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MONTHLY    *    Vol 13-12 No:156    *   DECEMBER 1999/ Ramadan 1420H


Wanted Bridegroom
Wanted Bride

Wanted Bridegroom

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim parents from educated cultured, religious family, invite alliance for their daughter, age-23 years, height-5.1", slim, fair, B.Com., computer literate, boy must be BE/Software/Executive, working in India/abroad, Apply to I.V.Box.No:2320.

BANGALORE : Sunni Muslim Urdu speaking parents invite alliance for their daughter, age-23 years, height-5.2", B.Com., fair, beautiful, religious, domestically well trained, from well settled, graduate, employed, Bangalore-based boy, Apply to I.V.Box.No:2335.

BANGALORE : Sunni Muslim Urdu speaking parents invite alliance for their daughter, age-26 years, height-5.3", fair, beautiful, religious, purdah-observing, divorcee (no encumbrances), M.Sc., (Microbiology), boy should be around 32 years, comp. engg./doctor, well settled, Bangalore-based or abroad, Apply to I.V.Box.No:2345.

BANGALORE : Parents seek alliance for daughter, age-24 years, height-5.5", B.Sc., DCA., very fair, and pretty, from parents of doctors/engineers/MBA/MCA/CA or other well settled boys from India/abroad, Apply to I.V.Box.No:2336.

BANGALORE : Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their daughter, age-25 years, height-5.3", BE., (computer science), working in MNC, Rs.20,000/- PM., wheatish complexion, boy should be a professional from Bangalore preferably, Apply to I.V.Box.No:2330, or Ph:3439800.

BANGALORE : Alliance invited for MBBS girl, age-24 years, height-5.5", from a very rich and affluent family, boy should be tall and handsome, MBBS/MD/MS, from a good family background, Apply I.V.Box.No:2341. or Ph:5485608.

BANGALORE : Alliance sought for my daughter age-27 years, B.A., (Home Science) dip. comp. science, beautiful, slim, well mannered from Syed family, boy should be Engineer (computer), either from abroad or India (Karnataka) from decent and respectable family, Apply to I.V.Box.No:2322, or Ph: 8462204.

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim parents invite proposal for their only daughter 24/156 cm/M.Sc,whitish complexion domestically well trained. Grooms should be well educated,tall, preferably from Bangalore/Chennai.Apply I.V.Box No:2351.

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim, Urdu speaking girl MBBS/31yrs/5.2" innocent divorcee(KHULA) after short marriage, no issues, from educated boys from India or abroad. Apply I.V.Box No:2360.

BANGALORE: Rishta for very fair, BSc (Comp Science), age 21yrs/5.5", from Software Engineers based in Bnagalore/Gulf. Apply I.V.Box No:2368.OR

BANGALORE: Rishta for Lecturer,M.A(English), age 23yrs/5.4", wheatish,from well placed working boys. Apply I.V.Box No:2369.OR

BANGALORE: Rishta for coffee planters daughter, M.A(Lit), age 22yrs/5.8", very fair, from well placed, Qualified, Tall Boys. Apply I.V.Box No:2370. OR

BANGALORE: Rishta for Dentist,BDS, very fair,age 23yrs/5.4", from Doctors/Dentists/Engineers based in Gulf/USA/Canada. Apply I.V.Box No:2371. OR

BANGALORE: Rishta for Banagalore based MNC Executive, BSc, Fair,age 30yrs/5.8", from Tall, Broadminded, Qualified,Bangalore based Boys. Apply I.V.Box No:2372. OR

BANGALORE: Middle class family invite alliance for their daughter, S.S.L.C, Diploma in Computers, age 24yrs/5.2", religious, slim and wheatish complexion, from suitable boys below 35yrs.Apply I.V.Box No:2373 or Phone:5365541

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim parents seek alliance for their daughter, age-26 years, height-5.3", B.Sc.,(Computer Science), slim and beautiful, from well-settled professional bachelor. Phone: 5453716 OR Apply I.V.Box No: 2389.

BANGALORE: Alliance invited for Sunni Muslim girl BDS, MDS, Own clinic in Bangalore.29 years, 5.2". Boy should be BDS, MDS, MS, MD aged around 35 years. Well settled in Bangalore. Apply I.V.Box No: 2384.

BANGALORE:Sunni Muslim (Lababin) Urdu speaking parents invite alliance for their daughter age 27 years, height 5.6", B.Sc, Dip. in Computers employed, Good looking and religious. Boy should be well educated and well settled from respectable family. Syed/Sheikh/Khan preferably from Bangalore. Phone: 5484358 OR Apply I.V.Box No: 2377.

BANGALORE: Alliance invited for Bangalorean Sunni Muslim Girl MBBS, working in Riyadh as Resident Doctor, Fair, 5.3", age-30 years.Doctors/Engineers Contact: 080-5256291 OR Apply I.V.Box No: 2391.

USA : Urdu speaking Sunni Muslim family invites matrimonial alliance for daughter, age-26 years, currently studying in US from well educated professionals with US citizenship, greencard, H I Visa or those willing to migrate to US. Contact:email,

SHIMOGA: Alliance invited from Namazee government employed educated, below 40 years Muslim youth, for Khula obtained girl with 4 years old female baby, Apply to I.V.Box.No:2329.

BELLARY : Wanted groom for a MBBS girl, age-28 years, height-5.2", very fair, and religious, working as a duty doctor, alliance invited from MD/MBBS/MS religious boy, Phone: 08392-40793 OR Apply to I.V.Box.No:2327.

HUBLI : Sunni Muslim parents of Spinster Ph.D., age-32 years, height-5.3", wheatish complexion, working in MNC at Bangalore and drawing salary Rs. 20,000/- seeks alliance from engineers/doctors/ professionals, Apply to I.V.Box.No:2349.

BELLARY: Alliance invited for Sunni Muslim Uurdu-Speaking girl 29yrs, B.A B.Ed, good looking, wheatish, religious and domestically well trained, middle class, educated family. Father and brothers Govt.employees. Boy should be graduate, employed in state or central Govt. or in decent private job in Karnataka or in Rayalseema (AP).Apply I.V.Box No:2358.

GADAG: Alliance invited for Sunni Muslim (sajjad) Urdu speaking girl, age 29yrs (looks 25yrs), fair, tall and slim, convent educated MSc,MPhil,KPSC selected, degree college lecturer drawing Rs.10000/-pm. Homely, religious, highly sensitive. Father noted scholar, brothers & sisters employees. Boy should be well educated with clean habits, employed in state govt/Bank, Central Govt. Should be working in Karnataka only. Apply I.V.Box No:2359.

MYSORE: Mysore-based middle class Sunni Muslim Haji parents invite suitable proposal for their widowed daughter age 28yrs with one child. Contact I.V.Box No:2362.

HYDERABAD : Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their daughter, age-20 years, studying B.Com., (2nd year), fair, beautiful, slim, Arabic-knowning, domestically well trained, Boy should be well_settled, in India/abroad, from a decent background, Contact to Astrasia, 78 Shanti Nagar, Hyderabad-500028.

CHENNAI : Sunni Urdu speaking Muslim upper middle class parents invite alliance for their daughter, age-22 years, height-5 ft. B.Sc., (computer) and dip. in software, wheatish, good_looking, from, well settled boy with religious background, computer/electronic engineer, working in India/abroad, Apply to I.V.Box.No:2340. or E-mail: or Ph:4364768.

CHENNAI : Urdu speaking Muslim parents invite alliance preferably from software engineers, for their daughter, BE., (computer), age-24 years, height-160 cms. slim, medium complexion, good-looking, working with multinational company at Chennai, Apply to I.V.Box.No:2348.

CHENNAI: Alliance invited for Sunni Muslim girl 27/5.6" wheatish colour. M.L. now working as Law officer in Canara Bank circle office, Mumbai. Graduate boys employed in Govt/Public sector professionals preferred. Contact: Syed Akbar,34,Thillai Nayagam Str.,Chennai-600 011. Phone: 5571738.

CHENNAI: Sunni Muslim parents seek alliance for daughter, B.E (Computer Science, First class-Distinction), 22yrs, 149cms, fair, good looking, convent educated, religious(recently performed UMRAH), homely with pleasing manners invite proposals from parents of Doctors, Engineers(CSE/EEE/ECE, preferably software professionals) below 28yrs, well settled in India/abroad. Postgraduate professionals will be an added advantage.Apply I.V.Box No:2374 OR

VISHAKAPATNAM: Alliance invited from Sunni Muslim, Urdu-speaking families well settled, cultured, religious, understanding type, tall, age between 35-40 yrs. for a well qualified (M.A. Journalism) very fair, tall age around 30yrs/5.9", domestically trained, very religious girl, daughter of a retired senior police officer.Apply I.V.Box No:2355

VISHAKAPATNAM: Alliance invited from Sunni Muslim Andhra families well settled in India or abroad, religious, cultured, for the daughter of a retired defence officer, BSc, very fair 5.7", domestically trained, age 21yrs doing M.A. in English. Apply I.V.Box No:2356

VISHAKAPATNAM: Sunni Muslim parents, educated, very religious and purdah-observing invite alliance for their daughter, age 23yrs, height 5.3", beautiful, studying M.A (Eng Litt). Diploma in computer, with knowledge of Qur’an and Hadith, very religious, namazi, from parents of decent well settled pious, religious Tabligh Jamaat. Contact: Dr. M.A.Sattar,D-No-21-42-11, Chengalraopeta,Vishakapatnam-530 001. AP.

COIMBATORE: Alliance invited (preferably from Tamil Nadu) for a Sunni Muslim girl aged 21 years, 5’3". Fair, prayer Conscious, Religious, Outspoken, Home Loving, Domestically Trained, well mannered with Educational Qualification B.A Lit, Urdu speaking from well employed or business well settled religious boys of good cultured family.OR Apply I.V.Box No: 2382 E-mail:

MADURAI: Urdu Sunni Muslim parents invite alliances for two daughters from religious well educated well settled with decent family.
1. Girl- Religious, age 25 years, 5.1", M.Sc (Environmental Science), PGDCA.
2. Girl- Religious, age 22 years, 5", M.Sc (Marine Biology), M.Phil (Coastal Aquaculture). E-mail: Syed OR Apply I.V.Box No: 2376A

VELLORE: Sunni Syed Muslim Urdu speaking parents invite alliance for their daughter age 24 years,5.3", MBA final year, Computer-PGDCA, Typing English & Tamil higher, Shorthand. Boy should be PG/Graduate well settled Govt/Business employed. E-mail: OR Apply I.V.Box No: 2378

TRICHY: Alliance invited for a Urdu Sunni Muslim girl, 26 years, educated, employed, fair, religious-minded, from a decent well-to-do family, young widow after very brief marriage, without encumbrance from young Urdu Sunni Muslim employed professional with understanding nature, Apply to I.V.Box.No:2347.

RAJKOT : Alliance invited from Sunni Malayali Muslim parents of respectable family background, either mutual or separate for their daughter and son.
1) Daughter: age-22 years, height-149 cms. studying B.Com., wheatish, beautiful, Deeni, boy should be below 28 years, Deeni, handsome, well educated, employed in India/ abroad.
2) Son: age -28 years, height-175 cms. B.Tech, handsome, Deeni, software engineer, employed in USA, girl should be below 22 years, Deeni, beautiful with a bachelor degree, Apply to I.V.Box.No:2333.

AHMEDABAD: Alliance invited for three daughters;
1) Daughter: age-26 years, studied up to SY B.Com., working in MNC.
2) Daughter: age-23 years, B.A.,
3) Daughter: age-21 years, B.Sc., family based at Ahmedabad, Apply to email: or I.V.Box.No:2334.

DARJEELING: Sunni Muslim Urdu-speaking, religious parents from Hyderabad (Father Senior health officer in a University) seek suitable rishtas for their two daughters
1. Age 26/5.4", good- looking, well educated graduate with English medium, DTP and trained in advanced computer courses and medical transcription doing M.A. Privately.
2. Age 24/5.4", fair very beautiful, graduate with English medium, DTP doing M.A. Boys should be well educated, preferably Doctors/Engineers/IAS/MBA/MCA/CA or class one officers in any discipline employed in India or abroad with family status and with a good family background. Contact Dr.P.J.A.Khan, NBU Campus,P.O. Darjeeling dist. West Bengal-734 430.

PUNE: Sunni Muslim parents invite proposals from Boys Graduate in Service in India or Abroad, Fair, around 30 from respectable family for their Daughter 21 years, very fair, appearing for final B.Com, religious, homely, Dowry seekers Excuse. Send details of the boy with recent photograph. Phone: 020-778790 OR Apply I.V.Box No: 2379.


Wanted Bride

BANGALORE : Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their son, BE., (computer engineer), first class, age-25 years, height-6', smart, handsome, good nature, clean habits, of educated parents, gazetted officers, religious family, boy working in USA as software engineer, visiting India, Nov/Dec 99, Girl should be tall, beautiful, professionally qualified, BE/MSC/B.Sc comp. /MCA/MBA/CA/MBBS, domestically trained, and highly placed religious family, Apply to I.V.Box.No:2321.

BANGALORE : Alliance invited from beautiful, smart, educated PUC or above girl, for Sunni Khan, age-25 years, height-5.5", civil engg. in govt. of Dubai, with family Visa, Apply to I.V.Box.No:2338.

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim invite alliance for son, age-25 years, height-5.10", software enggineer, proceeding to US, earning 15,000, in India, Girl should be 18-20 years, height-5.3", doctor/professional/engineer, Apply to I.V.Box.No:2350.

BANGALORE : Alliance invited from a tall, beautiful and slim girl, educated, age 23 years, for a tall boy, BE., computer, working in Jeddah, salary 1.30 lakhs PM, with family Visa, Apply to I.V.Box.No:2339.

BANGALORE: Urdu speaking Sunni Muslim (Khan) parents invite alliance for their son, Dip. ELectronic, Computer science, age-29 years, height-5.10", employed in American Co., in UAE as ICS Analyst, good salary, family visa. Girl should be slim, tall, good-looking from educated, religious family, graduate, computer-based, will be preferred. Apply I.V.Box No:2375A OR E-mail:

BANGALORE: Alliance invited for Sunni Muslim Boy-Divorcee, 35 years, 5.11", B.E Civil Engineer working in Riyadh with family satus. Only son. Girl should be around 25 to 30 years, 5.5" to 5.6" Height: Malyalam Muslim or a Labbabia. Apply I.V.Box No: 2385.

BANGALORE: Alliance invited Syed family, divorcee 39 years, 5.7", from well settled and rich family. Girl should be fair, Educated, about 25 years, 5.3". Good and well to do family.Unmarried girl only. Apply I.V.Box No: 2386.

BANGALORE: Alliance invited Sunni Muslim well to do American returned Gentleman around 75 years, Healthy. Girl must be above 40 years, good height and should be B.Sc, B.Ed, BA.B.Ed, for Montessori school incharge, very urgent. Contact Immediately. Apply I.V.Box No: 2387.

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim Boy BE, MBA, 29/5.9" handsome, presently working in Bangalore, intends to go to Dubai during Jan/Feb 2000. Seeks alliance from beautiful professionals MBBS,BDS,BE from respectable families. Phone: 5453716 OR Apply I.V.Box No: 2390.

BANGALORE: Rishta for U.S Citizen, Indian origin, widower, age 70yrs/5.8",Professor, Bnagalore based from widows/Divorcees, without children.Apply I.V.Box No:2363 OR

BANGALORE: Rishta for Dentist, BDS, age 25yrs/5.7", from Dentist/Doctors/Engineer girls whose parents are based in US/Canada/Gulf. Apply I.V.Box No:2364 OR

BANGALORE: Rishta for Bank officer, Bnagalore based, BSc, PGDM, age 27yrs/5.6", handsome, from working girls only. Apply I.V.Box No:2365 OR

MYSORE: Sunni Muslim Parents invite alliance for their only son B.E., (MBA) employed in MNC at Dubai as engineer and territory manager. Age-28 years, height 5.9". Smart and religious. Holding family visa. Salary Rs.40,000/- P.M. Girls should be professionally graduate/post graduate/Medical/Engineer, very beautiful and religious from educated decent and small family. No DOWRY. Phone: 0821-491585 OR Apply I.V.Box No: 2380.

BELGAUM: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their son age 28yrs, M.Pharm(Pharmacology), handsome, good nature and clean habits. At present doing Lecturership in Pharmacy College.Trying for a job in USA. Girl should be tall, beautiful, religious and should be educated.Girls holding green card or U.S.Citizen, U.K Citizen are preferred. Apply I.V.Box No:2375B OR

MANGALORE : Sunni Muslim Urdu speaking religious family invite alliance for groom, Dip. Mech.Engg. presently doing forest contact and having workshop, age-32 years, height-5.9", fair, with good qualities, girl should be beautiful (white), namazi, observing purdah, domestically trained, from educated and decent family, Apply to I.V.Box.No:2344.

HYDERABAD : Alliance invited from parents of Syed Urdu speaking boy, age-24 years, height-6 ft. dentist, preparing for MDS, fair, religious, honest son, Bride should be beautiful, tall, religious, MBBS/BDS/BE/degree, Apply to I.V.Box.No:2346.

HYDERABAD : Parents invite alliance for son, age-28 years, height-5.7", B.Com., very fair, handsome, central govt. employee at Hyderabad, from parents of good-looking educated brides of respectable families, Apply to I.V.Box.No:2337.

HYDERABAD: Sunni Muslim educated family, Urdu speaking parents invite alliance for their son 26/5.3" MBBS(OSM),PG student (1st year internal medicine) religious minded. The girl should preferably be Medico, religious, very fair and beautiful well versed in domestic affairs, sociable with pleasing manners from a decent, cultured and educated family. Send Biodata to Ashfaq, 18-8-684/48,Edi Bazar, Hyderabad-500 023 or Phone:4441366

ANANTAPUR: Urdu speaking Sunni Muslim family invite proposal for groom, post-graduate, govt. officer, salary 23000/- PM. bachelor, age-38 years, height-5.6", fair, Girl should be of decent family background, namazi, god-fearing, purdah_observing, fair, very beautiful, and domestically trained, educated, no demand, Apply to I.V.Box.No:2326.

KURNOOL : Father invites alliance for son, age-31 years, PGDCA, working in Riyadh, drawing handsome salary, require educated girl from decent family, and also require groom BE., Computer, for daughter doing final degree. Apply to I.V.Box.No:2342.

YAVATMAL: A Shia Muslim mother invites proposal for her son, age-39 years, height-5.8", M.Com., LLB., DIRPM., 7000 PM., handsome and religious, Contact : Karim .N. Gilani, At & PO-Sayat, Khardata, Ghatanji Dist. Yavatmal- 445301. (MS).

CHENNAI: Rishta for handsome, fair, Businessman, good income, Chennai based, BCom, age 24yrs/5.11" from homely educated girls. Apply I.V.Box No:2366 OR

COIMBATORE: Sunni Muslim parents seek alliance for their son 25yrs/174cm. M.S(Electrical Engineering) employed in USA, H1 Visa holder from educated religious girl. Contact

KERALA: Sunni Muslim parents of respectable educated family, well settled in Alleppey District invite alliance for their son age 27yrs/5.8", handsome, graduate, very religious, working as a confirmed Sales-Officer for reputed, public limited Pharmaceutical company, Salary Rs.9000/pm.The girl should be very beautiful, God fearing, religious, educated from a decent religious family in Kerala/abroad. No dowry demand. Apply I.V.Box No:2376B. Phone:0477/261037 OR

KASHMIR: Parents of divorcee, age-38 years, govt. employee, (having a 7 year old daughter), Sunni Muslim from Srinagar, Kashmir, invite alliance from settled, pious and under studying person, early marriage, Contact : Astrasia Pharma Ltd., Kusroo Road, Rajbagh Extn. Srinagar, 190008, (J&K), Ph:0194-454881.

JAMMU : Alliance invited for religious Sunni Muslim Doctor (MD), age-32 years, working in Gulf, from religious family. Girl should be religious, practising Muslim, MBBS/MD/BDS / MDS /Computer Engg., Overseas alliance will also be considered, no demand, respond with full details, email: or I.V.Box.No:2343.

BAHRAIN: Alliance invited for BE., age-49 years, widower, working at high post in Saudi, well to do, with two grown up children owning properties in Bombay, Bangalore, Madras and Mangalore, looking for unmarried bride, religious, good-looking, graduate, age about 30 years, Contact: email: Tel:(0973)257864 Mrs. D.Sayyad, P.O.Box.No:11614, MANAMA BAHRAIN.

SINGAPORE: Rishta for Bangalore Software Engineer based Singapore, B.E (Comp), age 29yrs/5.11", from Graduates/Professionally qualified girls. Apply I.V.Box No:2367 OR email:


I.V. BOX NO.:     











Note : We will post your response to the corresponding I.V.Box No. They will in turn contact you.
For insertion of Matrimonial Advertisement, please send the typed matter by fax or by email along with the M.O./D.D for Rs.50 and 2$ for Foreign before 25th of the month.


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