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Tribute to Manto

There was some reference to the great short story writer Sadat Hasan Mano in your December 2012 issue (ref. Insights). I remember to have read his sto [...]

Right Perspective

I am a native of Vaniyambadi, an Economics graduate and now aged about 61 years. I have the privilege of reading your esteemed monthly, Islamic Voice [...]

A Fishy Homage

It is a matter of national shame that the insensitive authorities of the Delhi Government have so recklessly renamed the fish market at Ghazipur as Sh [...]

Muslim Nations are not Islamic

This is with reference to the front page article published in Islamic Voice, (February 2013) titled, "Limited freedom in Muslim Countries." Freedom [...]

Putting the Cart Before the Horse

I read with interest the article, "Tipu University- A Needless Controversy" by Dr. Javeed Nayeem in the February 2013 issue of Islamic Voice. The aut [...]

Grand Claims about Glass Mosque

The article published in Islamic Voice (November 2012) about Shillong Muslim Union and the glass mosque is totally false as Mr Syedullah Nongrum ha [...]

No Captions with Pictures

I wish to bring to your notice that the pictures and group photos you publish in Islamic Voice are often without captions. This makes it very inconven [...]

Compile as Books

I am regular subscriber of Islamic Voice and have been reading " Our Dialogue" column and Question and Answers regularly. My suggestion to the Ed [...]

A Note of Thanks

Thank You very much for publishing a report in the January 2013 issue of Islamic Voice about the felicitation made by MSO to meritorious students in [...]

Thought-Provoking Pieces

The article " The Best of 2012"- Time for Tributes in Islamic Voice, December 2012, was very good. The writer's reflections on people from various r [...]
1 20 21 22 23 24 25 220 / 244 POSTS