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August 2009
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The French and the Hijab
Abdul Hameed Yousuf
[email protected] Mumbai
The issue of hijab is going on in France. The burqa protects women and girls from the male gaze and creates a safe haven from illicit sexual relations and uncontrolled carnal desires. It locks the door to lust and adultery. No one can raise his roving eyes on women with hijab. These days, the French government has come out openly against the burqa and paradoxically, they are decrying the use of it as a form of imprisonment. Hope better sense prevails on the French and they understand the merits of hijab.

Practically apply the Quran
Tajamul Hussain
[email protected]
In a typical Muslim house, the holy Quran would invariably find itself decorated in the costly wrap up on the 'rihal' at the higher elevation on the niche of the drawing/living room. As a token of the highest reverence, the believers would touch the holy book after they perform ablution and shower kisses and rub it with the forehead and eyes. However in the normal day to day dealings, the respected book would hardly be consulted (even referred to for guidance). I wish Muslims could practise the teachings written in the Quran in their daily lives, rather than keeping the Quran in their book shelves as a showpiece.
Dubious Leaders
Mohammad Salahuddin
[email protected] Mumbai
Recently, Pakistan President Zardari published an Op-Ed piece in Washington Post and certain other papers thanking the US for its generosity and urging the rest of the world to do likewise. He used the plight of refugees as one reason, the other being the fight against militancy. Between them, Zardari and his wife, Benazir, stole more than $3 billion from Pakistan. Yet he has the gall, along with his secular allies, to appeal to the world to help save Pakistan from the Taliban. True, the Taliban are primitive and nonsensical characters who have absolutely no understanding of Islam but who do characters like Zardari, Rehman Malik, Husain Haqqani and their ilk want to save Pakistan for? Is it for themselves so that they can continue steal more money in the name of fighting militancy and helping the poor?
Please help
Shihab Khan
[email protected]
I would like to thank the team of Islamic Voice for the fabulous job they are doing in bringing the Muslim world to a single platform. I request the readers to help me get answers to these two questions via email. Is piercing ears for men allowed in Islam? and is the killing of 9/11 justified according to an Islamic perspective?
West's animosity towards Iran
Safiya Sameena
Vijayawada- AP, [email protected]

Iran's presidential election results and how they were reported reflect the West's deep animosity towards Iran and Islam. Long before the elections were held, a campaign of demonization of Ahmedinejad was underway. Barring a few Internet websites, there has been uniform condemnation of Iran and the election results without giving any space for alternative points of view. This is a standard practice in the West: dominate all news discourse in the first few days to firmly plant in the minds of most people only one narrative. Later, this may be modified but by then people may either have lost interest or lost sight of the lies that were initially told. To this day, many Americans still believe that Saddam Husain was involved in the 9/11 attacks; an equal number of Americans believe he had weapons of mass destruction. One must give the Western media credit for fantastic brainwashing.
Do your writers represent Islam?
T. V.A Abdul Malik, Madurai
[email protected]
This is with reference to the article by A. Faizur Rahman, "Dehumanising the Muslim Women," Hazrat Aisha (RA) was 19 not 9" in Islamic Voice, June, 2009. Who is Faizur Rahman? Does he represent Islam? As a frequent business traveller to Saudi Arabia, I have not come across anywhere child marriage as reported by the writer.

The writer has quoted and contradicted the venerable Bukhari Sharif itself. In his piece, "de-humanising the Muslim women," the writer has again presented Quranic ayats as per his whims and fancies. First of all, is the report of legislation true? If so, under what circumstances has the writer or atleast, Islamic Voice checked up with the Afghan embassy in New Delhi?
Thought for the Month Health and Happiness through Fasting
"Fast to be healthy," had said the holy Prophet (Pbuh). And physicians today acknowledge the many benefits of fasting that ensure health and the soundness of one's body and mind. Some of these positive points have a direct influence on psychology and physique of the fasting individual.
Fasting has been found to be an effective treatment for psychological and emotional disorders. It helps a person to firm up his will, cultivate and refine his taste and manners, strengthen his conviction of doing good, avoid controversy, petulance and rashness, which all contribute towards a sane and healthy personality. Besides nurturing resistance and ability to face hardships and endurance, fasting reflects on outward physical appearance by cutting out gluttony and getting rid of excess fat. The benefits of fasting on health do not stop there, but are instrumental in alleviating a number of physical diseases, including those of the digestive systems, such as chronic stomachache, inflammation of the colon, liver diseases, indigestion, and conditions such as obesity, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, asthma, diphtheria and many other maladies.