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Symposium on Unani Medicine

'Not a single Unani college fulfills MSR laid down by CCIM' By Abdul Bari Masoud New Delhi: Out of 42 Unani medicine colleges spread across the coun [...]

Thomson Reuters lists 92 Muslims among Most Influential Scientific Minds of 2014

By Abdul Rashid Agwan Thomson Reuters, a UK-based multi-media corporation, has recently released its report 'The Most Influential Scientific Minds 2 [...]

Know the Speaker

Muslims enjoyed the "golden era" and were loved and admired by the world, once upon a time. Times have changed. There has a been a gradual downslide [...]


"Why Muslims Today are Backward in all Facets of Life? "Reasons and Solutions" "The need for an Islamic Renaissance" A Thought-Provoking Lecture by [...]

Teenager exposes India’s ‘one month wives’ sex tourism

By Dean Nelson, (Hyderabad) Campaigners for Muslim women's rights said while short term 'contract marriages' are illegal in India and forbidden in Is [...]

A Bus Journey and a Gift of Life

By Sanu George Kochi (Kerala): Thirty-year-old Rasad Muhammad would never have thought that his desperate search for a kidney would end in a bus jour [...]
Event Diary and Tidbits

Event Diary and Tidbits

S. Indian Muslim NGOs Meet on March 10 Bangalore: The second South India Conference of Muslim NGOs will be held on March 10, Sunday at Feroze Terrace [...]
1 11 12 13127 / 127 POSTS