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Tamil Writer seeks Publishers

I have completed some books , the first is The Life of the holy Prophet (Pbuh) in Tamil. The Hagiography of the Prophets of Allah, The Salient Feature [...]

Enough of “Fair and Lovely” Ads

Muslim families have become very demanding about the looks of a girl or bride that they are looking for their sons. It is quite disheartening that eve [...]

Khushwant’s Biased Comments

Veteran Khushwant Singh has pointed fingers only at Muslims stating that they are always at war. Singh has forgotten the massacre of Sikhs, how lakhs [...]

A Word of Thanks

On behalf of the Shillong Muslim Union, I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Islamic Voice team for publishing our SMU news in the magazine [...]

Need to Alter Priorities

There is a general clamour among Indian Muslims that they are lagging behind on the development front. But few people can analyse the reasons properly [...]

Natural Born Futurist

Dear Sir, The article titled "Natural Born Futurist" by Ziauddin Sardar (May 2012 issue) was highly insightful. I am sure that after reading such art [...]

Natural Born Futurist

In the future, we are not going to get any new ideas from the west "“ all really new ideas are going to come from the non-western cultures. By Ziaudd [...]
1 21 22 23227 / 227 POSTS