Islamic Voice
Shawwal/Zul-Qada 1422
January 2002
Volume 15-01 No:181

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Wanted Bridegroom
Wanted Bride

Wanted Bridegroom

BANGALORE: Australian based Indian family seeking alliance with a Sunni Muslim professional for their daughter: a professionally qualified Engineer, 25 yrs of age, 5’4", tall, fair, intelligent, pious and of good disposition. Please send details to I.V.Box: 3175 OR Email: OR Phone: 91-80-2224442

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim religious educated decent family invite alliance for their daughter age 24/5’3", wheatish complexion, good looking, slim, BSc, DMCT. Boy should be from respectable family well educated. Early marriage. Ph: 080-3439057, 98450-18546 OR Apply I.V.Box: 3179 OR Email:

BANGALORE: Alliance invited from Sunni Muslim parents (Khan’s) by titled, religious & decent for their daughter 25 yrs, 5’4", BA, fair, slim, smart, good looking, religious, cultured favourable and domestically well trained. Boy should be from educated, decent and well settled family having a good job, preferably engineer in technical line from Bangalore or UK, having family visa. Shaikh, syed, Shariff or Pathans. Early Marriage. Apply I.V.Box: 3181

BANGALORE/HARIHAR: Alliance invited for my sister BSc (Computer Science), 26 yrs, 5’2", Sunni Sheikh Urdu speaking Muslim, religious, fair, good looking, convent educated working in Software Company. Boy should be graduate & well settled with good family background. Apply I.V.Box: 3182

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim Khan family invites alliance for their daughter, 23 yrs, 5’5", fair, goodlooking, convent educated graduate & working. Boy should be tall, handsome, Bangalore based & settled with a good family background. Doctors, Engineers, Professionals preferred. Contact Rahmatulla on Phone: 2861161 after 7 pm at the earliest OR Apply I.V. Box: 3185

BANGALORE: Parents seeks alliance for beautiful Sunni Muslim girl aged 24/5’6", BUMS (final), namazee and performed Haj. Boy should be well settled BE/Doctor/MBA/MCA from a respectable family. Contact Ph: 080-6663751 OR Apply I.V.Box: 3189 OR Email:

BANGALORE: Seeks alliance for Sunni Muslim (Halai Memon) girl, who upholds religious values, 5’6" height, fair, pretty, B.Com, Namazee and performed Hajj, from a Sunni Muslim Boy well qualified and well placed. Apply I.V. Box:3162 or Email:

BANGALORE: Parents of an young Sunni Muslim divorcee of 21 yrs, fair, good looking, smart, homely, II Puc, religious, good natured seek suitable alliance from religious, cultured favourably well settled in India or abroad with family visa. Apply I.V.Box: 3132

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim family invite alliance for their daughter 26 yrs, 5’4", educated, employed in a reputed IT company from educated, employed, well settled boys from decent family background from India or abroad. Apply I.V.Box: 3109 OR Email:

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim, retired class I Govt officer invites alliance for his daughter, BSc, B.Ed, 22, 5’4", fair, convent educated. Parents of boys Engineer/MCA/MBA well settled and employed in govt/MNC’s should contact with biodata to I.V.Box: 3191

MYSORE: Alliance invited for Urdu speaking Sunni Muslim girl, age 27 years, B.Sc, B.Ed, working as a teacher in a private school from well settled professionals or businessmen. Apply I.V.Box:3156 or Email:

DAVANGERE: Highly educated, cultured and religious parents invite alliance for their daughter, 25 yrs, 5’3", MBBS. Boy should be MBBS/BE/CA or qualified professional. Email: OR Phone: 23152 OR Apply I.V.Box: 3177

HUBLI: Sunni Muslim highly educated family invite alliance for their daughter 23 years, 5’4", B.Sc, B.Ed, fair, good looking, religious, domestically well trained. Boys should be professionals, employed or well settled, religious, Islamic minded from decent family background. Apply I.V. Box: 3188

BELGUAM: Alliance invited for Sunni Muslim beautiful bride, highly respectable family BE (electronics & Communication) with distinction. Age 23, height 5’3". Bridegroom should be BE/MBBS/MBA settled in India/Gulf. Respond with biodata to M.M.Baig, H.No: 1/16, Class III A, Irrigation Colony, Vishveshwaraiah Nagar, Belgaum-590001. Ph: 0831-422234 (R)

HYDERABAD: Sunni, Urdu speaking parents seek alliance for their daughter, Engineer, 24 years, religious, fair 164cms. Working in a large computer company. Apply I. V. Box: 3187


Wanted Bride

BANGALORE: Alliance for Sunni Muslim Urdu speaking Sheikh, 30 yrs, 5'6", Diploma in Mechanical Engineering running own Maruti Car workshop on partnership. The girl should be goodlooking from well & decent family background. Apply I.V.Box: 3183 OR Phone: 8412902 (Imityaz Ahmed)

BANGALORE: Alliance invited for Sunni Muslim, professional, 5'10", BE (Mech), MBA, very handsome and employed in a good position in a renowned multinational company in Bangalore. Family upper middle class and parents from reputed state govt. dept. Responses expected from families of girls who are beautiful and highly educated. Apply I.V.Box: 3184 OR Email:

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim, retired class I Govt officer invites alliance for his son, BSc (Comp Science), hardware engineer, 28, 5'8", own Computer business, well settled in Bangalore from parents of Sunni Muslim graduate girls. No dowry, simple and early marriage. Apply with bio data to I.V.Box: 3190

HUBLI: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their son, B.E. (Mech), 5'7", 28 yrs, handsome working in a renowned multinational company in Belgaum, well highly qualified family. Girls should be religious, beautiful and well educated (preferably professionals BE/MBBS/MCA, working Govt. servant). Email bio data to OR Apply I.V.Box: 3180

HASSAN: Urdu speaking Sunni Syed family seeks suitable alliance for their brothers 1) B.E. (Mech), course completed, temporarily working, 29 yrs. 2) A Medical shop owner, 27 yrs. From well educated, religious, decent small families who are interested to give a helping hand to get set up the boy once. Girls should be decent, religious, fair complexioned, above 5 feet and good looking preferably employed. For medical shop owner, girls qualification should be related to Medical line. Send resumes to I.V.Box: 3176 OR Contact Phone: 08172-31674 / 70212

GADAG: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their son, BE (Mech), 5'4", 28 yrs working as Assistant Executive Engineer (Production) in ONGC (A Navratna Public Sector Company) Mumbai. Boy hails from a well educated family. Girls should be religious, beautiful and well educated preferably BSc/BE (electronics or C.S)/ MBBS. Apply with bio data to I.V.Box: 3178 OR Phone: 08372 - 39584

HYDERABAD: Parents invite suitable alliance for their son 26 years. 5'11", shortly completing MDS (Dental Surgery), religious, fair in colour. Bride should be tall, beautiful, MBBS/ BDS/ Post Graduation in Medicine/ Dentistry. Apply I. V. Box: 3186

KURNOOL: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for son working as doctor in Jeddah. Girl should be MBBS/BDS. Send bio-data to I.V.Box:3170 or Email:

A.P.: AP based Sunni Muslim, Urdu financially well settled professional, M.Com, MBA, B.L., fair, 39/5'9", needs good looking, slim, beautiful girl, Doctor/Software Engineer/lecturer, Age 29-34 yrs and groom wants to settle at Bangalore. Apply with bio-data to I.V.Box: 3144


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