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Rajab 1424 H
September 2003
Volume 16-09 No : 201
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Community Roundup

Millions of Muslims Reject and Condemn Retaliatory Terrorism - Hatred Breeds Hatred
Red Carpet? No Way Sharon !
Look Who's Rich!
Annual Day With A Difference
The Federation of Masajid Celebrated Independence Day

Millions of Muslims Reject and Condemn Retaliatory Terrorism - Hatred Breeds Hatred

Police officials say that the blast and five other such events since December last, are the fallout of the Gujarat massacres of 2002: The search for the conductor of the longest-running terror bombing campaign any major Indian city has ever seen will now have to start afresh.

By M.Hanif Lakdawala

Mumbai: What is most intriguing about this series of explosions in Mumbai - at first reminiscent of the Mumbai serial bombings of 1993 - is that they seem to involve individuals and organisations very different from those associated with that carnage.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the twin blasts in Mumbai on August 25 that has killed more than 45 people. While several jihadi organisations are suspected, intelligence officials say that the blast and five other such events since December last are the fallout of the Gujarat massacres of 2002.

According to the police sources, different bombs in the ongoing terror series were made in a very different fashion, a sign that different indivi-duals may have fabricated them. Some used gelatine sticks while others used a home-made explosive compound of ammonium nitrate, potassium chlorate, sulphuric acid and sugar - chemicals available over the counter in most major cities. Some bombs were set off using electronic timers while the March 13, bombing of a Mulund-Karjat train, which claimed 11 lives, used a chemical timer made by filling a rubber balloon with acid.

No arrests were made for four bombings that took place in December 2002 and January 2003, at Andheri (East), Mumbai Central Railway Station, and two at Vile Parle (East). According to preliminary reports from Mumbai, an ammonium nitrate-based explosive may have been used in the bombs as well.

Before the tragic killings on August 25, 17 persons had been killed and 189 injured in a series of five blasts that began on December 2, 2002. Eleven suspects, led by the main acused Saquib Nachan, were arrested in Maharas-htra for two of the serial bombings; one, Imran Rehman Khan, was deported from the United Arab Emirates where he had fled after the first attack. There is evidence, however, that the arrested bomb-makers were just part of a large pool of trained terrorists. The terror offensive seems linked, furthermore, to a vicious cycle of communal terror and counter-terror.

“The jihadis in collaboration of the underworld got a recruitment pool of disaffected Muslims, some of them refugees from Gujarat,’’ said one official, and they appear to be making full use of them’’.

“For the 1993 blasts, they used the Mumbai underworld, but now that the dons have been forced to migrate to the Gulf and Pakistan, they have changed their modus operandi,’’ said one official.

According to Imran Rehman Khan, the main accused in the Ghatkopar blast of December 2002, Lashkar cells and in some cases, D-company expats in the Gulf countries are used to recruit Indian Muslims. The choice of targets, too, is revealing and indicates ISI involvement, says the official. The Gateway of India is an obvious symbol of the country, while the Zaveri Bazar, besides being dominated by Gujaratis, is a major economic centre which was also one of the targets of the 1993 blasts.’’

Officials say that the major impetus for the recent spate of blasts in Mumbai was the Gujarat massacres of 2002. Imran Rehman Khan told interrogators in Mumbai that after being recruited in April 2002, he was summoned by a Lashkar front organisation in Saudi Arabia to formulate a plan ‘’to avenge the Gujarat killings’’.

Many of the dozen-odd young men now arrested for the recent series of bombings in Mumbai seem to be driven by the same desire for revenge. Police allege that Nachan first encountered Bhiwandi riot victims when many of those displaced by violence there settled in his village, Padgha, near Thane. Deeply moved by their suffering, Nachan maintained contact with several riot victims until he was recruited a decade later by the now-banned Students Islamic Movement of India. From the late 1980s, Indian intelligence officials believe, Nachan began to regularly recruit Muslim youth for weapons training in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The contacts for this process, officials say, were made during five visits to Pakistan and Bangladesh between 1989 and 1991.

The twin blast on August 25, have made clear that Nachan is not the only - or even the biggest - Lashkar fish swimming in Mumbai’s troubled waters. The search for the conductor of the longest-running terror bombing campaign any major Indian city has ever seen will now have to start afresh.

Groups that work for communal harmony between Hindus and Muslims appealed for calm, following speculation that the attack could have been in revenge for last year’s killings in Gujarat, where upto 2,000 Muslims died.

Another question, however, also needs to be asked, however painful it might be at a time of great national and personal distress. Many of those arrested by the Mumbai Police for the earlier bomb blasts, apart from being members of terrorist organisations, were also victims of the communal violence that has ravaged Maharashtra for decades.

While millions of ordinary Muslims completely reject and condemn such ‘retaliatory’ terrorism, the fact remains that hatred breeds hatred. Islamist terrorism of the kind Mumbai is witnessing is part of a tragic cycle of communal terror and counter-terror. Neither legions of policemen nor the latest intelligence technology can solve this problem. What is required is the healing touch by spreading the message of tolerance instead of hatred.


Red Carpet? No Way Sharon !

The NDA Government has chosen to turn Blind Eye to the Horrendous Crimes
being perpetrated by Ariel Sharon

By Staff Writer

The impending visit of War Criminal Ariel Sharon, the current PM of Israel, a figure who is reviled the world over,

from September 9 to 11, 2003 will mark a tectonic shift in Indian politics and that of the Third World as well.It will mark a dramatic and painful shift away from our hitherto unstinted support to the Palestinian people in their National struggle for Independence against Israeli occupation.

By extending an invitation to Ariel Sharon to visit India, the Indian government has committed the cardinal sin of bestowing honour on a war criminal, who is deeply detested by the vast majority of the global community because of his unsavoury reputation. Promot-ing better relations with the people of Israel is one thing, but trying to white-wash the heinous crimes of Ariel Sharon, and those of the fascist Likud Party he represents, is quite another. In fact, Sharon cannot travel to most countries even in Europe because of the extreme passions such a visit would arouse. It cannot be that the government of India is unaware of the criminal record of Ariel Sharon or of the notorious Likud Party he has been leading.

Ariel Sharon is being currently tried for War Crimes by the tribunal in Belgium and is an international pariah. He is basically a Zionist fascist committed to the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people from the West Bank and Gaza. He has consistently opposed peace with his Arab neighbours. In 1979, he voted against a peace treaty with Egypt. In 1985, he voted against the withdrawal of Israeli troops to the so-called security zone in southern Lebanon. In 1991, he opposed Is-rael s participation in the Madrid Peace Conference. In 1993, he voted ‘NO’ in the Knesset on the Oslo Peace Process. In 1994, he abstained in the Knesset on a vote over a peace treaty even with a US stooge like Jordan. He voted against the Hebron agreement in 1997, and objected to the withdrawal of Israeli troops from southern Lebanon.

In other words, one can safely vouch that Ariel Sharon is against the principle of Peace.Ariel Sharon s bloody trail has been one of massacres, genocides and war. As commander of the notorious Unit 101, Sharon led attacks on Palestinian villages in which women and children were massacred. This infamous and gruesome incident occurred on 14 October, 1953, when Sharon’s troops killed 69 civilians in cold blood in Qibya.

Sharon has blood on his hands. It is undisputed that, when he was just 25 years old, he was directly involved in the massacre of some 69 Palestinian civilians in the West Bank village of Qibiya during the night of October 14-15, 1953 as the bloody operation was carried out by an Israeli army unit led by him.

As Minister of Defence in 1982, Sharon oversaw the invasion of Lebanon which resulted in the deaths of 18,000 people and 30,000 grievously injured, mostly civilians. On 6 June 1982, the Israeli Army invaded Lebanon ostensibly in retaliation for the attempted assassination of Israeli Ambassador Argov in London on June 4. The Israeli operation which was well planned in advance was called Operation Peace for Galilee The Israeli troops captured Beirut and after two months of heroic resistance by the Palestinians, the Americans intervened. The UN Security Council described it as a criminal massacre and passed Resolution 521 on September 19 condemning the horrific event. This was followed by a 16 December 1982, General Assembly resolution qualifying the massacre as an “act of genocide”.

It was Ariel Sharon who triggered of the latest phase of the Intifada by his provocative visit to the Haram-e-Sharif, on September 28, 2000 with the escort of 3000 soldiers provided by PM Ehud Barak of the Labour Party. The spiraling violence and mayhem that followed brought Ariel Sharon to power as PM of the extreme Right -Wing Fascist Likud Party on February 6, 2001.

The NDA government has chosen to turn a blind eye to the horrendous crimes being perpetrated by Ariel Sharon and his fascist clique on the unfortunate people of Palestine, who are under the yoke of Israeli occupation. It would also mean that the present government has chosen to completely overturn the principled policies followed by all previous governments in India, which have fervently supported the just cause of the Palestinian people.


Look Who's Rich!

Properties of those who migrated following the Indo-Pak war of 1965 have
generated an income of more than Rs 50 crore to the Indian exchequer

By Staff Writer

A total of lakhs of shares in various Indian companies held by those who migrated to Pakistan after the Indo-Pak war of 1965 have generated an income of more than Rs 50 crore to the Indian exchequer since then. This, in addition to Rs 3,000 crore worth of property across the country.

The office of the Custodian of Enemy Properties (CEP) under the department of Export Insurance and Enemy Property in the Union ministry of commerce office came into existence after the Indo-Pak war of 1965. Properties of those who migrated following the Partition, but prior to 1965 were termed evacuated property and settled between the two countries.

CEP, monitors and preserves the income and properties of those who opted for Pakistani nationality between September 1965 and September 1977. Janak Dwarakadas, senior lawyer of the Bombay high court says that the provision of the Enemy Property Act, 1968, under the Defence of India Rules, 1962, gives complete rights to the central government to pass an appropriate order to divest any property or investment, which is vested with the Custodian of Enemy Property.

The annual dividends issued against these shares are preserved with the custodian’s office and the income is transferred to a bank account in the government-owned Central Bank of India, according to sources. The total income from these dividends as of now is about Rs 50 crore, the sources said.

The CEP has also subscribed to the rights issues of companies and has meticulously invested in treasury bills. Sources say the CEP has invested close to Rs 100 crore in treasury bills.


Annual Day With A Difference


Many of us regret to hear the remark “Islam is the most misunderstood religion” but seldom do we ponder or strive seriously to represent Islam in the right perspective. Some people withdraw into their shells. Whereas some others think it is necessary to break the laws of Shariath to make Islam palatable for others. Wisdom International School was founded on the premise that it is possible to excel in studies and in extra curricular activities without compromising on Islam. The 3rd Annual day celebrations of Wisdom INT. School held on the 23rd of August 2003 was another occasion for the school to prove the above. Programs like speeches, Songs, Dramas, Skits were presented by students from the Montessori Section to Std X with each one presenting one or more of the lofty ideals of Islam -honesty, truthfulness, unity, compassion etc.

The programs were held at a vast pandal erected at Mud Tank grounds close to the school with arrangements for Pardah for ladies. The programs presented by the girls of STD VI and above were closed to all men with even the sound and lighting arrangements being handled by ladies. After this the rest of the events were open to everyone.

Every event displayed the hallmarks of painstaking efforts put in by the students and the teachers in preparing them. Even though it is difficult to single out any, some of the dramas left lasting impressions. Amongst those presented by senior girls, “Princess Lala” showed how the boldness, simplicity, honesty, and high thinking of Zainab change the proud and vain princess. This results in the entire royalty reverting to Islam. The senior boys presented the touching story “The True Muslim” where the father has his son’s murderer under his sword, but lets him go as he promised him protection earlier. In “The Ideal Life”, Mrs. Willams and Mrs Jackson are astonished to see the kids of Muslim neighbours so truthful and honest and sincere in following the model of the Prophet(S.A.W) They can’t help but exclaim at the end; “Let’s read more about Islam”.

Children were awarded with books, mementos and certificates for their achievements for their achievements in the previous academic year. Teaching and non teaching staff who put in extra efforts and demonstrated excellence were also rewarded.

Not less that a thousand five hundered guests went back thoroughly gratified after seeing the children’s perforrnance. It reinforced their conviction that it is not necessary to send their children’s to convent schools to provide them with opportunities for well rounded personality development, and that they do not have to compromise their Islamic principles for their children’s education. Mufti Ashraf Ali Saheb, Ameer-e-Shariat. Karnataka and Mr. Timmappa B.E.O South Range addressed the gathering.


The Federation of Masajid Celebrated Independence Day

The Federation of Masajid, Madaris and Wakf Institutions of Bangalore East celebrated Independence Day with a function on 17-08-03. Janab Moulana Riyaz-Ur- Rehman Sahib Rashadi, Imam -O-Khateeb Jamia Masjid, Bangalore presided over the function. Sri Alexander, I.A.S (retd.) M.L.A & Chairman, Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, Sri Kuldeep Sing Rekhi, Member Karnataka State Minorities Commission, Janab Abdul Rasheed Sakathi, M.A, Mangalore, Moulana Mohammed Iqbal Qasmi Sahib, Sehikh-Ul-Hadeeth, Baqiyathusalehath - Vellore were present as the Chief Guests.

Moulana Iqbal Ahmed Qasmi addressed the gathering in English and brought forward many of the sacrifices made by the Muslim Ulema right from 18th Century till the date of Independence to prove a point that Muslims are a part of this country and their love, affection and integration is unquestionable. He narrated that more than two Lakh Ulema sacrificed their lives during independence struggle. Sri. J.Alexander,M.L.A spoke on the misuse of langauage and religion and stressed the need for a peaceful communal co-existence for the betterment of the country. Janab Moulana Riyaz-Ur-Rehman Sahib in his presidential address narrated his boyhood life the love of his family to the non-muslim families and vice-verse. He stressed the need of providing education for the Muslim boys and girls and clarified the misinterpretation about ‘Jihhad’. He said “Muslims in India were willing to go to any extent to live in peace”. Adding that ‘Jihhad’ was nothing but struggle for justice , sans weapons and destructions.

Janab Abdul Rasheed Sakathi Sahib, from Mangalore spoke in a very commanding Kannada language referring Bhagwat Geetha, Ramayan, Basavanna teachings with a stress that no religion teaches hatred. He pointed out that different flowers with different colours of flowers will make the garden more beautiful than with a single species of flowers. Sri Kuldeep Sjng Rekhi while addressing the gathering stressed the importance of sacrifices made by the leaders of all community including Muslims for the independence of this country. He made a point that the Sikh community comprise only about 30,000 in Karnataka but still they never feel that they are alone,but confident that all the minorities are with them.

The President of the federation Janab Ziaullah Khan welcomed the distinguish guests and the function came to an end with of thanks by Janab Samiullah Pathan, Secretary of this Federation.


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