Islamic Voice
Jamadi Ul Akhir 1422
September 2001
Volume 15-09 No:177

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Wanted Bridegroom
Wanted Bride

Wanted Bridegroom

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim religious educated decent family invite alliance for their daughter 27/5’5", wheatish complexion, good looking, slim, BSc (Microbiology), Dip in Computers/ Diploma in Fashion Designing and trained in Medical Transcription working in MNC company. Boy should be from respectable family well educated professional employed in Bangalore, India. Apply I.V.Box: 2991 OR Email:,

BANGALORE: Sunni sheikh educated decent family invites alliance for their daughter 27/5’4"/M.A., M.Phil (Literature), wheatish complexion, good looking, slim, working as an English lecturer in aided women’s college in Bangalore. Boy should be educated and well settled from decent family background from in and around Bangalore. Contact Phone: 6665513, 6577110 OR Apply I.V.Box: 3072.

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim parents seek alliance for their daughter 27/5’3", B.E., M.S. in Computer Science from US, religious, fair, beautiful, currently working in US. Parents of boy with MS/MBA/Phd Degree of US, settled in US originating from Karnataka / Hyderabad / Chennai / Mumbai can Contact

BANGALORE: Sunni Sheikh Muslim, well settled business oriented family parents invite proposal for their daughter aged 22 years, 5’3", fair, good looking, religious and well-cultured, done her B.A, PGDCA, PGDMIS. The boy should be well-settled, graduate, Doctor, Engineer, business man. Small family either in Bangalore or abroad with family status visa. Apply I.V.Box: 3076 OR e-mail:

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their daughter 21 years, 5’2", SSLC, Wheatish complexion, good looking, religious, domestically well trained. Boy should be well-settled in business or employed. Boy should be religious and from decent family background. Ph: 6681578 OR Apply I.V.Box :3083

BANGALORE/HARIHAR: Alliance invited for my sister B.Sc (Computer Science) 26 years, 5’2" Sunni Sheikh Urdu speaking Muslim, religious, fair convent educated, working in software company. Boy should be graduate & well settled with good family background. Brother Diploma in Mechanical Eng. Working in private Ltd. Company as a service engineer. 30/5’6". The girl should be from well & decent family background. Early marriage (mutual or separate). Apply I.V.Box: 3084.

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their daughter 23/5’3"/M.Sc (Microbiology), Diploma in computer presently working in the field of Microbiology. The boy should be 26-28years old qualified BE/MBBS/MBA/MCA working in India/Abroad and belonging to respectable family from Bangalore only Phone:3466527 (Suhail Ebrahim), E-mail: OR Apply I.V. Box 3085

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their daughter B.Sc M.A, 27 years/5’3", good looking & slim. From well educated and settled boys or professionals of decent, educated and religious family. Apply I.V. Box. 3086 or Phone: 3419487 (Before 9 am , after 6 pm during working days).

BANGALORE: Alliance invited for sunni Muslim daughter 23/5’3" M.Sc, convent educated, charming, intelligent, homely with Islamic values from Doctors/Engineers with good family background. Religious boys from USA/UK/Bangalore. Apply I.V.Box 3090 or Phone: 3335862 or Email:

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim, Syed family seeks alliance for their daughter B.Sc, Slim, wheatish, well behaved from boys either from abroad or in Karnataka/own business from respectable family Phone: 5489113 or Apply I.V.Box:3091

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim parents seek alliance for their daughter LL.B, 5’3"/25 years, fair and slim from well educated and well employed boys from respectable family. Reply with particulars to I.V.Box: 3042. OR Ring up 98441-63095 (after 6.30pm preferably).

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim parents seek alliance for their daughter ME (Communication Systems) lecturer 30/5’4", fair, religious, domestically well trained from boy Engineer/Doctor/Post graduate well settled in India/Abroad. Apply I.V.Box: 2694.

BANGALORE: Alliance invited for Sunni Muslim convent educated religious girl, 30 years, 5’, fair, software professional, working. Taken khula, no issue. Boy should be well settled. Apply I.V.Box: 3095 OR e-mail:

HUBLI: Sunni Sheikh Muslim religious family invites alliance for their third daughter 21/5’3", wheatish, namazee, God fearing, domestically well trained, PUC 1st year. Boy should be in business or with good job. Also looking for Bride for son 28 years working at Doha-Qatar. Contact: B.M. Shaikh, 3/2, Pinto Road, P.B. No: 68, Hubli - 580020. Ph.: 352330 (R).

HUBLI: Parents of girl 23/5’4", fair, Bsc., B.Ed., invite alliance from boys decently employed or professionals, Islamic minded, well versed in domestic affairs. Girl comes from a highly educated family of a retired official. Brother is a KAS officer. Apply I.V.Box: 3094.

CHENNAI: Sunni Muslim parents invite proposal for their daughter aged 30 years, height 5’4", fair, good looking, highly qualified having European assignments drawing five figure salary. Looking for a boy well educated from respectable family from Professional / Employed in MNC or Abroad. Apply I.V.Box: 3071 OR send biodata through e-mail:

CHENNAI: Sheikh Urdu speaking 24 yrs/ 155 cm/ BSc graduate presently doing DNIIT and MCA correspondance course. Alliance invited from well employed government/ Banks/ MNC/ Abroad having family status. Apply I.V.Box: 3077.

CHENNAI: Urdu speaking Sunni Sheikh parents seek alliance from educated and well settled groom from respectable families for their daughter aged 29 yrs, height 162 cms, very fair, slim, MSc (Textiles) & Diploma in Apparel Management, employed as Sr. Merchandiser currently drawing Rs. 10,000/- per month. Email:

MUMBAI: Alliance for Sunni Muslim Syed Software professional girl M.Com, 26 years, 5', 68Kgs (Expectations: Graduate, businessman or Engineer/ Professional from religious family only). Phone after 6.00 pm: 3083405 / 3074122. E-mail: apply with photo to I.V.Box No: 3087.

ALIGARH: Religious but progressive, Sunni Pathan landlord, educated family seek alliance for Doctor daughter B.U.M.S, C.G.O, C.C.H, M.D (Alt med), 155/25 working as consultant ina local hospital Doctors/Engineers/ Professionals of cultured families may apply with photo to Dr. S. A. Khan, RRIUM, P.B. 70, A.M.U, Aligarh:202002 Phone:05744-42456 or E-Mail:


Wanted Bride

BANGALORE: Sunni Urdu speaking , Engineer 33/ 5’6", now doing family business with rental income well settled. Invites domestic/ educated girl for alliance. Apply I. V. Box :3079.

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim parents invites alliance for their son 32/5’8", B.Com DBA working as an executive in MNC. Good looking girls below 28, graduates, engineers or employed in a bank from a respectable family. Contact Phone: 5476049 or Apply I.V.Box: 3081 or E-mail:

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim boy, 26, 5’11", well settled Govt. Medical Officer seeks alliance from MBBS bride. Fax details to 6681177 or Call 9845015484 apply I.V.Box: 3082.

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their son Engineer BE, M.S(Computer science) 28 years, 5’10" currently employed in USA on HI visa, handsome, intelligent and religious father is Senior Class I Gazetted Officer, brothers and sisters are settled in USA. Girl should be 22-24 years, 5’5" fair, beautiful and educated from a well-educated religious and respectable family. Apply to I.V.Box:3092

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim father invites alliance for his son 29 years, 5’8", graduate presently working in a reputed company at Riyadh as marketing executive drawing handsome salary having family status. The girl should be graduate, good looking, fair, religious from decent family background. Apply I.V.Box: 3093

BANGALORE: Sunni Muslim parents seek alliance for their son LLB, MBL, 30 years/5’6", fair, working as Manager-Legal, seeks alliance from fair, educated girls and respectable family. Reply with particulars to I.V.Box: 3043 OR Ring up 98441-63095 (After 6.30pm) preferably.

MYSORE: Sunni Muslim Urdu speaking (Khan) parents invite alliance from parents of religious, homely good looking girls below 28 years for smart good matured son 5’7"/31 years, Dip in electronics & telecommunication working as (JTO) Junior Training officer in a private Industrial Institute (Govt. aided post)at Mysore. Employed girl preferred. Apply I.V. Box : 3078

ARSIKERE: Urdu speaking Sunni Sheikh mother invite alliance for her son, divorcee, 28/5’5"/AMIE(B.E),PDCA, handsome and Namazi, running 9 shops (General stores) in Arsikere and other places. Girl should be below 24 years, religious, fair very beautiful from well settled respectable family. Divorcee, Khula girls with no issues may also apply. Simple and early marriage. Write to : Mohammed Yusuf, S/o Late Abdul Gaffar Sab, “Gaffar Manzil”, Opp P&T Quarters, Laxmipura, Arsikere:573103, Ph: 958174-33083

A.P.: Sunni Muslim parents of religious and cultured family invite alliance for their handsome son 29/5’9", MBBS working as Medical Officer Ministry of Interior Riyadh, KSA. with family status. Girl should be beautiful, height, minimum 5’3" qualified MBBS. Please contact 08561-61049 OR I.V.Box: 3025.

SURAT: Sunni Muslim Sayed family seeks alliance for their sons 27/166 cms and 25/166 cms, graduate engineers engaged in pvt. firm and leading industry group as Deputy Manager respectively. Bride should be educated graduate/engineer/doctor (even if studying) below 23 to 25 years, beautiful/good looking from decent Muslim family. The groom’s father is a retired govt. gaz. class I engineer. Contact with biodata requested to I.V.Box: 3088 OR Email:


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