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May 2012
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BANGALORE: SM parents seek alliance for their daughter 23 years, 5.3 feet, beautiful, charming, belonging to a syed’s family, B.E completed under training at Infosys. Bridegroom should be B.E working in IT Company with Islamic values and religious family back ground. Contact: 9844084710/7899811723 E-mail:

BANGALORE: SM parents seek alliance for their daughter Fair, 24 years, 5’-4” B’com Looking for groom from decent family, 26 years to 29 years. Preferably Engineer/MBA settled in India/abroad Contact: 8095834242 E-mail:

BANGALORE: SM parents seek alliance for their daughter, Msc, B’Ed (physics), 28 years, 5’4 inch; Boy should be religious and well settled from decent family. Contact:

BANGALORE: SM parents invite alliance for their daughter 30 years, 5’-5” M.B.A employed Groom to be BE/MBA employed No demands. Contact No 9972014860/ 080-32401987. Email-

CHENNAI: Based Tamil parents seek alliance for their daughter 26, 5’-5”, an innocent divorcee having small child. Very fair and religious. Working in Dubai as senior Interior Designer Engineer. Groom should be a well earning professional (BE/MBA/MCA etc.) Marital status: Divorcee/Widower/Unmarried, Age: under 35 and should be religious and practicing Muslim from Tamil or Urdu speaking family. Contact 9962835600/

BANGALORE: Parents invite alliance for daughter, 24 years, fair, beautiful, 5’-5” BE (E&C) passed in distinction. Corporate in LIS Company at Bangalore at present earning 5 lakh/pa. Won prizes in singing scholarship Recipient of National Music Talent search, Religious, modern and homely. Alliance welcome of highly educated, cultured and religious boy. Those who respect art along with religious values preferred. Contact: 8971295344

BANGALORE: SM parents seek alliance for their very fair and beautiful daughter BE 27 years, 5’-5”. Got separated within few months with no issues WKG in a reputed MNC. Boy should be tall, fair and handsome BE/MBBS, fresh/Divorcee with no issues WKG Abroad preferably in UAE,UK,USA,AUSTRALIA from reputed family. Contact: 9632548935/9739268650. E-mail:

ANDHRA PRADESH: Sunni Muslim parents from Vizianagaram seek only central/state/PSU/PSE/Bank Govt. employee groom below 30 years from Coastal Andhra for daughter M.Com/25/155, wheatish complexion, employed as Assistant in Nationalized Bank. Tel no: 08922-275567, cell no: 09492541986, E-mail:

BANGALORE: SM parents seek alliance for their daughter BE., Computer Science, 28 years, 5’-4” beautiful, charming, belonging to a respected family, working as S/W Engineer in Bangalore. Groom should be tall, good looking, well settled, working professional with no objectionable habit, hailing from decent family Background from Karnataka Only. Contact: 9880754637/9901055366, E-mail:

BANGALORE: Bangalore based SM parents invite alliance for their daughter, 31 years, 5’-2” convent educated MBA, HR MGR in MNC from professionally qualified Boys from well Educated, respectable families. Contact:

SM parents seek alliance for their daughter B.E., 25yrs 5.6'' good looking belonging to respectable family working as a SeniorSoftwareEngineer in a reputed MNC Mysore. Groom should be good looking well settled working Professional hailing from decent family. email biodata at n contact 9611995800, 96328783387. Preferable B.E, M.S.,M.Tech, B.E, M.B.A., M.B.B.S. M.S.

BANGALORE: Parents of SM Girls, 25 years, 5’-6”/BE working in MNC, Fair, Slim, educated family, looking for Groom BE/Professional, preferably from Bangalore. Kindly contact: 9986658555, E-mail:

BANGALORE: SM parents seek alliance for their daughter 26 years/5’-6” , fair, religious, B.Com. Dip in banking working as a accountant in CANADA. Groom should be qualified respectable family. Contact: SALEEM -9731802957, E-mail:

BANGALORE: Parents of Religious AHLE SUNNAH, 25 years Good looking Electronic Engineer girl pursuing post Graduate Islamic studies seek suitable Religious unmarried qualified Groom working Abroad please write to: . Tel No: 00971505861815

BANGALORE: Bangalore based parents invite alliance for their only daughter, 24 years, 5’-2”, BDS (Dentist), fair, beautiful. Groom should be good looking, well educated, well settled professional from educated, respectable family. Please contact or E-mail with photo and details to: . Mobile: 9880834034.
SM Indian seeks alliance for their son, 29 years, 5’-8” tall, handsome, Namazi, presently working with MNC in UAE. Girl need be tall, fair, good looking, religious and convent educated from respectful and educated family, please E-mail, bio-data with photo to, Mobile +971509779823

SM SHEIKH Parents invite alliance for their son BE/S/W Engineer, Fair, handsome. 27 years, 5’-5”. From a working girl between 22 to 24 years, girl should be fair and beautiful 5’-3” to 5’-4” from official/decent family lecturer/Engineer/HR. Contact 080- 23646675/Mob-9741013522/9449940860, E-mail:

MYSORE- SM family of Karwar Invite alliance for their son BE/N/W Engineer working at Bangalore, 30/5’-9”. Girl should be educated (professional/graduate) Religious and from decent family. Contact: Cell: 8792836023

SAUDI based North Indian parents invite alliance for their elder son 28 years 5’-5,,CA working as analyst in Bangalore based MNC Namazi, having knowledge of tawheed, follower of QURAN and Sahi hadeeth. Contact: Mobile: 00966507296532

BANGALORE: SM Alhaj parents (pathans) well settled in Bangalore seeking fair looking bride from decent family for their son innocent divorcee. 35 years old 5’-7” good looking employed at KSA in Managerial post. Contact: 9591585901,948315602

KRISHNAGIRI: Parents invite alliance for their son religious 25 years 5’-10” fair, Urdu speaking, M PHARMA working as an executive at HOSPIRA HEALTH CARE CHENNAI, girl should be religious good looking from a decent family. Contact: 04343237141/9487039309

BANGALORE: Bangalore based SUNNI Muslim Sheikh, Mother seek alliance for her only son, 30 years graduate, having his own Business. Bride should be good looking, religious, fair complexion, slim and below 25 years, and must be from Sheikh and Bangalore based family only. Contact: 9019582522

BANGALORE: Sunni Syed parents invite alliance for Son 28 years, fair, 5’-8”, as Diploma in Engineering in (E&C) working as Network Engineer in Bangalore. Bride should be educated, fair and beautiful. Syed or Shaik from good family. Contact: 9980364492

BANGALORE: SM parents invite alliance for their son, BE,S/W Engineer, handsome, 27 years, 6 feet, working in MNC, from a working girl BE/MBBS, height above 5’-4”. Contact: 9986506505/9900496748

US CITIZEN honest, religious 9th grade profession technical age 49, 5’-5”, 145lb. Seeking pious, kindhearted, slim Sunnimuslimah. Widow divorcee kindly, respond with recent 1 photo. (718)6125276.
A Wedding with a Difference
Nazim Ali Khan
Muslim marriages have become the  talk of the town in recent times, because of the lavish and gaudy presentation made by the marriage parties, be it the groom or the bride’s side.  Recently a marriage took place in Bangalore of Janab Abdul Subhan’s grand daughter (Chairman of Tawakkal group, Bangalore) who hails from an affluent, respectable family and I was a guest. The nikah was held at  the mosque in  Qudus Sahib Eidgah.    I witnessed that eight nikahs were being performed along with that nikah of my host, all at the expense of my host  along with their grand daughter, they had arranged to organize the nikah of 8 brides and grooms who were very poor.  The  Valima was held at Palace Grounds  and the relatives of all the eight grooms and brides were present. The  variety of food was a real banquet and it was heartening to see everybody sharing the food on the same table-the rich and the poor.
I went home feeling elated as this opened my eyes to the realities of life and also the fact that if all the rich and wealthy in the society and more so among Muslims, share their wealth with the poor, not just by donating large sums, but also practically doing it by organizing weddings for poor girls and boys along with their son and daughter, it will help in giving some comfort to those who cannot afford it.
Also, this will please God and what is better than doing something that pleases God.

The Prophet (pubh) said, “A woman is married for four things, i.e., her wealth, her family status, her beauty and her religion. So you should marry the religious woman (otherwise) you will be a losers. (Bukhari)