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Grand Claims about Glass Mosque

The article published in Islamic Voice (November 2012) about Shillong Muslim Union and the glass mosque is totally false as Mr Syedullah Nongrum ha [...]

No Captions with Pictures

I wish to bring to your notice that the pictures and group photos you publish in Islamic Voice are often without captions. This makes it very inconven [...]

Compile as Books

I am regular subscriber of Islamic Voice and have been reading " Our Dialogue" column and Question and Answers regularly. My suggestion to the Ed [...]

A Note of Thanks

Thank You very much for publishing a report in the January 2013 issue of Islamic Voice about the felicitation made by MSO to meritorious students in [...]

Thought-Provoking Pieces

The article " The Best of 2012"- Time for Tributes in Islamic Voice, December 2012, was very good. The writer's reflections on people from various r [...]

Stop Killing of Shia Muslims in Pakistan

The Shia Muslims of India are outraged at the brutal killing of Hazara Shia Muslims in Pakistan. More than 100 Shias were killed by suicide bombers an [...]

Letters to Editor

Mecca: Centre of the Earth This is with reference to your answer to a question whether Mecca is the centre of earth (Islamic Voice, Nov. 2012). You h [...]


Very Thoughtful Article I am grateful to Nigar and Islamic Voice for introducing us to Ravi Melwani through her article, "Value Life, Make a Differenc [...]

Muslim World in the Woods

The need of the hour for the Muslim world is introspection. This alone will help it come  out of the woods which they have got  themselves in. Much of [...]

Kudos for Highlighting Malagi’s Services

Kudos to Islamic Voice for highlighting the social service rendered by Mohammed Husein Malagi through a string of educational institutions! With old i [...]
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