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Are Islamic Schools Necessary?

Q: What do you think of the growing number of 'Islamic schools'"”schools that provide students general as well as Islamic education? On the one hand, [...]

Is Life Insurance Halaal?

Q. Is it okay to go for life insurance? What is the Islamic position on this? Could the life be insured? - Sana Sultan, Bangalore Editor r [...]

Gift and Charities by Sharia Flaunting Company

Q: Sir, A trading company is mobilizing investment in the name of Halal business, promising the investors huge returns. It is also seen making a lot [...]

Low Representation in Govt. Employment

Q: Sir, Could you please reply my question? Muslim representation in Government departments, semi-Government institutions and in corporate sector is [...]

Fasting Six Days in Shawwal – Voluntary Fasting

Q: Now that Ramadan is over and Muslims have fasted the whole month, is voluntary fasting also rewarded by God? A: Now that Ramadan is over, a unique [...]

Spending Zakat

Q. Can a Muslim spend from Zakat for paying the school fees and for books for those who cannot afford to pay, medical treatment of the poor, maintenan [...]

Rate of Zakah during Ramadan

Q. How was the rate of 2.5 per cent fixed as the rate of zakah? I feel that it is too small. Moreover, a millionaire who pays 2. 5 per cent will remai [...]

Non-Payment of Zakat

Q: People everywhere try to reduce their tax payments. Whenever they have a chance to make some tax-free earnings, they would not hesitate to take it. [...]

Islamic Belief in Angels and Their Attributes

Q: My non-Muslim friends ask me about the Islamic belief in angels. Can you please explain the concept of belief in angels so that I can impart authen [...]

My Faith is Not Constant

Q: I don't know what's been happening to me. For the past few years my faith in Islam has been shaky. Sometimes I reach very high levels where all I c [...]
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