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Muslim World in the Woods

The need of the hour for the Muslim world is introspection. This alone will help it come  out of the woods which they have got  themselves in. Much of [...]

Kudos for Highlighting Malagi’s Services

Kudos to Islamic Voice for highlighting the social service rendered by Mohammed Husein Malagi through a string of educational institutions! With old i [...]

CIS Campaign against Insult

We all have come across a great insult and humiliation to the feelings of the Muslims in general in the form of anti-Islamic movies. In this regard th [...]

No Freedom to Sacrilege

This refers to your editorial 'No Freedom to Sacrilege' Islamic Voice October 2012  issue). It is indeed regretful that Muslims take to the streets as [...]

Tablighi Jamaat ‘s Work Abroad

This is with reference to the question and answer in the June 2012 issue of Islamic Voice on "New Faction." As a Tablighi member, I agree with all th [...]

Good Progressive Articles

I would like to congratulate the editorial team of Islamic Voice for the progressive articles. A special mention has to be made about the editorials f [...]

Change will come Sooner or Later

Thank you for your excellent editorial in Islamic Voice, July 2012. (Prisoners of the Past). Change will come because it is inevitable. The only thing [...]

Islamic Voice in Assamese

We want to publish Assamese Edition of Islamic Voice to be circulated here in Assam. Please inform us about the details. How could this be possible? [...]

Progressive Steps for Welfare

For the past few months, I have been receiving Islamic Voice and have been pleasantly surprised to read about the progressive steps  being taken for t [...]

Lowering the Gaze

This is with reference to the question and answer section in the June 2012 issue of Islamic Voice. In a reply to a question about where one  should lo [...]
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