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Web Portal for Muslim Travellers

"" is a web portal that will address the Muslim travellers' need to find locations for holidays from India and other Global Destina [...]

Now, Our Turn to Speak

"Islam is a peace loving religion. Those who accuse Islam of creating unrest are totally ignorant of Islamic humanitarian teachings". These views wer [...]

More Columns Please

I have few suggestions. You can commence some columns for women. You have a column for children. You can also start a column with "Tit Bits" with lat [...]

Improve Printing Quality

I am a regular subscriber of Islamic Voice, I find it is very informative and have a few suggestions. The fonts used are of very old style and you ca [...]

Tribute to Manto

There was some reference to the great short story writer Sadat Hasan Mano in your December 2012 issue (ref. Insights). I remember to have read his sto [...]

Right Perspective

I am a native of Vaniyambadi, an Economics graduate and now aged about 61 years. I have the privilege of reading your esteemed monthly, Islamic Voice [...]

A Fishy Homage

It is a matter of national shame that the insensitive authorities of the Delhi Government have so recklessly renamed the fish market at Ghazipur as Sh [...]

Muslim Nations are not Islamic

This is with reference to the front page article published in Islamic Voice, (February 2013) titled, "Limited freedom in Muslim Countries." Freedom [...]

Putting the Cart Before the Horse

I read with interest the article, "Tipu University- A Needless Controversy" by Dr. Javeed Nayeem in the February 2013 issue of Islamic Voice. The aut [...]

A Rejoinder from Joel Hayward

The article on me in the February 2013 issue of Islamic Voice contains many errors of fact and interpretation. As Muslims we are obliged to tell the t [...]
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