An Appeal to Support Aasra Home for Women

Aasra Home for Women, provides shelter and training to indigent women, women from broken homes, victims of domestic violence and women in vulnerable situations. Aasra has been set up by Tanzeemul Mohsinath Charitable Trust. It is a sort of short stay home and provides the inmates, training in various vocations and skills. Aasra also provides training in tailoring, embroidery, knitting and handicrafts, computers, first aid and nursing, health and hygiene, and also imparts Islamic values of family life, tajweed and deeniyath. Your contributions and Zakat will help Aasra to continue its support for women in distress. For more details: ,
Contact Ms. Sajida Begum
Aasra Home for Women
Santavana Counselling Centre
No 28, 1st floor, 6th cross, Vivani Road
Sagayapuram, Frazer Town, Bangalore-560005
Phone: 98453-83905, 080- 25479968.


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