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August 2009
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Life & Relationships

Workshop Schedule

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful





Date: 24,25 & 26 September 2009
Timings: Thursday 4.45pm to 10.30 pm
Friday & Saturday : 9.00 am to 6.00pm
For details contact:
Mr. Yusuf: 050 4436164
Mr Sadiq: 050 4455649
Email: [email protected]

Date: 2, 3 & 4 October 2009
Organised by:
Muslim womans association of
Rogaland /Stavanger (Islamsk kvinneforening),Norway
For details contact:
Zerina Parker-Knapp
Norway Email: [email protected]
Tel:0047 51550631


"He Indeed Shall Be Successful Who Purifies Himself" (87:14)


In the first day of the workshop your anger disappears and you enter into a state of peace and tranquility. You feel free and light and your view of life, people around you and the world transforms.

The next day you get rid off the burden of the past and the constrains the past imposes on your view of life. You get access to live in the present and create a new future. You have the power, freedom and self-expression to take any challenge that life throws at you and life is no longer a burden. Your view of life alters. You create a new you, surrendering to the will of Allah and choosing to be His representative. You purify your heart and truly get connected with Almighty Allah.

Third day you witness a whole new world around you by demolitioning (fana) your ego. You see life as simple with Truth prevailing and Falsehood perishing. You experience, love, joy, peace, happiness, contentment and bliss, a gift Allah has given you to experience and share with others.

Unless there is individual transformation
there will be no Universal Transformation.
Now we need a revolution, not for changing others, but to change ourselves

The spiritual weapon of self-purification, intangible as it seems, is the most potent means of revolutionizing one・s environment and loosening external shackles. It works subtly and invisibly; it is an intense process though it might often seem a weary and long-drawn one. It is the straightest way to liberation. The surest and quickest and no effort can be too great for it. What it requires is faith.



There is difference between knowing intellectually and experiencing.
Experience is being present, without definition, expectations or judgment,
with one・s perceptions.
Here is an opportunity of a lifetime 4 U !!!

please see the interview telecast by ITV, South Africa
on Sunday 16th November 2008
On Discover Yourself" workshop
Purification of Soul.
Here are the links for the youtube video
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

I have traveled to many countries, attending seminars by world renown scholars such as Earl Nightingale, Dennis Weatley, Wyne Dyer and Deepak Chopra, amongst others. All these great personalities passed on information and their personal experiences. I always felt that there was a need to write a course for Muslims, based on Qur・aan and Sunnah. Sadathullah Khan has done it. We have discovered talent that has the ability and method to transform people. My advice to all my brothers and sisters is to take this opportunity to learn the concept of La illaha illallah, the meaning of abundance and the meaning of unlimited possibilities.
Ismail A Kalla
Islamic Council of South Africa.

I was deeply impressed by Mr Sadathullah・s powerful presentation skills. His unwavering commitment to social revolution through transformation of individuals has touched the hearts of every participant in the workshop held in Dubai. It was a very edifying experience. As hours went by, he began to grow in me. Not only as a trainer, but also as an individual with a passion for making a positive difference to human lives. I have read somewhere that passion is love and anger combined. His moral indignation and anger at the near-total negation of positive re-enforcement in the lives of our Ummah and his profound love for them moved me deeply. Mr Sadath・s grassroots level approach to training will do our Ummah a world of good in the long run and be instrumental in creating a massive tsunami effect in the Muslim society. Perhaps the lessons I took from the workshop are totally different from the lessons most others took. The three-day workshop has had a powerful chastening impact on me as a person and specifically as a Muslim trainer who deeply shares his vision of community transformation starting at the grassroots level.
Trainer, Dubai

I liked the workshop very much. It is unique and the best way of doing Islah and dawah. It is an easy solution to all the problems in the families. In life how oneself can do Islah? The remedy for this is in the workshop. Since the workshop has lot of merits, common man should attend it as well as learned persons, especially this will be very helpful for women. It has to be conducted in every city. I cannot express the merits of the workshop, only you will know when you attend it.

** Total transformation in my life! Past sixteen years I have been searching for what I have found today! Every word spoken was powerful; it opened my heart, mind and soul and affected me deeply forever. I will never be theame person again. Past 16 years, my life has been total disaster, divorce, and physically abused, violence. Single mother of two, every problem at work, home, health and finance etc... Realized today I was a "drama Queen" creating my own misery being depressed, sad, negative every day of my life But I was searching for answers, for help, to get out of this and today Allah (swt) has accepted that Dua. I am eternally grateful to Allah and shaikh for transforming my life. I have never felt lighter, happier or more hopeful than at this point! I have found the real, true me. A dynamic, motivating and inspiring workshop. Allah (swt) has truly blessed with a gift of inspiring others. Thank you very much! My duas are with you

** All praise be to Allah Tala for creating, guiding and assisting khan to do this lofty work. I am writing these few words to thank you for a life- altering experience, for the insight into understanding myself, for giving me the keys to unlock my own joy happiness and confidence. I was "STUCK" for 20 years of my life! I have enjoyed this workshop 1000%. I felt all the time that you were addressing me. I intended to continue to make all the inner changes Inshah Allah, Jazakallah-u-khairan. May Allah Tala bless you with good health, a long life and guidance to continue this lofty work. You are doing it excellently. Shukran.

** The workshop is mind blowing connection between psychology and Islam. It is really a wonderful, insight oriented different workshop. The style and coaching was impressive.

** Par-Excellence. The entire Ummah needs to participate in this workshop. You are at the right time in this chapter of Islam.

** I have done numerous workshops and I have attended numerous talks by motivational speakers, what I enjoyed about this workshop was bringing in the Islamic perspective into things. I also enjoyed the humour used and I felt the last day of the course was absolutely fantastic

A brief profile - A.W. Sadathullah Khan
Janab A W Sadathullah Khan hails from the leading I T hub of the world and culturally rich city of Bangalore, India. A mechanical engineer by profession and a gold medallist from Bangalore University. After having worked in HAL, I.T.I and in Saudi Arabia, he returned to India to set up an export oriented Industry. He gave up his business and at present he has dedicated his life to serving humanity. He is also a journalist, publisher and the editor of the renowned English monthly, Islamic Voice, since January 1987. He is the founding member of the PEACE FOR YOU International Foundation and He spent many years in designing a unique course, :Discover Yourself;, based on Qur・an and Sunnah.
In the past six years he has conducted more than 145 three-day workshops in all major cities of India and abroad, which has transformed the lives of thousands of participants who have attended his workshop.

Workshop Designed and Conducted by:
A.W. Sadathullah Khan B.Sc, B.E (Mech), Editor, Islamic Voice,

International Foundation
Committed to make a difference
# 3/1, Palmgrove Road, Victoria Layout, Bangalore-560047, India,
Tel: 0091 80-41126165 /+91 98451 58996

[email protected] / [email protected]

For more details please visit

Caged Thoughts set free in Cape Town
The Three-day Discover Yourself Workshop conducted by A.W. Sadathullah Khan was held in Cape Town on 19, 20 & 21 June 2009. Here some of the participants share their experiences.

Fahim: I have developed a more calm approach to life, not like a gun going off half loaded. I overcame hesitation in making decisions. Before the workshop, I lived a life of a control freak resulting in constant conflict situations and stress. The greatest lesson I learnt in the workshop is Life is about others not you, you, you! I value the observations made by Sadath sir that, all this is nothing unless you put it into practice.

Rafeea: Before the workshop, I did not know who I really was. I was unconscious. Not willing to be a human being. I did not know how to respond and to be responsible for the actions I make. After the workshop, I realised who I am, I am a human being, my word. I have to be conscious at all times. Alhamdulillah, I am feeling at peace.

Naeem: The workshop was a real benefit to me. I remember day one when I came, I said that I was a frustrated and angry person. But when I attended the workshop, it really took away my anger. It took away the burden from the past out of me. I would really encrourage a lot of people to this workshop. I do feel like a new person. A lot of people are asking me how I changed. I just want to say thank you to Mr Sadathullah for changing me and I appreciate that.

Ruqaya: Life before the workshop: anger, frustration, resentments, cursing those who have made my life difficult. Blaming others for my frustrations. Not appreciating the good things in life. Life after the workshop: calmness, acceptability, accountability and responsibility. Trying to resolve my difficult matters in a right way.

Khatija: I threw away my life story and learnt to accept things rather than resisting it. This workshop opened my eyes and taught me not to question things, but to look for solutions. By speaking about my feelings to my family, I found out how much they love me no matter what. Putting my trust in Allah, I forgave myself, family and friends. I now feel free and happy. I can get on with my life and do the stuff I always wanted to do.

Ismail Androos: Life before the workshop was like a vegetable. Now I am alive. I have become a child again and now I can take challenges. My family has already started seeing a change in me. I took my dad with me to the workshop, he is now a peaceful and more tolerating person. Thank you. I wish this workshop to expand throughout the world.

Abdullah Martin: I have experienced that all my life, I have caged myself, because of my thoughts, thoughts that were not true. I have also realised that there is no need to fight over right and wrong. I have finally got a way forward to my life. I am very happy and relieved.

Naseema: By participating in this workshop, I feel empowered to change my life. The spiritual journey was extremely uplifting. I feel sad that I wasted so much time before, not experiencing and practising the true essence of Islam. I felt a sense of peace come over me in my home which flowed through my spouse and children. I have begun living like a conscious human being rather than existing and surviving as animals do. I make a pledge to keep my word and be responsible.

Dropping Past Burdens in Hyderabad
The Three-day Discover Yourself Workshop conducted by A.W. Sadathullah Khan was held in Hyderabad on 26, 27 & 28 June 2009. Here some of the participants share their experiences.

Dr Narayanan: I found the lectures and presentations excellent. It has induced a feeling of joy and happiness and showed that it is universal brotherhood that will ensure long lasting peace. My wife appreciated the subject matter when I shared with her. I would help to inculcate the same teachings to my children and grandchildren. Wishing Sadathullah Khans mission to improve society based on Islamic principles a great success. Inshallah.

Saadia: I was full of negative thoughts and feelings before coming to this workshop and I was a very depressed person as I have been through a lot of tragedies and hurdles in life, but I have felt better after completion of this workshop. I would not lie and say I have totally changed, but of course this workshop has some impact on me.

Qatija: At the outset I thank you for being a source to get rid of inferiority as I felt alone in this universe. I felt life was meaningless and many other depressions over whelmed me, but after attending this workshop, I found courage. This workshop really brought me from darkness to light i.e. from unconscious to consciousness and by this I also found Allah and myself. Thank you very much.

Fatima: I have shed my past and learnt to live in the present to have a happy and content future. This workshop has given us an opportunity of a lifetime to have an insight into ourselves. I have come to know about my weaknesses, drawbacks and negative points which kept people away from me or vice versa. It has brought me closer to my own self and in turn to my children. The greatest achievement is realisation from unconscious to consciousness and reality.

Aafshan: Frankly speaking, I was a girl of irritating nature, angry and fighting, but after joining the workshop, Alhamdulillah, I have totally changed. Not only me, but all of my family members have changed. May God bless you all. Please continue this workshop and make us Islamic, because we were aware of Islam now, Alhamdulillah after the workshop, we are able to say that yes, we are Muslims.

Sarah: On the first day, when I came out of the auditorium everything became clear and I was able to see others very clearly. On the second day, I learnt to forgive others, dropped the entire burden and started to feel very light and free. Today, on the third day, I became a responsible person, before this I used to blame others for my own mistakes. I started to love and care for all the people not only my family. My family members found a drastic change in me, as I started loving; the response I got is the same. I was in search of peace and love; here I got it, May Allah reward, fulfil all the wishes of Sadath sir and I am very much thankful to GCP, who organised such a nice workshop.

Hassan: Life before the workshop: I use to carry the pain and disheartening experience of life. I used to take decisions instantly. Only aggressiveness was important in life, no matter what I do. From past 6-7 years, I never slept properly, since I always believed in revenge, on the principle An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Life after the workshop: The only disturbing factor of my life was my over aggressiveness, but I too want to live a peaceful life like others. After my first day of the workshop, I slept calmly, since my mind and soul was empty and purified. I would like to thank all the people behind this workshop, who are doing their best to create peace and happiness for others.

Hanan: Before the workshop I was a person of dead heart. I did not have patience. I would not allow anyone to go against me. A cruel person for the family. After I became a person of peace and calmness, I feel very happy. Sir, has given me my dead heart a breath and it is alive again. I would like to thank you sir, you have given me a great gift. I would like to say that you have changed my whole life. Now I would like to change my whole family.

Mueed: Before attending this workshop I used to make other people responsible for my failures, I used to be angry. Now I have changed. I became a soft, kind hearted person. Everybody in my home and all of my friends look at me differently. I look at the people with different views. Now the world is a different place for me. I am really happy.

Shakeel: Mashallah, I feel very calm and peaceful in my mind, having no worries at all, no hatred for anyone in the world. I find all the people are my people. I started loving my family after the workshop. I had said that since suicide is haram, I did not commit (before the workshop) and now I thank Allah that He guided me to this workshop.

Ali: I lived an ungrateful, unsatisfactory life. I hated everyone. I never believed in anyone or even in myself. I was always quite depressed. I had my ego at its top most level. I used to be stressed. I hated myself. I was very unorganised and irresponsible. But now I have changed, I erased all these qualities from my life. I have committed to live as a human being, started to love, be grateful to Allah and be satisfied. I have started caring, being responsible and living a peaceful life.

I thought it is Allah who made me like this. I blamed my elder brother, due to his ignorance, I could not choose a better career. I blamed my mother, she should not have brought me up like that. I always had complaints about my life. I was carrying burdens of past over my head for the last 30 years, since my adolescence. But when I came out of Mr Sadathullah's workshop, I saw people on the streets as if I know them all.

I gave up punishing my children, scolding my wife, shouting at my mother and arguing with my brother. I no longer fear my boss and this time I completely presented myself before him with no fear. To my surprise, unlike my past, this time I gave him advice and he noted that change. I now have changed my attitude towards everyone, towards my life and towards myself. May Allah bestow success on Mr Sadathullah his family.
Ibraheem Shakeel