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November 2005
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Cover Story
Dr. Al Sudais Chosen As “Islamic Personality of the Year 2005”
UAE Introduces Unified Azaan
“Let's Focus on Economic Rehabilitation and Future of the Quake Victims”…
Minorities in Muslim World
Pakistan's Beni Israelites
Muslim Perspectives
Rush Hour in Ramadan
Community Round-Up
Delhi Fails to Disburse Funds
No Space for More Pilgrims
Hari Masjid Hearing Begins
15 Muslims Selected for KAS
Jinnah House will be Saarc Cultural Centre
Moonsighting Info on Website
Saffron Sympathies for Muslim Women
The Islamic World
Islamic Summit in Makkah
IRCICA Marks Silver Jubilee
Ummah Orange Chocolate Bar
First Saudi Cinema to Screen Cartoons
Muslim Anger at Danish Cartoons
Magazine ad “unleashes hell” for Boeing and Bell
Qatar To Get First Church
Storm Survivor
France Imams Against Translated Taraweeh
Nigerians Revert to Islam During Ramadan
Travesty of Justice
In Step with Decency
A Tobacco-Free Madinah
Bouquets and Brickbats
Noble Intentions, Indeed
A Season of Fatwas
Tampering With the Calendar
Thoughts on Jinnah
Overdose of Religion
Books for a Cause
Wakf Woes
Confusing References
State of the Community
Vaniyambadi Muslims in Introspective Mood
Channel Surfing
Virtual Parenting
Vidya Sagar
Lest the IT Revolution Bypass Muslims
Pick A Book
New Arrivals (Travelogue of Diabetes)
Islam Denounces Terrorism
Lectures on Islam
Towards Eternal Success
Islamic Dimensions
Spousal Abuse Among Muslims – A Reality Check
Quashing the Status
People Track
A Seat in the Senate
El Baradei- Tall and Shy
Dr. Aftab Ahmed was awarded the Seva Ratna Award - 2005
Quran Speaks to You
The Final Destiny Is Clearly Stated
Life in this World is a Test
Our Dialogue
Putting One's Son in a Difficult Position
Shortening Prayer When Away From Home
Fasting Six Days of Shawwal
Similarities Between Islam and Hinduism – Part 12
From Darkness to Light
Faith… I Didn't Like That Word
Soul Talk
Portrait of a Traveller
An Urgent Appeal
Quran and Islamic Jurisprudence – Part 6
Tasawwuf in Traditional Islam-Part 6
From Here and There
The Featherless Chicken
Seek Out Greatness
Usool ul-Fiqh
Women in Islam
Can A Woman Be A Leader Of Muslims?
What's New
Step Into World-Class Comfort
Career Guidance
Career in Event Management
Event Diary
New Generation School Honours Students
Dastarbandi at Darul Uloom
Iftar Party by JIH
Awards for Orissa Students
Globe Talk
Guldasta - The Pak-India Connection
Book Review
Book Review
Names of Allah
Malikul-Mulk (The Lord of the Kingdom)
Wanted Bridegroom
Wanted Bride
Classified Advt.

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