  
HBS Hospital Commissioned
A Staff Writer
The Hazrat Bismillah Shah Hospital was commissioned here on April 10. The foundation for the hospital was laid in 1996 on Cockburn Road in the city’s Cantonment area. Located on a quarter acre of land leased out by the Wakf Board, the Hospital will cater to the health care needs of the poor and the downtrodden at minimal cost. It is headed by Dr. Taha Mateen, a renowned surgeon of Bangalore who also runs Acura Hospital in Koramangala. It is named after Hazrat Bismillah Shah, a saint after whom the local mosque has also been named.
The Hospital was conceived by social worker Masood Abdul Khader, secretary of the Anjuman Khuddamul Muslimeen and was funded by the public donations. Though the building of the hospital was ready by 2004, the commissioning was delayed due to the paucity of funds for essential infrastructure. The Hospital would eventually have 80-bed facility.
The need for the hospital was severely felt in the wake of injuries and casualties during the Cauvery agitation riots and mayhem related to the Babri Masjid demolition in 1992.

Ban on Meat Sales on Ambedkar Jayanti Lifted
The Karnataka Government removed Ambedkar Jayanti celebrated on April 14 from the list of days when sales of meat is banned. Several Dalit organization had represented the matter with the government pleading that no such ban was warranted and said that most Dalits would like to eat non-vegetarian food on the occasion. A total of 11 days had been designated for ban on sale of meat and slaughter of animals so far. Some organization had warned that failure to lift the ban would result in open cooking and partaking of beef biryani in public on April 14. Mercifully, the Karnataka Government did not make it a prestige issue and quietly withdrew the day from the list.
Millath Directory Released
The 8th edition of the Millath Directory 2012  was released here on April 14. The directory lists contact details of the Muslim institutions, schools, professionals, businesses in Karnataka and is edited by Mr. Abdul Khaliq, a senior Urdu journalist representing Daily Pasban. It is a bilingual directory with English and Urdu editions being bound together. Mr. J. Shafiullah of Al-Ameen Educational society who also attended the fuction advised him to bring out the Kannada version too. Maulana Qadeer Ahmed Adaul Aamiri of Madrasa Jamia Al-Nouriya released the new edition at an impressive function. For copies contact: Mr. Abdul Khaliq, 080-41235244, 94480-67369.
Rare Honour for Saifee Hospital - Three Doctors Receive Honours
Indira Satyanarayan
April 14 was a memorable day in the history of elegant Saifee Hospital when three of its leading doctors were feted with honours.
Dr. H. R. Undre, Head of the Department of Surgery, was honoured for receiving the Scroll of Honour by the National Board of Examination, New Delhi under the Ministry of Health. The young Achievers Award was presented to Dr. Aijaz Ashai, Head of the Department of Advanced Physiotherapy and Suman Jangra of the Nuclear Medicine Department. Only three persons in India have so far won the Diplomate of certification of the Board of Nuclear Cardiology (USA). The soft spoken, self-effacing Dr. Suman Jangra is one among them.
Dr. Undre, now 74, a recipient of the Rajiv Gandhi Award for Surgery has been known as a passionate teacher, be it in the Operation Theatre or bedside. Dr. Aijaz Ashai acknowledges the opportunities the Saifee Hospital offered in order to achieve excellence in Sport Physiotherapy. As for Dr. Suman Jangra, the entire credit of making the Nuclear Medicine Department of the Saifee Hospital known, goes to her. The honours bring credit for the Saifee Hospital which was inaugurated in 2005 by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Located near the Charni Road Cross Station and facing the Arabian Sea, the 150 crore Saifee Hospital is a pleasing structure. It is reincarnation of an old hospital built by Akbar Peerbhoy which was in a derelict condition. Akbar was son of Abdul Hussain Peerbhoy and grandson of Sir Adamjee Peerbhoy. Akbar Peerbhoy had turned his grandfather’s properties into a trust against the wishes of his family. In 2001, it was turned over to Dr. Syedna Burhanudin, the spiritual chief of the Bohra community. On completion it was dedicated to the memory of Syedna Taher Saifuddin, the 51st Dai Mutlaq of the Bohrai community. Bohra community units from all over the world donated money for the construction of the Hospital.

9th All India Muslim Educational Conf. in Jaipur
New Delhi
The All India Muslim Educational Society is organising its 9th Educational Conference – Iqra 2012, on 5th and 6th May in Jaipur. Participants from all over the country will discuss their views and ideas to uplift the educational standards of Muslims in India. The All India Muslim Educational Society established in 1964 in Chennai, is now active in 20 states.
Safar-e-Insaf-o-Bhaichara Caravan concludes in Hyderabad
Mohd. Ismail Khant
The 5000-km long, ten-day yatra that began from Batla House in Delhi on 12th April with an aim to create awareness regarding illegal arrests of Muslims, ended at Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad on April 21. The caravan named “Safar-e-Insaf-o-Bhaichara” was organised jointly by Khudai Khidmatgar, National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM), Mission Bhartiyam, Act Now for Harmony and Democracy (ANHAD), National Confederation of Human Rights Organisations, and Sadbhav Mission. The members of this caravan included Faisal Khan of Khudai Khidamatgar from Delhi, Balwant Singh Yadav from Himachal Pradesh, Inamul Hassan from Pondicherry, Advocate Bilal Kaghzi from Gujarat, Mohd. Faizan from Uttar Pradesh, Shabber Hussain from Kashmir, and Rahil iqbal from Delhi. The caravan was accompanied by Amjedullah Khan, leader of Majlis Bachao Tehreek (MBT). After Mecca Masjid, the caravan visited the house of Sheikh Abdul Kaleem, one of the accused of Mecca Masjid bomb blast, but later acquitted by the court. A public meeting was also organised by Siasat Urdu daily at Mehboob Hussain Jigar hall.
Seminar on Dr. Hameedullah
The Academy of Research, Translation and Islamic Dawah here will organize a 3-day international seminar on the life, works and mission of renowned Islamic researcher Dr. Hameedullah, a citizen of former Nizam State who later migrated to Paris and continued his writing career spanning over nearly five decades. The seminar will be held on September 21-23, 2012 in Hyderabad and will highlight his multifarious contribution to literature on Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, Seerath in languages ranging from English to Urdu, French, German, and Arabic. The Institute has also appealed to people to send them any unpublished writings or letters in their possession so that such material could be published in future. Several academicians and researchers are likely to participate in the proceedings. Those aspiring to know more about the Academy and seminar can contact: Director, Nisar Ahmed Qasmi, Ph: 93931-28156, or Zafar Sayeedi 98850-50404 or email: The Academy is situated at 3-66/1, Kothapet, Balapur, (Salalah Barkas), Hyderabad.
Pilgrims Taken for a Ride
A Staff Writer
Pilgrims relate nightmarish experiences of Umrah tour at the hands of a rude and discourteous operator.

With Hajj and Umrah tour companies mushrooming all over the state, several unlicensed operators are taking the pilgrims for a ride.
Nearly 50 people who recently undertook Umrah pilgrimage under a group tour arranged by local tour operator have returned with extremely bitter experiences.
According to the pilgrims who spoke to Islamic Voice, the company which has its offices in Bangalore had managed to book 50 pilgrims for the 14-day Makkah-Madinah pilgrimage. All the glib-tongued promises about the accommodation and arrangements by the tour operator proved to be a mirage for the group which landed back in Bangalore on March 1, full three days after the return flight had been originally promised.
The group is said to have left for Makkah on February 14 this year by a Saudia flight to perform Umrah. Nearly half the members of the group were women. There were several old couples too. The group was given accommodation in a small lodge in extremely dingy place in Bengali Market in Madinah. With four members to a room the lodge was crammed with people and hardly offered any space for movement. The rooms had no chairs and the operator kept reminding them that squatting on the floor while eating is a Prophet’s Sunnah.
The group was to take the return flight on February 27. But they were informed at the eleventh hour that the tickets were wait-listed and were ultimately asked to extend their stay for three days as tickets were not confirmed. To boot, they were asked to shell out more money for additional stay of three days in Madinah for which they were not responsible.
Dentist Shakeel Ahmed said the trip was nightmarish as the operator kept shouting at the pilgrims at every step. Mr. Amin, vice president of the J&K Bank in Bangalore who had taken four members of his family on the pilgrimage, told Islamic Voice that the operator had not arranged pick-up buses at Jeddah Airport. Ultimately, when the bus arrived after full three hours, it proved too small for the 50-member group and baggage dumped on the roof without being secured with ropes. While being stranded at the Jeddah International Airport, the pilgrims were not offered anything to eat or drink. Jaffer Ahmed, 60, said the entire ride to Makkah was tense as everyone feared for his baggage getting lost. Mr. Amin informed Islamic Voice that the operator extracted amount ranging from Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 4,000 from each pilgrim for the extended stay in Madinah. Members in all the three groups complained that the operator was extremely rude with all the pilgrims and constantly reminded them of pilgrimage being a journey laced with hardship and should not expect comfort.
(Jaffer said that he and the others had this bitter experience with Abdullah Hajj International. Islamic Voice contacted Abdullah Hajj International several times to get their version. But nobody responded).