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October 2006
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Cover Story
“Create Conditions for Harmony”, says International Religious Freedom Report 2006
Film Celebrates American Ramadan
Culture & Tradition
French Ramadan Calendar Symbol of Muslim Cultural Identity
Glasgow Central Mosque
The Place of Gathering
Muslim Perspectives
Hard Talk
Outrage from the Vatican
The Fatwa Bazaar
Accepting the Pope's Invitation To A Dialogue with Islam
Bouquets and Brickbats
Conservatives Vs Modernists
Don't Blame the Ulema
Discounts for the Poor
Let's Form a Federation
Intellectual Stagnation
Read Quran Translations
Shirk – A Major Sin
Muslims and the Media
No Miracles
The Muslim World
Taraweeh Prayers Translation in English and French
“Nasrallah” Ramadan Dates Most Popular
Anti- Food Poisoning Campaign in Ramadan
Cultural Extravaganza After Ramadan
Interest-free loans for Dutch Muslims
Qatar's First Shelter for Domestic Abuse Victims
Women Welcome Change in Heart for Prayer Proposal
Geneva Muslims Launch Umbrella Body
Group of Lower-Middle Income Countries
Saudi Girls Have Technical College Option
Jordan King Supports Film School
British Government Seeks Urdu Media Support
Community Round-Up
Malegoan-A Manipulator's Dream
Jamia Moots Academy for Urdu Teachers' Training
HRD Workshop by Jamaat-e-Islami Hind
Girls Hostel Opened
Facelift for Ghalib's Haveli
People Track
Prof. Abdul Moghni - Obituary
Agha Shahi - Obituary
Elections to the US Congress
First Woman Space Tourist
First Muslim Army Chief
SIO's Dawah Campaign
Trivandrum Muslim Association Celebrates Golden Jubilee
Maulana Azad Urdu University Becomes International
Orphans in Doda Hapless Victims of an Endless Conflict
Who's Following You?
Community Initiative
A Century of Progress
Honour for Personalities
President's Tryst with a Tiny Townsfolk
Seminar on Muslim Education
Men, Missions & Machines
Store Your Data on Paper
A Public Relations Exercise
Tattering the Provisions of Wakf Act 1995
Is the Income Lawful and Legal?
The Verdict After 13 Years
Notes & Nuggets
National Seminar on Islamic Banking
Jamia Sets Up Development Centre
Sir Syed's Contribution to Journalism
Urdu-Persian University in Rampur
Globe Talk
Pope Benedict XVI and the Muslims
Muslims and Education in Bihar Some Revealing Facts
Life & Relationships
Discover Yourself Workshop
Durban Dreams
Negative Thoughts Vanish in Nairobi
Quran Speaks to You
Fasting-A Duty of Obedience to Allah
Moral Values of Fasting
Ramadan Dialogue
Beginning of Ramadan Following the Saudi Moon Sighting
Umrah in Ramadan and Sa'ie
Acts of Dishonesty in Ramadan
Introducing Fasting to Kids
Importance of Suhur
Using Miswak while Fasting
Iftar becomes a Banquet
Ramadan and Unity of the Muslim Community
Ramadan and New Muslims
Spirit Goes Down
No Coffee Breaks
Ramadan Guidelines
The Precious Days of Ramadan From a Simple Suhoor to a Tranquil Taraweeh
Zakat Checklist
Establish Prayer and Give Zakat
Ramadan & Health
Fasting - Key to Good Health
Spiritual Provision from Ramadan
Some Mosques in Bangalore where women can offer Taraweeh
Life After Ramadan
Doing Good Deeds Even After Ramadan
Fasting Six Days of Shawwal
In the Land of Lost Eids
Ramadan in Depth
A Day in the Life of a Muslim… during Ramadan
Eid Celebrations
Facts & Faith
Tolerance Towards Non-Muslims
Women in Islam
Women's Participation in Collective Duties
From Darkness to Light
Feeling Lucky
The Value of Words
Soul Talk
The Drudge Report
Book Reviews
On the Lowest Rung of Social Ladder
Focus on Muslim Economy
A Handy Compendium
A Phrase-to-Phrase Route
Searching for the Truth
Arshi Namaz
Religio-Science will Rule the Future
Sahi Tilawat Ke Liye Mukammal Khayada (In Hindi)
Last Word
Greeting Gracefully
Ramadan Memories
The Most Beautiful Names of Allah
Millat Service Trust - An Appeal
Qirath Competition
Career Guidance
Choose a Career in Chartered Financial Analysis
Wanted Bridegroom
Wanted Bride
Classified Advt.
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