Islamic Voice
Zul-Qada / Zul Hijja 1422
February 2002
Volume 15-02 No:182

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Wanted Bridegroom
Wanted Bride

Wanted Bridegroom

BANGALORE: Parents of an young Sunni Muslim divorcee of 21 yrs, fair, good looking, smart, homely, II Puc, religious, good natured seek suitable alliance from religious, cultured favourably well settled in India or abroad with family visa.
Apply I.V.Box: 3132

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim Urdu speaking from an educated, decent and well-known family invites alliance for their daughter 22 years. 5’2", wheatish complexion, very pretty, smart, convent educated and religious, completed BE (Electronics Engineering). Boy should be educated, decent and well-settled from decent family background from India/Abroad.
Apply I.V. Box: 3152

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim religious educated decent family invite alliance for their daughter age 24/5’3", wheatish complexion, good looking, slim, B.Sc, DMLT. Boy should be from respectable family well educated. Early marriage.
Ph: 080-3439057, 98450-18546 OR Apply I.V.Box: 3179 OR Email

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim Urdu speaking parents seeking alliance to their daughter, 27/5’2", fair, B.A. in Journalism, M.S. in Mass Communications from Bangalore University earning in 5 digits salary require a smart, religious, educated boy employed in Govt service or abroad, preferably from Bangalore. Phone: 98442 62438/98452 55021.
OR Email: OR Apply I.V.Box: 3192

BANGALORE: Respectable religious well settled Urdu speaking Parents from Bangalore need alliance for their daughter B.E. Arc., Bangalore University drawing a salary in five digits (26/5’3"). Smart boy from an educated and religious family either Engineer, developer Architect or Civil contractor. Phone: 98442 62438/98452 55021 OR Email: OR Apply I.V.Box: 3193

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their dauhter age 22 yrs, B.Sc, height 5', fair, from professionally qualified boys from decent families. Apply I.V.Box: 3197

BANGALORE: Alliance required for Doctor girl 32 (Looks Much Younger) innocent, issueless divorcee (Khula) belonging to decent educated Urdu Speaking Sunni Muslim Lababin Family. Contact:5452783 or Apply I.V.Box:3202
OR Email:

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim, Shaik, educated respectable family invites alliance for this daughter Computers, 26 yrs 5’1', Fair, religions Boy Should be well settled B.E./MCA/Doctors from India & Abroad, Email: OR Apply I.V.Box:3203

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their daughter 20/5’3"/PUC, fair, good looking, wheatish complexion, religious, domestically well trained. Boy Should be religious, working in Govt/Private Companies or well Settled in Business from religious and decent family background early Marriage. Apply I.V.Box:3208

BANGLORE: Sunni Muslim Khan family invites alliance for their daughter 23 yrs, 5’5", B.A, fair, tall, smart, good looking, soft hearted teacher. Boy Should be well qualified & well placed from decent Bangalore based family. Revert back with Biodata to I.V.Box:3209

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim parents invite allinace for their daughter 32yrs/168cms/MBBS presently working in Muscat, divorcee seeks allinace from prefessionals, preferbly, MBBS Doctors, religious, with good family background. Divorcees with no issues may also. Apply I.V.Box:3211

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim parents from educated decent family invite alliance for their daughter, 26/5’6", wheatish complexion, slim II PUC, good natured boy should be from respectable family employed or businessman.
Contact: 080-3432960, 3333217 or Email: or Apply I.V.Box:3216

BANGALORE: Alliance invited for sunni Muslim Sheikh Girl, religious, fair, 4’8", age 26 yrs. BDS, Practising Dental Surgery & doing Medical tanscription. Boy should be from decent. Educated family preferably engineer/doctors/professionals preferred. Well settled in India or Abroad. Contact: 080-6581601 or Email: or Apply I.V.Box:3221

BANGALORE: Alliance required for daughter, 23 yrs, 5’3", Sharp feartured, Wheatish, Convent educated B.E. Working as a senior software engineer in a MNC, Insha’Allah will be going to USA with HI Visa shortly. We are respectable practising. Muslims sunni, Shaikh with progressive outlook. We are looking for a suitable match from educated, Cultured family, Preferebly. Working in USA. Kindly respond with detail biodata to I.V.Box:3223 or Email:

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for daughters, good looking, fair, cultured, and religious, first one 28, 5’3" and second 27, 5’4", BA from boys of decent families in Karnataka within 38 yrs of age, employed, Well settled in business or working abroad. Early marriage. Contact on : 98452 50787 between 9am to 9pm or
Email: or send biodata to I.V.Box:3224

MYSORE: Alliance invited from Muslim grooms aged 30-35yrs doing Business or Working in a good concern for a Hindu (Rajput) reverted to Islam girl, fair, good looking, working in a good (Private) Concern. Apply I.V.Box:3213

TUMKUR: Alliance invited for Sunni Muslim girl 23 yrs, 5’4", reilgious, Domestically well trained, Diploma in Civil Engg. from Qualified professinal with decent background preferably Engineer. Early and Simple Marriage preferably.
Contact Ph:0816-230536 or or Apply I.V.Box:3218

BELGAUM: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their daughter B.E. Electronics, good looking, fair, with sharp features, age 25, height 5’3" working as a lecturer in Govt. College. boy should be B.E. professional from decent educated family working in Govt or well settled in private company of Karnataka state. Apply I.V.Box: 3201

CHENNAI: Sunni Urdu Muslim well educated positioned respectable Chennai Tamilnadu parents look forward for their daughter, U.S.Resident Doctor, beautiful, fair, 24/165 from U.S.Based Sheikh/Syed Medical Doctor/M.S.Software Engineer with Noble Traits, Tall, Fair, Handsome Below 30. Send Biodata to I.V.Box:3204 or

CHENNAI: Sunni Urdu Muslim parents invite alliance for their daughter 26/5’1"/MCA, Employed IT proferssional wheatish, religious, seeks IT professional BE/MCA, Well settled and religious. Phone : 044-6432081 or Apply I.V.Box:3219

ANANTAPUR: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their daughter of 23 yrs, MBBS (1st Class), 5’3", very fair, religious. Boy should be well settled PG in Medicine from respectable religious Sunni family. Apply I.V.Box: 3196

MUMBAI: Sunni Muslim Parents invites allinace for their daughter 27/5’5"/B.Com, Diploma in Computer Software Very fair, smart, religious, invites alliance from suitably qualified, religious well settled groom from respectable family.
Apply I.V.Box:3207 or Phone:0091-22-7712275 or Email:

MUMBAI: Sunni Muslim parents seek alliance fro their daughter, slim, fair, 28, 5’6", Dip in Industrial Electronics, Central Government Servant, 12000 p.m. from well settled boy from well educated family. Apply I.V.Box:3217

MUMBAI: Sunni Muslim parents seek alliance for their daughter, 25/5’2"/M.A.Psychologist, slim, fiar, working girl from well settled boy from respectable family from Bombay or Poona. Apply I.V.Box:3220

MUMBAI: Alliance for Sunni Muslim Syed Software professional girl M.Com, 26 yrs, 5', 68 kgs. (Expectations: Graduate, businessman or Engineer / Professional from religious family only). Phone after 6-00pm: 3083405/3074122 or Email: or Apply I.V.Box:3225

BHUSAVAL (MAHARASHTRA): Cutchi-Memon family invites alliance for their daughter 22 yrs, good looking, slim, fair, religious, convent educated. Apply I.V.Box:3222 or Email:,


Wanted Bride

BANGALORE: Bangalore based Sunni Muslim parents of Doctor M.D., 30 yrs, 5’5" in Karnataka Govt Service and 2nd son D.Pharma, 27 yrs, 5’9" engaged in own business needs suitable alliance from parents of MBBS and D.Pharma girls.
Apply with details to I.V.Box: 3200 or

BANGALORE: Parents seek alliance for their son, SSLC working in Saudi Arabia aged 28 yrs. from respectable families. Phone : 3437782, 6634512, or Apply I.V.Box:3205

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim educated and moderate parents seek alliance for their son LLB,MBL,30yrs 5’7" Working as Manager-Legal in a Multinational Company at Bangalore. We are looking for a bride from a respectable family, fair, and graduate preferably within karnataka. Email: or Call:98441-63095 (after 6:30pm) or Apply I.V.Box:3210

BANGALORE: Wanted an educated and fair pleasing manners girl of height min 5’4" from respectable well to do small family for an educated, religious Syed boy 25/5’9", Convent educated with own business in Air Travels (Own Office)+family properties, rental income, boy teetoller. Early marriage. Apply I.V.Box:3212

BANGALORE: Alliance invited for boy age 24yrs, ht 5’4", smart, handsome, graduate, E.Com (Computer), MNC Employed, religious, own property from educated, domestically trained girls from good family background. Respond with full details to I.V.Box: 3226

BELLARY: Wanted an Orphan Muslim Girl / Muslim widow with or without children, preferred only Orphan girl or widow for govt. Engineer, 40 yrs, financially well. Wife bed-ridden, unable to perform wife’s duty, separate living.
Apply I.V.Box: 3195

CHENNAI: Sunni Urdu Muslim, Chennai based parents seek alliance for son, 25/177, Civil Engineer working in Dubai from Doctors / Architects or others employed in dubai of affluent, respectable, religious family for a simple early marriage. Widows/Divorcees welcome. Interested may respond to I.V.Box: 3199 or Email:

CHENNAI: Sunni Muslim Urdu speaking parents invites alliance for their Son, fair, aged 25, MBA, Height 5’5", Fair, employed as Sorftware Engineer in a reputed Computer Infotech Company, Girl Should be good looking, educated from a Cultured Family MBBS doctor with religious background will be Considered. Apply I.V.Box:3206

CHENNAI: Sunni Sheikh literate Urdu Muslim affluent Doctor parents invite alliance for their Son 28/5’10"/BA, handsome, clean habits, well settled independent Business, 30 thousand p.m., property seeks fair, tall, graduate girl from same status parents. Apply I.V. Box: 3214 or Email: ,

HYDERABAD: Well employed Gentleman, 50 yrs, healthy graduate, own house, staying independently seeks an healthy, affectionate, homely responsible lady around 35 yrs, all things assured for the right person. Aplly with full particulars to I.V.Box: 3227

HYDERABAD: Sunni Muslim respectable, affluent and reputed family of Andhra invites alliance for their son, religious minded B.E. (electronics), 30/5’8"/USA from fair, good looking, religious girl of educated family with decent background preferably with professional qualification B.E. (Computers / Electronics / MS / MBBS / MBA). Contact 040-4121473 or Email : or Apply I.V.Box: 3198

MUMBAI: Sunni Muslim parents belongs to A.P. (Kurnool) invite alliance for their only handsome son 29/5’6" doing Ph.D at Florida, USA and daughter beautiful, homely, religious, 5’3", M.Sc seeking mutual alliance or separate.
Contact Ph: 022-5552543 or Write to M.A. Azeem, H.No: A-19, Hastinapur, Anushaktinagar, Mumbai-400094

SURAT: Sunni Muslim (Saiyed), religious, English Graduate (Urdu speaking), 48/5’6", cultured, teetoller, independent, very good Ayurvedic practitioner due to genuine reason going for second marriage invite alliance from settled, beautiful, affectionate, independent decision taking ladies. Absolutely No bar. Apply I.V.Box: 3194


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