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November 2005
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Wanted Bridegroom

Bangalore: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their daughter 22 yrs, 54, beautiful, B.E (Computer Science), working in a M.N.C as Software Engineer. Boy should be professionally qualified. well-settled small and educated family &below 28 years. Apply to I.V.Box # 1101

Bangalore: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their daughter religious, good looking, B.E (Elec. & Electronics) aged 30 years. Employed, boy should be educated, religious & well settled. Contact I.V.Box # 1102

Bangalore: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their, B.D.S Doctor Daughter aged 21 years, Height 5.5, early marriage Doctors or Engineers, M.N.C, from respectable families preferred. Contact Phone No: 55305402

Bangalore: Sunni Muslim, Ansari Parents invite alliance for their daughter MCA, working in MNC at Bangalore as S/W Engineer, aged 25 years 53. Groom should be MCA/ B.E (CS)/ B.E (Elec) working in Bangalore broad-minded north India family preferably following Islamic culture. Contact: 9342281582/ 09437078601/ 06760268786 Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

Bangalore: Sunni Muslim Parents from Bangalore highly educated culture with Islamic values Invite proposal for daughter, B.Com 24yrs, 53, Wheatish. Working in a MNC. Required Engineer/ Well settled businessmen with Islamic values. Contact : 57674126 Email : [email protected]

Bangalore: Matrimonial offers invited from well educated cultured, Business/Officials up to the age 36 to marry a fair, tall good looking & earning Rs 15000/p.m, 32 yrs lady having 6-year-old child. Marriage lasted only a year. Interested contact I.V.Box # 1006

Bangalore: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their daughter B.Sc, M.A age 26+, ht 54, fair & religious. Groom should be from well-settled respectable family. Contact: Haroon: 9448471628, E-mail: [email protected]

Bangalore: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their daughter B.E (Telecommunication), employed 26 years. Fair, very Beautiful, 51 height. Groom should be Either a doctor/ engineer preferably settled abroad. Demands not entertained. Contact: 26595772 or Email: [email protected]

Bangalore based Sunni Muslim family seek suitable alliance for their daughter 25 years B.A wheatish Complexion, employed. Groom should be from decent, cultured family. Contact : I.V Box 1103 or Ph:09880786231, Email:[email protected]

Bangalore: Proposals invited from Software Engineer Sunni Muslim boys, age 26-30, minimum ht.58 for a beautiful, fair, telecom Engineer working in a reputed software firm in Bangalore. Contact Phone-91-80-22100648, E-mail [email protected]

Bangalore: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for a girl 24 years, 55 slim fair pretty Medical student in U.S.A Canadian citizen, born & brought-up in Saudi Arabia seeking young decent Medical doctor with good Academic record please contact: 9945479306 or Email:[email protected]

Bangalore: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their daughter 22 years, 57, B.Sc, fair, religious. Father-Khan, Mother-Sheikh. Boy should professionally qualified. Contact:23430016, 9845867881 Email:[email protected]

Bangalore: Sunni Muslim sheikh parents invite alliance for their daughter, B.D.S, 26+years height 5, fair, smart, good-looking. Groom should be B.D.S/ M.B.B.S/ B.E/ B.S.C, Software, India or Abroad, well-settled from respectable families. Contact:9845290214 or E-mail: [email protected]

Bangalore: Sunni Muslim parents (shaikh) invite alliance for their daughter D.Pharmacy, B.Sc IIIrd years, 53, good looking from religious family. Groom should be well-settled religious good looking Doctor/ Engineer/ Graduate Businessman in Bangalore. Minimum height 57. Contact: 9845289115 or Email:[email protected]

Bangalore: Sunni Muslim family invites alliance for their daughter, Graduate 27 yrs, 58, Pvt. sector employed from well settled muslim boy with good family background. Contact:9448613106 or apply I.V. Box 1104

Bijapur: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their daughter, BSc, BEd, MEd working as a high school teacher (Govt. employee), 26 years, 54. Boy should from a decent religious family and a Professional Graduate. Contact: 09890126852 or Email:[email protected]

Bhubaneswar: Proposal for two daughters: 1: Alliance for religious good looking B.D.S (Alig) girl 53, 24 years, passed July 2005, Presently working resident doctor, Appolo Hospital, Calcutta looking for a doctor, religious boy. 2: 22 years, 54, good looking religious M.B.A.(Alig) Final year girl looking for a doctor/ Engineer/ working in MNC groom. Contact: Secretary, Orissa Urdu Academy, Sanskruti Bhawan, Bhubaneswar 14. Ph: (0674) 2530064(R), 9937144013(Mob).

Belgaum: Sunni Muslim parents seek alliance for their daughter, 31 years, 53, religious, fair, good looking, educated and cultured. Post graduate in marketing and sales management, working for an MNC company. The desired groom should be well settled, educated, employed, professional, graduate. Contact:9844124786 or Email:[email protected]

Chennai: Reputed Chennai Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their daughter 23 yrs, 54, M.B.A fair and beautiful. Groom should be B.E, M.S, employed abroad or have good business in Chennai or Bangalore. Contact: 9884020528

Chennai: Wanted Tall, Educated, Clean Habits Groom following Quran and Sunnah in right perspective, religious family for girl M.Sc 24/171, Brownish, very religious. Contact:044-28607454 Email:sameersyedyousuf

Hassan: Channarayapatna Hassan Dist base Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their daughter MSc, Information Technology, 54 good looking slim 24 years. Boy should be professionally qualified, well settled in Karnataka/ Abroad. Contact:958176254848, 9448401669

Mysore: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for daughter 33 years divorcee presently employed as teacher (govt.) in Bangalore. Groom preferably well educated religious from Bangalore. Contact: 9448771070

Solapur: B.E (C.S) & C-DAC, S/W Engineer girl, MNC Bombay, Sunni Shaikh, 25/153, seeks BE/MS/India or Abroad God fearing boy, clean habits, academically interested professional, with no demands/no dowry/ state, place no bar/ Early marriage. Contact(0217)2602814 Mail resume to E-mail:shaikhalmas2005

Wanted Bride

Bangalore: Sunni Muslim parents seek fair girl 19/20 yrs PUC + preferably from Bangalore for thir son 26 yrs/ 57 employed in UAE. Can see/meet the boy in person insha-allah after IDUL-FITR. Parents are requested to contact in person. Contact: 9341210065/(r) 57630853 Syed

Bangalore: Sunni Muslim parents of a fair, smart, 28 yrs, 57, MRCP Doctor son working in U.K invites proposals from cultured parents whose daughter should be 23 yrs, fair, 54, M.B.B.S/M.B.A. Interested contact :I. V.Box # 1016

Bangalore: Sunni Muslim 30, 56 M.D.S Dentist, Assistant professor and consultant at dental college seeks good looking B.D.S girl between 22-24/ 52+. Contact: 9448063880 Email: [email protected]

Belgaum: Sunni Muslim Industrialist family invites alliance for their son employed in U.S.A fair, handsome Personality ht 6, 27 yrs, B.E. M.S (USA). Girl should be Sunni Muslim fair beautiful personality graduate ht 57 & above within 23yrs from decent religious and respectable family preferably from Karnataka. Contact: 9448349089 send Details to E-mail: [email protected]

Mangalore: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their unmarried, handsome son B.E Mech, 35/57 employed in Oman. Girl should be minimum graduate, age below 28, unmarried, from decent, educated families only. Email to [email protected] or [email protected]

Pune: For Sunni Muslim Boy, 27 yrs, 510 religious, smart, slim, fair, B.E (ENTC) & M.S (USA) working for an MNC. Wants religious, fair, good looking, graduate girl 21-25 yrs above 53. Contact: 9822253910, (020) 26353374 Email: [email protected]

Salem: Sunni Muslim parents seek alliance for their son diploma electrical elctronics, age 27, 510, working in Dubai. Girl should be religious, beautiful, slim, decent family background. Preferably Degree, Diploma Early marriage Contact: 9894395650 or Email: [email protected]

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Experienced/ Enthusiastic persons both male/ female having inclination for dawah service may contact. Ph : 25544483/ 25574815.