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November 2008
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Soul Talk

Honesty is the Best Policy
By Dr. Syed Liaqath Peeran
Honest people are gentle in manners and soft in speech. Life sits lightly on their shoulders and they do not carry any baggage.

Life is a mixture of adjustments and compromises. During the course of our daily living, we look for short-cuts to achieve our objectives. We give up patience to wait for our turn, to reach our goal and target. Some how we want to achieve our objectives through all means - fair or unfair, clear or unclear, clean or unclean or by foul means, undeterred of the consequences one may have to face in the end. Sometimes the demands of life are such that one is prepared to give up the moral values one is required to observe under any circumstances; just for exchange of small value one may gain in the matter. Honesty in all dealings of life appear in this modern rigmarole of life to be something unachievable, in view of the fact, that there are too many people competing to achieve the same objective one is trying to reach. One is exasperated when people with short sights break a long waiting queue and get away with what they want by foul or fair means. When honest, dignified and cultured people are cheated day in and day out, it is then that the modern values of life start breaking, resulting in dire consequences of social upheaval and break down of society even leading to crime and punishment. The consequence of social breakdown sometimes is so grave that it may take ages for carrying out its repair. It may cost much for the society to put back the things in its normal place.

Now how do you define honesty and how to maintain it in the course of our living? Honesty is a term which is closely associated to Truth and clean dealings in all the business and official affairs of the world. Honesty is, plain speaking, simple and sublime, clear like crystal, and smooth flowing like a stream. There are no connivances contraptions, skewed way of thinking. The thinking is plain, clear and never deceptive, cunning and short cited. The broad mindedness of mind and thinking will be palpable. There would be no narrow mindedness or short sightedness. A person practising honesty always thinks of goodness and to do good to others and never adopts foul and unfair means to achieve his objective. He may suffer and may lose something in terms of money and time, but the end result and consequences are always good.

Persons acting with honesty always bear good intentions and the fruits achieved by their actions are always sweet like honey and never bitter or sour. One has always to look for the results, which are more important than the means. Adopting dubious means result in dubious results. The whole world keeps a watch on a personís conduct. Good conduct, honest and fair means are always appreciated and such are the men of faith. Their prayers are answered and the light of wisdom always gets lit in their hearts and mind. Their living is laudable and appreciative and an example to emulate. Honesty and simplicity is divinity profound and in it is sincerity found. It is always truthful, godly and divine. Honest people are gentle in manners and soft in speech Life sits lightly on their shoulders and they do not carry any baggage. Their souls glitter and their passage of life is smooth, sans hurdles, turmoil, turbulence and storms. Honest people always choose direct and straight paths and they do not fall into error.

(The writer is editor of Sufi World and can be reached at [email protected]